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Research Tribe UK started with a group of people looking for mystery shopping opportunities. After ten years, they built a similar service and eventually expanded to advertising. Now, Research Tribe is an online hub that connects businesses to participants, helping them gather market insights to develop their products and services.

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I view online survey hustlers as one giant community. A tribe, if you may. We help each other, exchanging vital information on cash survey sites that pay well.

So, when I came across a company called Research Tribe, I knew I had to contribute to the community and determine if this site was legit.

Users of Research Tribe claim you can earn £70 per day, and you and I both know that just sounds too good to be true.

Then again, maybe this is the paid opportunity we all seek. It’s time to test these rumors. Here’s my complete review of this company.

The Rating


An online survey site claiming to provide its members with a stable stream of paid surveys to help them make money online. Unfortunately, some links in its invitation lead to suspicious sites. There’s a chance that some invitations are legit, but be sure to research the sites it leads you to before giving out any important information about yourself.

What is Research Tribe?

You can find their main office at 124 City Road, London, England, but you can also visit their website to learn more about their mission.

Is Research Tribe Legit?

I have mixed opinions about Research Tribe’s website. On the one hand, it’s very simple and easily navigatable. On the other hand, perhaps it’s too simple.

Nonetheless, I like that the homepage answers the most important questions you might be asking about the company.

You can also move to three other pages using the navigation bar, leading to Research Tribe’s story, registration form, and contact details.

However, the website is missing one very important feature. You can’t browse the available studies because you don’t apply for them.

Instead, Research Tribe connects with you for possible online surveys and other research opportunities.

Of course, I don’t judge the book by its cover. So, I tried searching online for Research Tribe reviews.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to see. Its Google Business page only has six reviews, with an average rating of 3.2 stars.

There’s one review that says,

“Paying peanuts. Waste of time” (Tom Gee)

Some tags on Twitter also mention a few features of the site not working. Here’s one quick example.

“@researchtribe Unable to submit registration form as the “Join Now” button at the bottom of the form is not functioning.” (Mike Hood)

However, this might have been a temporary issue because everything seemed to work fine when I signed up.

Based on these alone, I didn’t have enough evidence to assume Research Tribe was a scam. Still, I don’t think the rumor about earning £70 per day is true.

Cash rewards from paid surveys don’t commonly reach above £10, so it is highly unlikely that this could be a sustainable passive income.

So, I waited a few days to see if they would contact me for possible studies. I then received an email asking me to participate in a paid research study.

The invitation said that it was with another trusted company called Ipsos iSay. However, when I clicked the link, it sent me to this page.

research tribe full review paypal

Image Source

The URL says “,” not Ipsos iSay. A quick search of PublicSurveyPanel reviews immediately told me it was a scam.

It has a 0.4-star rating on Wot, and users say the website phishes information for identity theft and credit card abuse.

I closed the webpage and tried to open the link from the email again. It redirected me to another URL.

research tribe full review paypal spin

Image Source

Right off the bat, I can immediately tell that this webpage is unsafe. It says I earned a $750 PayPal gift card (for doing nothing).

But if you look closer, it indicates that I can only claim it “upon completion of purchase requirements.”

It’s possible that whoever is behind this uses Research Tribe for free traffic methods and drives users to online scams pretending to be cash survey sites.

Considering all these, I advise you to avoid this website and be very cautious about online business models like these.

How Does Research Tribe Work?

If you still think Research Tribe is a reputable platform, or you want to take a chance and maybe receive a different email with legit links to survey sites, here’s a quick sign-up guide.

Step 1: Join Their Database

From the homepage, click the “Join” button on the navigation bar above to access the registration form.

research tribe full review registration

Image Source

The form will ask for basic information such as your full name, email address, birth date, and gender.

But as you can see, the form includes an item that says “CITY/TOWN (UK ONLY),” indicating that its studies are only available in the United Kingdom.

However, even when I typed “Vancouver” and submitted the form, they accepted my application.

After submitting the form, Research Tribe will ask if you want to register for another website to maximize your earnings.

research tribe full review registration 2

Image Source

The website’s name does not appear on the prompt, but clicking the “Yes, please. I’m interested!” button redirects you to Toluna Influencers.

It’s among the biggest research companies in the UK and other countries. But I’ll leave this up to you to decide.

Step 2: Wait for an Invitation

The next step is to wait for an invitation. This wouldn’t take too long since Research Tribe seems to have a lot of affiliate marketing business companies.

In my case, I received an invitation just two days after signing up. When I clicked on the link, it showed that I had to sign up for another affiliate marketing business online.

reserach tribe full review get paid

Image Source

I tried repeatedly opening the link, but it never redirects to the companies indicated in the email. In some cases, the link leads to a dead end.

Nonetheless, if you’re willing to give Research Tribe the benefit of the doubt, just research the websites it leads you to.

How to Earn Money with Research Tribe

Research Tribe claims you can earn a stable and secure stream of extra money through the following research opportunities:

  • Taking surveys
  • Product testing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Focus groups

If you’re lucky enough to receive a legitimate invitation to any of these opportunities, you earn rewards in the following forms:

  • Free products (for product testing)
  • Vouchers
  • Cash rewards

Other Alternatives

Instead of risking your personal information on suspicious websites, here are some of the best alternatives I encourage you to try.

1. Opinion Outpost

Image Source

Opinion Outpost is the most reputable platform for connecting relevant research participants to businesses looking to understand their target market.

This is a free website, so you don’t have to pay for anything or provide them with your bank account details.

You just need to create a free account and wait for their emails about upcoming surveys. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal when you reach 100 points or $10.

Amazon gift cards, however, have a lower minimum payout threshold of 50 points or $5.

Surveys from Opinion Outpost pay between $0.5 to $5.

Click here to join Opinion Outpost

2. InboxDollars

Image Source

If you like making money through your smartphone, check out InboxDollars. You earn through taking paid surveys, playing games, shopping online, watching videos, or reading emails.

It’s a perfectly legitimate way to make money, and it’s also available on a desktop computer. They even offer a $5 signup bonus for newcomers.

The best part is that they don’t use a point system. You get paid with real cash. The surveys pay between $0.5 to $5 each, but the other methods of earning pay lower.

Playing games will probably earn you $0.03 in half an hour while watching videos will earn you around $0.02 every five minutes.

The minimum payout threshold is $10, so you can withdraw your money after just one to ten surveys.

Click here to join InboxDollars

3. Survey Junkie

Image Source

Survey Junkie is among the most popular survey sites in the US, Canada, and Australia. Late last year, they also opened their services to UK residents.

The survey site gathers hundreds of available studies in different categories ranging from food and beverage to healthcare and retail.

Building your profile may take a while, but doing so will significantly increase your chances of matching with more paid studies.

Survey Junkie also uses a point system, and you can convert these points into e-Giftcards or cash out via PayPal.

Click here to join Survey Junkie

Research Tribe Review: The Verdict

Research Tribe undoubtedly has the potential to be one of the best survey sites in the UK. However, I have to say that this company is very suspicious, at the very least.

Even though I only received one email that led to a scam tactic, one is more than enough to completely lose its credibility.

I don’t recommend this website, but if you want to give it a try, I advise you to be extremely careful of providing them with sensitive information.

You don’t have to risk anything, though. If you try any of the alternative survey sites above, you’ll start making money safely.

Then again, answering surveys for money should not replace your day job and become your main income.

These are side hustles that let you earn extra cash on your free time.

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