About Us

Who is Stan?

I live in Toronto, Canada. I love soccer, have a cat named Thomas and play tennis. Just like most Torontonians, I complain about long cold winters. A lot. 

I also love helping people make more money. This site is dedicated to the Market Research world. You see, when you’re trying to make some extra money, you’ll spend a lot of time figuring out the good gigs, the bad gigs, and the ones in-between. 

At Stan’s Gigs we’ve done all the hard work for you and curated a portal filled with the best-paid focus groups and online surveys. Then there’s the companies exchanging great giveaways for feedback, or a product review. And you can do them when you are free, so you can make some extra money in your own sweet time.

It sounds simple. And it is. These companies save money by going direct to consumers. And I help match them with the right people. Think of me as the middleman. Because that’s what I am.

Some Career Highlights

Want to say hi? Drop me a line in the Contact Us form. 

Is Stan’s Gigs really Free?

Yes. My goal is to provide you with the best gig opportunities without charging you a cent. Ever.