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sampler review

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I was so excited when I first received my first batch of samples to review. What can I say? Getting free stuff is exhilarating for me. That is until I opened the package and realized that it was not a product that I would normally use.

“No problem”, I told myself. I can always think of something later, and I promptly moved on to the next product. The next thing I know, I have a pantry full of old and expired samples.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Sampler. This helped me solve the problem of unused, old samples stowed away in my kitchen drawers by offering customized freebies, and it also helped me find offers that I am genuinely interested in. 

This Sampler review will share all the details so you can figure out if this might also be the free sampling service you have been looking for, or if you should go for other options instead.

Sampler Review

Sampler seems like any other sampling company offering free products for testers to try out on the surface. However, the way that they offer their products is significantly different.

Instead of sending a box of items you might not use, their program ensures you receive personalized samples. How do they do that, you might ask?

Well, the process is simple, as all you have to do is sign up for an account and give basic info about your preferred product categories. When samples that match your profile become available, they’ll be shipped directly to your home.

The sampling process is adaptive as well, which I found to be particularly interesting. The more often you receive and review freebies from Sampler, the more it customizes your profile.

With every review that you submit, your profile refines itself to focus on specific product categories over time. Eventually, you’ll begin receiving products that you’re sure to use, making the most of your time.

Also, it gives you a higher likelihood of finding new products that you’re more likely to purchase. All in all, it’s one of the more modernized sampling projects that I’ve come across.

Who Is This Sampling Offer Meant For?

The unique customization of Sampler is what makes it ideal for absolutely anyone who loves free products, myself included. You have the opportunity to try a ton of high-end, recommended products from an assortment of categories. Using their nouveau approach to freebies, you’re more likely to put the samples to good use than to throw them away.

Sampler’s process is also extremely simple to follow, especially if you find other sampling offers too intrusive. You don’t have to give a ton of personal information to receive your samples, just basic everyday info.

It’s also possible for anyone in your family to take advantage of their offer, making it great for everyone.

What’s Included?

Like many other sampling companies, the products included in your order will vary significantly. Typically, they span across several popular industries, including food, healthcare, and even pet goods. Every month, the products and categories change, so there’s always something new for you to test out.

Overview of Features

To have a better understanding of what Sampler has to offer, here are its most notable features:

  • Question-Based Sampling

The main way that Sampler can match you with more tailored samples is through their monthly questions. Each month, you have to answer your Sampler account questions that help match you with products. The more often you answer, the higher your chances are of matching with a specific sampling offer.

  • Assortment of Products

Another huge feature that sets this sampling company apart from the rest is its collection of samples. Instead of focusing on one niche, it gives its subscribers an assortment of goods they’re likely to use. Anything from baked goods to cleaning products could arrive in a small box on your doorstep.

  • Brand Benefits

Not only is Sampler a fantastic opportunity for sampling enthusiasts, but brands as well.

As a brand, you want to ensure your products are quickly reaching your target audience. With the refined question-based sampling process, companies get their products into the right hands.

The data and reviews that you’ll receive from consumers posting their opinions will be extremely valuable. Brands can have a clear idea of what their target audience likes, looks for, and wants to be improved.

  • Gift Card Giveaways

You might think that your samples are more than enough of a treat in exchange for a review. However, Sampler takes it a step further by offering free gift cards if you post your reviews on time.

All you have to do is use a specific hashtag when posting your products to be entered to win.


  • Custom sample offers
  • Easy reviewing process
  • High-quality samples
  • Ability to win gift cards


  • Have to match to receive samples
  • Lengthy shipping times

How To Use It

Putting Sampler to good use is so simple that there are only four steps I follow each month.

Before receiving freebies, you have to register for an account and answer some basic questions to start your profile. From there, it matches you with sampling offers that fit the answers on your profile.

After selecting the products you want to receive, they’re delivered directly to your home. I always recommend thoroughly testing your samples before the final step, leaving your review.

After every review, you’ll be able to say whether you liked or disliked an item, further tailoring your profile.


A fantastic alternative to Sampler is Stan’s Gigs, my sampling site designed to help new and veteran samplers alike. By signing up to receive samples by mail, you can unlock a ton of fantastic offers and freebies you’ll love.

All of the hand-picked samples on my site help to connect you with phenomenal brands around the world. What’s even better is that newsletter subscribers are kept up-to-date with the latest sampling offers.

Instead of waiting to be matched to specific products, you can choose the ones you want to receive right away. There are an endless number of samples for everyone in your family to love with Stan’s Gigs’ help.


If you’ve had the chance to do a Sampler review for yourself, I’d love to hear your opinion on it in the comments below. Also, be sure to sign up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest sampling offers in your area.

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