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Is User Interviews Legit? User Interviews Review

Whether you’re just starting your focus group journey or have been here a while, you know that it’s not always easy to know the fake gigs from the real ones.

Or, at least, the money-makers from the time-wasters.

There are so many market research firms out there. Some good, some bad, but it’s often difficult to distinguish which are which.

User Interviews is one of the most popular research firms among focus group participants, but do they deserve all of the hoo-has? More importantly, is User Interviews legit?

In this article, I’ve reviewed the company and considered its reputation, vetting procedures, payouts, and competitors to help you decide if they are worth your time. 

Read on to find out if User Interviews is a legit company to make some extra cash with.

What Is User Interviews?

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User Interviews is a highly-rated market research firm founded in 2017. 

Since then, they have established themselves as a go-to provider for big-wig clients like Adobe, GoPro, Home Depot, Pinterest, and many more.

Essentially, User Interviews connect researchers and potential participants who can provide feedback on their clients’ services, products, and overall user experience.

They are a sister company to UserTesting, a highly rated website testing site. Between the two, this market research company is definitely reputable among the industry. Both clients and participants give mostly positive reviews about the platform.

So, why would companies conduct paid research? Since user research sparks further innovation, companies are willing to give study payments for your feedback and participation.

With over 40,000 recruited participants last year, totaling 1.5 million recruitments overall, User Interviews is a suitable and smart choice for both quantitative and qualitative studies.

Is User Interviews Legit?

After some research and personal trials, I can confidently say that User Interviews is a legitimate research firm. In fact, I have participated in many of their offered paid research and received the payment through PayPal and gift cards without any problems.

It is also among the highest-paying online survey options, with some surveys paying up to $60 per hour. As an added bonus, they have a relatively easy sign-up process.

How Does User Interviews Work?

User Interviews is a US based company that only recruits American and Canadian audiences. They primarily recruit from urban areas, so you have an edge if you live in a major city!

Don’t get discouraged if you live in a more rural area, though, since User Interviews is constantly expanding their reach. At the very least, it just means you may qualify for fewer studies. 

Right now, it seems like they’re only actively seeking primary education professionals and emergency dispatchers upon signing up. However, there are available studies not relevant to those fields, so you can still shoot your shot.

How To Participate in Studies?

Below are the easy steps you will have to take to sign up for User Interviews.

Step 1: Click the Sign-Up Button (Optional)

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The first part requires you to click the sign-up button, which you can see on the top right corner of the home page.

You will then be asked if you are a researcher or a participant. Click the latter if you are here for extra income.

You will then be redirected to a sign-up page. You can choose to create your account from scratch, or you can just link your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

I suggest using your LinkedIn account since it looks a bit more professional.

Curiously, some pages require a short demographic survey before signing up, and some don’t. Try this page to avoid any vocational requirements/questions upon signing up.

There also doesn’t seem to be a direct benefit from signing up other than receiving notifications. You can browse and apply directly to studies without signing up. 

If you do choose to register, they send study opportunities frequently (about three to four per day).

The studies don’t seem to be pre-qualified based on your personal profile, but they do have a referral program which is always a nice added bonus!

Step 2: Finish Your Profile

After your initial account setup, you will be asked to complete your profile by filling up some required information fields. 

This includes your contact information, phone verification, professional details, demographic details, and technical details.

The Contact Information field will ask for your email and phone number. If you have already linked your LinkedIn or Facebook account, it will automatically show up in the boxes.

Clicking “Save and Continue” sends a verification code to your phone. You will have to enter it into the following field to proceed.

The Professional Details field asks for your general work information, such as employment status and company details. 

You can opt to hide your professional information, but this would mean you won’t have access to some higher-paying offers.

Your demographic details will also be asked. It has questions typical in paid studies, such as name, date of birth, city, ethnicity, highest educational attainment, household income, and marital status.

The Technical Details section will ask about your gadget information, such as your preferred internet browser and your gadget’s operating system.

After reviewing your answers, just click submit, and you’re good to go.

Step 3: Browse for Paid Research Opportunities

Now that you have set up an account (or not), you can use the filters in the UI to browse the User Interviews listings for paid research studies.

You can sort through their study format (in person, over the phone, or online) and study type (one-on-one interviews, focus groups, multi-day study, and unmoderated tasks).

You also have the option to use the system to filter results based on a few “popular professions” to cater to specialized skills or specific professional backgrounds.

Moreover, their online interface allows you to sort listings by study type, which is convenient if you are only interested in or available for a particular kind of study.

You can also browse current studies, which is a rare find. Typically, market research sites hide their studies behind a registration wall. 

Knowing what kind of studies a company offers before signing up will help you decide if they are a fit before you give out any of your information.

