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Yes! You can make money from these Gigs!

I make it easy and fun to make extra money from market research gigs by taking away all the hard work. At Stan’s Gigs you’ll find:

We find the best-paid Opportunities from the most trusted "On-Demand" companies.

This service is free. We make our end from the companies who want to hear from you.

No Time Wasting. We'll only show you gigs that suit your profile.

Everything you need to know to help you grow your earnings.

No Bull. Only Legit Gigs.

You'll earn decent pocket money but it won't make you a millionaire. Sorry

Hi! I’m Stan

I created Stan’s Gigs to make it easier for regular people like you to earn extra money every month by being part of market research campaigns!

Market research is a $76 billion a year industry because companies NEED to know what you think about their products and services.
Every single day, they pay close to $10 million to participants in online surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping, and product reviews.

You can make hundreds -if not thousands- of dollars a month doing simple gigs from the comfort of your home!

Don’t you want to make extra money? Let me show you how!

How does it Work?

Market research firms need to collect as much data as they can understand what people like you want from products and services. And to get that data, they are ready to pay YOU top dollar. Or give you free samples.

All they want is what you know about stuff and what you think about things.

Your opinions are VERY important to them and VERY valuable.

To make sure they get the right information, market research firms conduct all sorts of studies, and they pay people to be part of those studies.

Every week we look through hundreds (if not thousands) of those opportunities and bring you the cream of the crop. The best I and my team can find. And trust us, there are hundreds of companies ready to pay you to participate in:

Stan’s Gigs connects you with quality opportunities so that YOU can start making money from home. That’s why, very humbly I think that Stan’s Gigs is your BEST source for these high-quality, high paying gigs! You can earn money AND get free stuff!

Paid Focus Groups

When I was in College, focus groups were an easy way for me to make a few hundred dollars each month. I could do them in person, or from the comfort of my student digs, and I could choose the groups best suited for my schedule.

In person focus groups usually pay between $75-$125 for about an hour’s participation. Paid online research studies usually get you between $25-$60.

It’s not easy to find good opportunities and qualify for them. Stan’s Gigs will help you get into the best-paid groups, so you can earn some extra cash quickly.

Paid online surveys

Online surveys – ‘quantitative market research’ in industry lingo – account for more than a quarter of all market research spend. That’s over $20 billion a year.

The best part? Researchers pay to get respondents to do their surveys. Cash. Not just prize-draw entries or vouchers.

Online paid surveys have a bad rep and for good reason: most of the incentives suck, and even continuously completing surveys can leave you with just $1.20 an hour.

But, once you know the tricks of the trade, you can cut through the crap. Here, I’ll tip you off so that you find the best paying opportunities.

Best Online Paid Surveys

Best Free Product Samples

Simple: try a product and if you love it, you’ll buy it. An idea as old as shopping.

In 2021 product sampling has changed, and (surprise!) like everything else it’s now digital. Manufacturers can target the right people and get quick feedback on their products by going online.

If you’re looking for free merch from your armchair, I’ll show you exactly how to do it: getting the good stuff, avoiding the scammers, winning life.

And while you’re here on we’ve done the hard work and curated a selection of the best legit products for you to sample to your hearts content.

We have also created a comprehensive guide on getting free product samples by mail

No skills Required

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