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Focus Group by Schlesinger (previously FocusGroup.Com) is one of the largest and most popular market research companies for consumers. Even if you are just dipping your toe into this focus group thing – they’ll likely be one of the first companies you’ll encounter.

However, it doesn’t mean they are the best. Find out if FocusGroup.Com is worth being on top by reading this review. I’ll touch on compensation, reputation, variety of options, and more.

Learning about different companies is important so you can avoid scams and time-wasters upfront. Stan’s Gigs hopes to save you the headaches by providing the details and angles of the most prominent research companies out there. 

FocusGroup.Com is one of the biggest contenders, so keep reading to find out if they’re worth the effort!

What is FocusGroup.Com?

FocusGroup.Com was recently acquired by the market research conglomerate Schlesinger Group and rebranded Focus Group by Schlesigner in the summer of 2020. 

Independently, they were founded in Philadelphia in 1988 – so they’ve been in business for over 30 years! Currently, they have over 30 locations across the U.S and Europe. 

What types of studies can you participate in?

FocusGroup.Com has a wide variety of studies – in fact, we think they check ALL the boxes 

In-person focus groups, telephone interviews, online surveys, mystery shopping, video surveys, shop-alongs, product and user tests…. YOU NAME IT!

They host studies for general consumers as well as specialized business and medical topics professionals in those fields. Users have to sign up for each panel separately.

Who can participate?

Any resident of the United States and Europe over the age of 18 can participate in studies. Focus Group does not seem to have a dedicated sector for children’s studies right now… BUT there may be specific studies that ask for children to participate, or utilize dependents’ information.

The rules and regulation of the European platform likely differ from the U.S. (we’re only familiar with the U.S. guidelines), so be sure to check on their website if you are (or will be) a Europe resident.

How to participate in studies?

You must sign up for their platform to view and pre-qualify for studies. They require a copy of your government ID to confirm your identity/eligibility for studies.

Once you sign up, however, there isn’t the slow drip that other sites are notorious for. You pretty much have your pick of the litter of online surveys, and plenty of in-person studies that you are available in each city. 

The good news is you can sign up for studies independently. Some other similar sites only notify you of available studies when you qualify for them. However, the more detailed your profile, the more likely you will get called in or pre-selected for surveys you may qualify for. 

How will I get paid? How much can I earn?

There are two main avenues of getting paid through Focus Group by Schelisinger, depending on the mode of study you choose.

For online studies, you earn points within your account. The point amount varies with each study. 100 points value $1, and you can redeem your points for a prepaid Visa debit card once you reach 2,000 points (or $20).

This is pretty standard practice for online survey sites – no red flags here. However, it is wise to do a cost-benefit analysis before wasting your time on longer studies that only pay pennies on the dollar. 

Online surveys definitely don’t make as much as in-person focus groups, but if you are smart about which ones you participate in you can expect a decent shakeout of $20 per hour or so.

Focus groups, on the other hand, pay significantly more. You can expect to receive anywhere from $50-250 per study. Compensation is provided directly upon conclusion of the group so you get your reward right away.

Typically, prepaid Visa gift cards are still the norm, but check or cash are also options for some focus groups.

FocusGroup.Com (Schlesinger) Alternatives

Fieldwork is a national firm that offers taste tests, product trials, in-home interviews, shop-alongs, and phone and online interviews. They are a very professional and streamlined

L&E Research has about 10 locations across the country. They list all available studies WITHOUT having to sign up, which is a huge bonus! They frequently rank in our city guides, so check them out. 

20/20 Research is another company that was recently acquired by Schlesinger Group, however they maintained their own brand identity – so you will get a different experience. They’re the smaller firm on this list, only operating in Charlotte, Miami & Nashville.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion: focus Group by Schlesinger (previously FocusGroup.Com) is a solid choice for focus groups and are definitely a solid choice just for scope alone. Many participants gripe about the frustrating screening process, but that’s unfortunately a necessary evil in the market research industry.

Focus Group by Schlesinger pays decent amounts for in-person studies, and stays within the average for online studies – but it’s definitely not great.

So, if you are within range of one of the many locations across the country, we recommend you stick to in-person studies to get maximum return for your time.

Participating in surveys and focus groups can be tricky to navigate on your own, which is why so many write it off as a waste of time. We know better though 😉

Stan’s Gigs guides you through the journey with reviews, tips, tricks, and strategies so that focus groups can be a lucrative and sustainable side-gig for you! Keep up with us on the blog to stay informed and get in the groove with focus group gigs.

Let us know what you think about FocusGroup.Com. Have you participated in any studies from them? Will you give them a shot? What have you heard/experienced? Let us know in the comment section below. We love to hear from you. It only makes our content better! 

Till payday!

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I cannot attest to the accuracy of your content , but I found you a great short overview on a money making opportunity which , prior to today, I knew nothing about. I also appreciate the suggestions for alternate ,possibly better ,sites to try . Let’s dub you the Wikipedia of gig job sectors with an excess of “employers” who range from borderline scams to legit alternate income opportunities. You’ve saved me a lot of time , and time is money. Thank You!

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