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Apex Focus Group Rating


Apex is a middleman between respondents like you and market research companies. They don't offer any unique paid focus groups or surveys. While Apex is a real company and not a scam, you are better off looking for some other opportunities.

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I always knew how important focus groups are to companies, but when I learned you could make money online from them, I had to admit I was skeptical.

After asking, “Is Apex Focus Group legit?” I realized it was time to put some deep research into their platform.

If I could make some extra money giving my opinion on products and services, why not take advantage of the offer?

I’m the type of person with a background in earning money through traditional avenues.

So, when I learned I could sign up online for focus groups to make extra cash, it seemed too good to be true.

However, after digging into Apex Focus Group, it had so many amazing offers that I just had to try it for myself.

I found some pretty interesting things to share, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to get passive income at home.

What Is Apex Focus Group?

apex focus group

Apex Focus Group is a company based out of Marietta, GA, in the United States.

They offer many stateside opportunities for everyday people and experts to sign up for.

I found their selection of offers to be some of the best online.

The main objective of Apex is to connect marketers with industry experts to get professional advice on products.

Unlike other platforms, Apex offers many research products, including packaged goods, healthcare products, and medical tools.

There are three main market research services I found on their site:

Focus Groups

Just like your standard group, this focus group opportunity connects you with over 1000 opportunities where you can offer your wide range of advice virtually.

Clinical Trials

This service is best for people seeking experimental treatments through a focus group company.

You’ll be connected with different clinical research studies with treatments currently in development.

Paid Surveys

My favorite part of the site was the paid surveys panels.

In this area, I could give my advice on products to help companies improve.

Apex Focus Group’s stats were much more impressive than I initially thought.

They have over 1000 market research survey panels across 41 states.

There are also over 824 active profiles on the site with access to the best offers.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Diving into something new like focus group sites was a little intimidating for me, so doing some research into companies can really help.

By doing my research, I can know what I’m getting myself into before recommending it to friends and family.

From what I learned about Apex Focus Group, I can confidently say it’s a legit online service to connect you to focus groups.

Judging from independent reviews that I found on Glassdoor, Apex Focus Group offers legit opportunities.

Experts and everyday people were able to find great online surveys that gave them free products and extra money in their pockets.

These reviews on “Is Apex Focus Group legit?” gave me more than enough incentive to sign up for an account myself.

How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

I was pleased that finding focus group offers through Apex was as simple as using a job posting board.

Let’s go over the steps that I followed to get started.

1. Sign Up for an Account

apex signup

The first thing I did after researching was register for an account.

Apex Focus Groups makes it simple, offering a pop-up window where you enter all your information into a contact form.

They asked a few more questions than I had expected, such as my employment status, smartphone type, and whether I have children.

After entering my personal information, the site sent an email to confirm my account for the market research company.

From there, Apex doesn’t waste time getting you started with their service.

2. Answer Your First Focus Group Questionnaire

Immediately after confirming my details, I was brought to my first focus group questionnaire.

It’s said to be personalized, so my first group was for testing different types of food, beverages, and household products.

After signing up to become a tester on this platform, I was able to start my first focus group experience.

3. Find New Focus Groups

find new focus groups

If you’re unhappy with the personalized focus group link sent to your email inbox, searching for other opportunities is easy.

When visiting Apex Focus Group’s website, head to the “Focus Groups” tab.

On this page, you can browse through all of their open offers and sign up for opportunities you’re interested in.

I found this page was designed identically to job posting boards, making it super easy to navigate.

I could choose from different topics from different companies.

Filtering results by payout, gender, and age is also possible.

Once I found an opportunity to try, I clicked the “Sign Up” button, which allowed me to participate in a pre-testing survey.

Like other platforms, I had to answer the following questions truthfully so the site could decide if I was right for the job.

Most postings require a specific demographic, which can be challenging at times.

One thing I found harder than expected was finding how to sign up for clinical trials.

However, finding focus groups and paid surveys was easy enough to sell me on the services.

I also found it time-consuming to sign up for every offer individually, but it would be worth it if I was getting paid, right?