Also, the studies are automatically arranged to start from the most recent listings. Scroll through a bit to see which ones you could be eligible for and then submit an application to those. 

You can also set the search bar to show online studies with the highest pay.

Step 4: Participate in Studies

After choosing and applying for a particular study, you will have to answer some screening questions.

Once you pass the initial screening process, the research or support team will discuss all the details necessary for the study. Remember to listen closely and ask questions when you can.

How Can You Earn Money With User Interviews?

What Money-Making Options Do User Interviews Offer?

As previously mentioned, User Interviews offers four different study types and a referral program.

Focus Group Studies or Discussions

These studies will ask you to get together with other participants via an online forum or an in-person session. 

Currently, most focus groups will ask you to participate online.

Participants type anonymous responses to questions about a product’s visual aspects, such as labels and packaging, in real time.

Unmoderated Tasks Studies

These studies will have you finish some assignments in your free time as long as you do it before a deadline. 

Some will ask you to complete short surveys upon each activity’s completion to monitor some of the product’s features. Tasks can include product, app, or UI testing.

One-on-One Studies

These are essentially interviews with a researcher via video chat, video call, or in person. 

You will usually be asked to give feedback on product prototypes or respond to inquiries on a particular subject.

Multi-Day Studies

Participants in these studies do assignments or interviews over the course of several days or weeks.

You will typically be asked to meet with them through regular online interviews, but in-person studies may ask you to go on-site. This testing method is usually done in a panel study.

Most studies I saw and tried are one-on-one studies. I also saw some “unmoderated tasks” but less frequently. 

I rarely saw online focus groups and multi-day studies, but they all came from reputable institutions.

Referral Program

You can take advantage of User Interviews’ referral program by sharing your invite link with the person you want to invite. 

They will count as your referral after they click the link and sign up for User Interviews.

However, note that your referred person must first finish a research project before you can get your $10 reward.

The bonus? Your referred person will also receive a $10 reward after they get paid for their first research.

That said, I suggest you try the other option from their referral program since you and your referral can earn more money this way.

Essentially, you will have to directly invite interested and qualified people to a particular study. This option allows you to earn a $30 reward after your referral completes the study.

Like the previous option, your referral will also get an additional $30 reward from this strategy in addition to their actual compensation.

How Will You Get Paid?

User Interviews pays participants through Amazon gift cards. Upon successful completion of a study, you will be emailed a gift code within ten business days, but I got my payment earlier than that.

Some people say they’ve received compensation through PayPal, but I didn’t see any studies offered with that option after some extensive digging.

Sure, Amazon is almost as good as cash nowadays, but this limitation is definitely something to consider.

How Much Can You Earn With User Interviews?

A study’s average payout typically range $25 to $200 an hour. This is a broad range, but compensation depends on various factors such as length, tools, expertise, and involvement. 

The most accessible studies for general consumers has an average figure of about $50 to $60 an hour, which is a pretty decent rate that sure beats minimum wage!

As expected, studies seeking specialist & professional knowledge pay upwards of $100 for under an hour. 

User Interviews offers a lot of technology, medical and business-driven studies. They are an excellent option for corporate and data-driven fields.

User Interviews Alternatives

If you are actively searching for opportunities and User Interviews simply don’t cut it, these three alternative survey sites might be for you.

Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie helps you find surveys based on your demographics.

Their surveys are typically shorter than those on other sites but generally pay less when you look at the hourly rate.

Their rewards system is also nice and simple enough, but they have a minimum redemption amount of $10, or 1,000 points, since each point is worth one penny.

Focus Group by Schlesinger

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Focus Group by Schesinger is another reputable global market research firm that is ubiquitous in focus group circles. 

They have offices in most major U.S. cities and are generally well-regarded across the board which gives you a good chance of qualifying for their many studies.

An average survey will give you 100 to 1,000 points, equivalent to $1 and $10, respectively.

Stan’s Gigs

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If you want opportunities for extra money to come to you, you won’t have to look any further than this site, Stan’s Gigs, the all-in-one survey site you will ever need.

Based on your demographics, I can give you the latest, most legitimate, and highest-paying clinical trials, online surveys, free product samples, and focus group studies.

Is User Interviews Worth It?

To summarize, is User Interviews legit? Absolutely! With the frequency and diversity of studies offered, you can earn decent money if you take it seriously.

However, many studies are high-tech and business-focused, so general consumers may have a more challenging time finding and qualifying for a study. 

There are also times when survey opportunities are scarce.

That said, Stan’s Gigs can help you find additional focus groups that need your input from a legit site. Sign up to our newsletter to get notified of the latest offers.

Will you try User Interviews for your next focus group? Let me know in the comment section below!

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