User Interviews Review: Is It worth it?

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Whether you are just starting out on your focus group journey or have been here a while, you know that it’s not always easy to determine the fake from the real. Or, at least, the money-makers from the time-wasters.

There are so many market research firms out there. Some good, some bad, but it’s rarely obvious which is which. 

User Interviews is a popular choice among focus group participants… but do they deserve all of the hoo-ha? I review the company taking into consideration their reputation, vetting procedures, payouts and competitors to help give you a clearer picture on if they are worth your time.

Keep reading to find out if User Interviews is a legit company to make some extra cash with.

What is User Interviews?

User Interviews is a highly rated market research firm that’s been around for around 4 years now. Since then they established themselves as a go-to provider for big-wig clients like Adobe, GoPro, Home Depot, Pinterest, and many more.

They are a sister company to UserTesting, a highly rated website testing site. Between the two, this market research company is definitely reputable among the industry. Both clients and participants give rave reviews about the platform.

With over 40,000 participants last year, they are an honorable and smart choice for both quantity and quality of studies.

What types of studies can you participate in?

User Interviews hosts focus groups, one-on-one interviews, multi-day studies, and other miscellaneous or unmoderated tasks.

user interviews project examples
Examples of User Interviews projects.

From these categories, you can further narrow down to in-person, over the phone, or in-home studies.

Their interface allows you to sort listings by study type which is very convenient if you are only interested or available for a particular type of study.

They allow people to browse current studies, which is a rare find. Typically, market research sites hide their studies behind a registration wall. It’s useful to know what kind of studies a company offers before signing up so you know if they are a fit before you give out any of your information. 

Who can participate?

User Interviews is based in the U.S. and only recruits American and Canadian audiences. They primarily recruit from urban areas, so you have an edge if you live in a major city!

Don’t get discouraged if you live in a more rural area, though. User Interviews is always expanding their reach. At the very least, it just means you may qualify for fewer studies. 

Right now, it seems like they are only actively seeking primary education professionals and emergency dispatchers upon sign up. However, the available studies are not relevant to those fields. 

How to participate in studies?

There are multiple ways to sign up on the platform, depending on which page you land on.

how user interviews works
Shortly explained how User Interviews works.

Curiously, some pages require a short demographic survey before signing up, and some don’t. Try this page to possibly avoid any vocational requirements/questions upon sign up.

There doesn’t seem to be a direct benefit from signing up, other than receiving notifications. You can browse and apply directly to studies without signing up. 

If you do choose to register, they send study opportunities frequently (about 3-4 per day). The studies don’t seem to be pre-qualified based on your profile, but they do have a referral program which is always a nice added bonus!

User Interviews currently offers $30 per referral that successfully completes the study.

How will you get paid?

User Interviews pays participants through Amazon gift cards. Upon successful completion of a study, you will be emailed a gift code within 10 business days, mostly sooner, according to many users.

A couple of people say they’ve received compensation through PayPal, but I didn’t see any studies offered with that option after some extensive digging. Sure, Amazon is almost as good as cash nowadays, but this limitation is definitely something to consider.

How much can you earn with User Interviews?

The most common payouts range from $25-200 an hour. This is a broad range, but compensation depends on a wide variety of factors such as length, tools, expertise, and involvement. 

The most accessible studies for general consumers average about $50-60 an hour, which is a pretty decent rate. Sure beats minimum wage!

As expected, studies seeking specialist & professional knowledge pay upwards of $100 for under an hour. User Interviews offers a lot of technology, medical and business-driven studies. They are a great option for corporate and data-driven fields.

User Interviews alternatives

Recruit & Field is a similar reputable company that participants rave about. You can read our detailed review here (insert link).

Respondent runs on the professional side, so if you come from corporate or are invested in business this is also great choice! Consumers can also participate in studies, but they may be a bit difficult to qualify for.

Focus Group by Schlesinger is a global market research firm that is ubiquitous in focus group circles. They have offices in most major U.S. cities and are generally well-regarded across the board. You have a good chance of qualifying for their many studies. We recommend them often.

Final thoughts 

To summarize – is User Interviews Legit? Absolutely! Is the platform worth your time? I think so!

With the frequency and diversity of studies offered, you can earn some decent money if you take it seriously. That said, many studies are high-tech and business-focused. So general consumers may have a harder time finding and qualifying for a study. 

Still, the average payout is very fair and even generous for the time and effort involved, so even if you only land one study a month, your return can be decent. 

Sign up is very painless compared to a lot of other companies that require extensive demographic information. In fact, registration seems like an afterthought on their platform, which is a refreshing – even joy-inducing – experience. 

This may be especially appealing to our #inboxzero folks. Of course, you do still have to give your contact information to apply to individual studies.

I hope this article provided you with some context and insights to consider if User Interviews is right for you!

Will you try User Interviews for your next focus group? Let me know in the comment section below!

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