4. Wait for Upcoming Assignments

Instead of signing up for focus group studies on my own, Apex Focus Groups also sent offers to my inbox.

As I filled out surveys through the offer board, they developed a profile based on my interests.

From there, Apex was able to send specific customized offers to me regularly.

Over time, I found this to be one of the better ways to sign up for focus groups.

It helped me save time as I had offers in my inbox almost every morning after my initial signup.

How to Earn Money With Apex Focus Group

Earning money by signing up for focus groups through Apex Focus Group was a little harder than I expected.

At first, I thought the site was responsible for hosting the focus groups and surveys.

However, after trying out several offers, I quickly found they’re simply a third party.

Apex helps connect you with other platforms that offer research opportunities.

That said, all your payments will come from individual parties, not Apex Focus Group.

I had to sign up for accounts for every posting and enter my payment details for each focus group.

Some platforms paid participants in site credits, allowing me to buy gift cards.

Other sites paid me directly through PayPal, which was my preferred option to get cash in my pockets.

Some opportunities gave me free products instead of direct payment for my input.

One helpful feature Apex Focus Group has on their site is transparent information about how much you make per offer.

By looking at the “Payout” section on the “Focus Groups” page, you can check the amount of money you’re set to earn per project.

Most offers are around $50 or above, which I found to be worth the time I spent signing up for accounts on all the sites.

how to earn

3 Alternative Sites to Explore

If you want to explore more focus group websites, you can check out the following sites below:

1. User Interviews

User Interviews is an awesome platform if you want to make some extra cash.

They offer focus groups similar to Apex but connect you with multi-day studies, one-on-one interviews, and daily tasks.

Currently, most of their offers are open to people living in Canada and the United States, with a few international offers.

I found User Interviews to be one of the easier services to sign up for.

They also need less information than other platforms, so signing up took about two minutes.

There’s also the option of signing up for focus groups using your social media account, like Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can look at dozens of research opportunities open to everyday people.

After you’ve been selected to join an activity, you can get paid upwards of $50 for 30 minutes of your time.

I found this to be one of the more competitive offers, especially regarding online focus groups.

Another thing I loved was you could choose how you wanted to get paid. User Interviews allow you to earn money through Visa or Amazon gift cards, checks, cash, or PayPal.

2. IPSOS i-Say

If you’re as into focus groups as I am, you’ve likely heard of IPSOS as they’re the largest research firm worldwide.

With IPSOS i-Say, I could find stateside and nationwide offers for small surveys.

Unfortunately, their surveys weren’t as lucrative as others (up to $1.50/survey), but their focus groups are awesome.

If you’re selected for a focus group, you can get up to $100/hour, perfect for passive income.

I also loved the platform’s versatility, as they have a mobile app that lets me do surveys from anywhere.

After finishing a focus group or survey, IPSOS offers points instead of cash into your account.

You can then redeem these points for cash or gift cards.

I could choose payment by PayPal for the times when I wanted cash.

Or, there was the option to redeem my points for a prepaid Visa or other gift cards.

3. Stan’s Gigs

Finding the best focus groups and surveys can be daunting, I know.

That is why I developed Stan’s Gigs in the first place.

It’s an all-inclusive spot where you can find the best offers online, putting you first in line for surveys, focus groups, and freebies.

I wanted to make a community hub where everyone who loves free stuff can find top-tier offers in minutes.

It’s definitely something I recommend checking out, especially if you love reputable offers to help get you products and cash.

To learn more about the offers on my site, Stan’s Gigs, you can sign up for my newsletter.

Apex Focus Group’s Legitimacy: The Verdict

I’m frugal from head to toe; if there’s a way I can bring extra money in with little effort, sign me up.

With Apex Focus Group, I could legitimately earn a little extra pocket cash by offering my opinion on products.

Also, their collection of surveys was perfect for earning points on different companies’ sites that I could redeem for other benefits.

It’s one of the best sites you can use to connect you to offers from around the globe.

Not to mention Apex has one of the simplest signup processes imaginable.

It’s worth a try, especially if you’re new to focus groups and surveys.

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