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Ronin International Rating


Ronin International is one of the best data collection companies that provide qualitative and quantitative market research worldwide. Most global-scale projects are for B2B and healthcare industries, and only about 20% of its overall business projects are designed specifically for consumer research.

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I was about to call it a day and head to bed when I came across a market research company called Ronin International.

I decided to check it out and see if it deserves a spot in my list of legit research agencies.

With that in mind, here’s my quick review of this research and consultancy firm.

The Rating


A professional and legit market research agency from the UK with a comprehensive range of projects for numerous clients. I would’ve given it a five-star rating if only the studies were widely available.

What is Ronin International?

If you have questions, you can visit Ronin International at 47-51 Great Suffolk St., London, UK, or their website.

Is Ronin International Legit?

Even though they work globally, I found it difficult to find reviews of Ronin International online, especially on Reddit and Trustpilot.

Nonetheless, they have an excellent track record on their Google Business page, as evidenced by a 4.5-star rating.

Here are some notable reviews I found.

“My participation in a RONIN International survey was a positive experience. I thought the Qs asked were interesting, challenging, and well considered.” (Vik Nigam)

The only concern some participants have about their services is the challenging briefs since another user mentioned this part of the process.

“Very well articulated, interesting and challenging questions was prepared for surveys. It was wonderful to share my development experiences for the study/survey.” (Avinash Singh)

Difficulty aside, Ronin International is simply practicing operational excellence in digital recruitment.

Challenging questions are primarily to ensure they can provide thorough and insightful results to a research partner.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons they received the Best Training & Development awards from the MRS in 2020.

Considering all of these, I believe that Ronin International is legit and is a good market research company to be involved in.

How Does Ronin International Work?

To participate in Ronin International studies, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign Up

ronin international sign up page review

Image Source

You have three options if you want to join Ronin International. You can join their healthcare and IT community or the Ronin Rewards (I’ll discuss this later).

Choosing the healthcare community redirects you to this form, where you must provide them with essential information.

ronin international sign up page2 review

Image Source

You also have to specify your profession by choosing an option from the dropdown menu under “Medical Specialty.”

Ronin International speciality review

Image Source

On the other hand, here’s the form for the IT community.

Ronin International registration review

Image Source

Like the other form, this one also includes a dropdown menu asking for your profession.

Ronin International position review

Image Source

After choosing one, it redirects to another page thanking you for joining the panel and informing you that they’ll contact you for possible studies.

Ronin International community review

Image Source

On the other hand, you can also join the Ronin Rewards for online and telephone surveys.

Ronin International rewards review

Image Source

This is the form for those who are not from the healthcare or IT industry.

Ronin International registration form review

Image Source

This form also includes basic employment questions but has a more diverse range of professions.

Ronin International job sector review

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After completing the form, click “Submit” to confirm your registration. The next page will include a quick link to the login page.

Ronin International login review

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Logging in will let you access your profile and link your PayPal email to your account so you can redeem incentives for the surveys you complete.

Ronin International incentives review

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Step 2: Wait

The next step is to wait for their invitation. Based on experience, it takes a while for them to contact you.

I encourage you to check out other market research agencies while waiting so you can maximize your time.

Step 3: Take the Survey

Before you can take the survey, you’ll receive a pre-survey first to determine if you qualify for the project.

Ronin International conducts this screening process to ensure a consistent level of service and participants for their clients.

If you qualify, take the survey and wait for their following instructions on how to receive payment.

How to Earn Money With Ronin International

Ronin International offers all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research for large corporations, which means you can earn money through different methods.

This includes online surveys, focus groups, interviews, and group discussions.

Other Alternative

It would be best if you tried some alternative market research sites while waiting for Ronin International.

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Image Source

Branded Surveys rewards points for answering surveys and you can convert them to gift cards or cash.

Each survey pays around $1 to $3; you can cash out for as low as $5. The platform also offers other ways of earning points like referrals, polls, or daily challenges.

Click here to join Branded Surveys

2. Toluna


Image Source

Toluna Influencers also offer points for participating in surveys, inviting friends, playing games, engaging with the community, or even just signing up for the website.

You will need about 3,500 points to reach $1, but that’s not a problem since each survey pays around 2,000 to 4,000 points.

Click here to join Toluna

3. Maru Voice UK

Maru Voice UK

Image Source

Maru Voice is one of the world’s most respected market research agencies in Canada, but its services are also available in the UK.

So, if you’re from London and haven’t heard from Ronin International yet, join Maru Voice’s database for other opportunities.

Click here to join Maru Voice

The Verdict

Ronin International is a legit company from the UK with extensive research projects for numerous businesses and corporations.

However, the studies are not widely available to its members, especially if you’re not from London.

Nonetheless, I still encourage you to sign up for its database and participate in its projects. While waiting, check out the abovementioned alternatives to earn extra cash online.


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