24 Best Sites For Free Samples – Apply Now [2023 Updated]

Best Free Sample Sites

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If you are anything like myself, (and 99% of the population), you probably enjoy getting free stuff. I mean, who doesn’t like free samples of products you were considering buying anyway?

There is something inherently pleasing about getting to try something before you actually buy it. It can give you a peace of mind knowing that your money is being well spent on a quality product instead of wasted on one you wish you never bought.

Plus the ease of finding free products these days thanks to the internet and the handy search bar, combined with the adorable trial sized samples that companies are often sending out make for a really fun experience.

I have even used free samples of things like toothpaste, lotion, and wipes for travel because they are often a one-and-done, single time use situation.

The first few sites may seem familiar, that is because we have already written full articles on them (and we have linked those articles in the summary, go check them out as well for a deeper dive).

Without further ado, we bring you 23 of the best sites for free samples.

1. Daily Goodie Box

goodie box for site

When we last covered Daily Goodie Box in an article, what we were most impressed by was that all the samples were free. Most sample sites offer free stuff, but occasionally there will be some offers you get at a discount if you leave a review, or you pay shipping or a flat fee.

But not Daily Goodie Box. All of there samples are completely free, you just need to leave an open and honest review of each product.

2. Stans Gigs Free Samples

stan'sgigs for post

You didn’t think I would miss this very site, did you? We work very hard every week to bring you the best free sample deals.

StansGigs have a few sections where you can apply to get different free samples. For example I have free Baby samples section, free skincare samples page, free pet samples, free beauty freebies and a general section.

3. HomeTester Club

home tester club for post

HomeTester Club is a site that allows you to apply to sign up, receive a product, test it in the comfort of your own home, then complete the product test online.

One of the things I like about HomeTester Club is that they go next level by offering rewards for competitions, and for when you share your reviews, and many other scenarios.

Plus they also generally give you full size items to test (not just small one time sample use trails) because they want you to use the item over time and then give a review. You can check out our article on them here.

4. Sampler.io

sampler for post

Sampler.io is another great site we have written about before. Instead of getting a box of small samples of items you may never use, Sampler.io customizes the items they send you to test.

How do they manage to pull that off you ask? When you sign up for an account, and give your basic information, you fill out a section of preferred product categories.

Once items that match your categories become available, they ship free sample boxes directly to your home. In a neat algorithmic way, the more you receive and review the free samples, the more customized your profile becomes.

5. Freeflys

Freeflys is a site that has been featured on the Today Show in the past. They do a lot of the deep diving and heavy searching for you to bring you all the free samples possible.

Free product samples include coffees, shampoos, candy, makeup, over the counter medications and many other products.

They house literally thousands of free samples and are constantly updating their offers. Well worth a sign-up to check out all of the categories they have.

6. Hey Its Free

hey,its free for post

Well, the website name is exactly what it sounds like. “Hey Its Free” is world renowned at finding the best freebies available to the public. This site does a great job at eliminating a lot of the spam offers.

They have a very keen sense of humor with their blog posts, but you can skip right over the blogs and go right to the Top Freebies if you so desire.

7. Freebies.org

Freebies.org specializes in free sample categories such as books, cosmetics, food, and pet products. Your best benefit to this site is found by subscribing to their mailing list so that they can keep you in the loop about the newest free samples.

The writing for this sites blog is also very well done and goes into good detail about the products they have for trial.

They were offering a ton of household cleaning and decorating items last time I logged on.

8. Bzz Agent

bzzagent for post

This site takes a little bit different approach to free products and samples. When you sign up at Bzz Agent, you help companies through a social media campaign and generate “buzz” around the product you are trialing.

You start by creating a free membership, you fill out a few surveys, and that helps start aligning you with categories and products that match your interests.

If you love getting a ton of freebies, and you are any good at social media at all, then Bzz Agent may be the site for you!

9. Free Stuff Finder

Another site that is pretty comprehensive and has a good layout is Free Stuff Finder. It has a pretty good user experience and is easy to navigate because the site is so well laid out.

Back to school, household bathroom and kitchen items, coupons galore, this site has it all. Savvy wife and mom Tina Su is the creator of this site and she is just brilliant on social media.

10. Sweet Free Stuff

sweet free stuff for post

Sweet Free Stuff is a great site because it is constantly being update with up to the minute deals and free samples.

They do their own blog posts and reviews of all the new and latest updates to their offers, but they have freebies on things such as books, magazines, baby stuff, pet stuff, as well as contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes you can enter.

They also offer a bunch of promo codes, so it is like earning free money when you buy something through them utilizing one of their codes.

11. Totally Free Stuff

Rounding out our top 10 is Totally Free Stuff. We like this site because it has age and credibility. It has been around a while, and it boasts a forum on the website where people talk about the awesome freebies they got to sample, and which ones were a swing and a miss.

Candy, mugs, makeup, food, coffee, diapers, Totally Free Stuff is just a plain and simple list on a website of things you can get for free. No real frills, just the bare bones basics of free stuff!

12. Freebies 4 Mom

freebies4mom for post

Freebies4Mom.com felt like unlocking a cheat code to family fun and necessities. They have discount codes to experiences like Disney World, Miniature Golf, Books, Magazines, Coloring books (for kids AND adults) and so much more.

There was clothing and swag, there were sweepstakes and prizes, there was coupons, and just a lot to choose from for busy moms looking to save money on family fun experiences. If your a Mom that fits that description (or a Dad that likes to play Mr. Mom or just live on the edge) check out Freebies4Mom.com. This is also a great resource for full sized products.

13. PINCHme

I originally thought this was a clever play on the John Cougar Mellencamp song about “Little Pink Houses”, then I realized it was not an abbreviation, but instead read “Pinch Me” (because I must be dreaming).

But PINCHme is not a dream, just a really good site with all the sample sized goodness your little heart desires. Makeup, candy, pet treats, all of the usual suspects can be found here.

Once again, answering all of the questions when you sign up will go a long way towards aligning your profile to the products they send you, so take your time when filling those things out!

You can also leave feedback about the samples you receive, which is always important information to the free sample community (as well as the partner companies).

14. Smiley360

smiley360 for post

Coming in at lucky number 13 is Smiley 360. A neat website that gives you swag that you can earn by completing what they consider social media missions.

You fill out a survey, they send you a box of stuff, and you tell all of your many (or few) followers on social media what you liked about the box and what you did not like about the box.

The more missions you complete, and more surveys and feedback you fill out, the more boxes or missions they send your way.

15. Ripple Street

Do you remember that movie from the 80’s (likely before you were born…) with Kid N Play, called House Party? Well there was a website full of freebies that tried to share the same name, but I think the movie popularity forced its eventual name change.

Announcing the big, new reveal: Ripple Street. The twist here is you are supposed to hold events (or House Parties…you see where it all originated from?) and take pictures and share your event or party with your friends and social media accounts.

It is a neat spin on just sending out a box a free samples for review, it brings people and friends together to try out new stuff.

16. Samples Avenue

samples avenue for post

Just up the road from Ripple Street is Samples Avenue (not to be confused with Electric Avenue or Shakedown Street). Samples Avenue hosts a cyber street for you to virtually stroll down and window shop for free samples and products you’d like to try.

Some really unique offers like free ring sizers, chance at winning a free arcade game, a cooler backpack, pair of RayBan sunglasses, the list goes on and on.

17. Influenster

Getting back on the social media kick, Influenster utilizes themes and hashtags for their boxes of freebies. You may get a box of holiday themed freebies, or a bunch of items for a cell phone, or different pet toys and treats.

Leave reviews, get more boxes of free stuff! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. But leaving reviews is key to increasing the number of boxes you receive. They want real reviews from real people.

18. FreeSamples.org

freesamples for post

In the I can’t believe this site exists category…FreeSamples.org actually exists and it is updated every 24 hours with fresh new deals! This site has deals for cleaning supplies, vitamins and supplements, coffee, food and much much more.

To maximize this site, again it is beneficial to sign up for their mailing list because they offer special deals to their mailing list subscribers first and foremost.

Then don’t forget to go back and check the website daily for updates and changes to their offers.

19. FreeStuff.com

When your business is free stuff…you don’t have to really get fancy with the website name…sometimes just calling it what it is (FreeStuff.com) is enough!

There is a lot of free stuff on their website (so the name isn’t just an easy play on Search Engine Optimization). This site cranks out the freebie offers. It is also another trusted olide but goodie, as its been around since 2008.

This site also offers opportunities to be actual product testers where you are offered hundreds of dollars worth of product to test out and give your feedback on.

20. JustFreeStuff.com

just free stuff for post

Another oldie but good (the reason this one drops so far down the list is the site is a bit old and outdated looking, but it still gets the job done). JustFreeStuff.com brings the list of free stuff to a new level of listings.

Books, Music, games, clothes, CDs (you can see where it starts to date itself here a bit) stickers, magazines, it’s all there in listed categories. I like this site because it has a specific section for teachers, and anytime we can help teachers get freebies, I am all for it!

21. My Free Product Samples

MyFreeProductSamples is another tried and true site that has been up and running since the late 1990’s. But don’t let the age steer you away from this deal site. You can product test airpods, Dewalt Products, Bath and Body Works, you name it, there is likely an offer for it!

22. Sample Source

Sample Source is a bit more on the “No Frills” side of free samples. Four times per year they send out a box of six to twelve free items for you to try before you buy.

Once you sign up to become a member they automatically send you your box 4 times per year (one box per season) and it usually takes 4-6 weeks to get your box shipped, but overall its pretty reliable.

23. I Love Free Things (ILFT.com)

i love free things for post

ILFT.com is a site that offers a lot of your as seen on TV items for free trial. A lot of candy, games and makeup (it is almost as if these companies are hoping we get hooked on these products).

The staff does a good job of writing blogs about their picks for best offer of the week.


24. Freebies.org

Last but not least, it’s about as easy as it comes, Freebies! In more of the gamification strategy, you can earn points on the website by completing tasks. These tasks allow you to accumulate points which you can then trade in for the plethora of free stuff they have to offer.

You don’t have to take any surveys or pay for shipping on most of this stuff, you just have to act fast as it is first come first served.

Why companies send free samples?

Many manufacturers offer free samples because they want you to try the product and if you love it, you will buy it. If you want to learn more about the process, I have written an entire guide on how to get more free samples.

How to Avoid free Sample Scams

Its a good practice to remember that when you are signing up to receive free samples, they should be free. That means not paying for shipping, not giving out your banking information and definitely not filling out 20,000 bronze offers. Free goodies should be Free.


We have compiled a pretty extensive list of where you can find freebies and free samples and test products all for just answering some surveys, giving some feedback, or sometimes paying shipping and handling costs.

We would love to hear about your experiences with some of the best freebie sites out there in the comments section below!

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