Free Tampon Samples: Top Six Companies To Get Them

I can still remember the day my sister got her first period like it was yesterday. I will never forget how shocked she was to find the stain.

We already knew it was coming. Our mom has briefed her for years. But actually experiencing it is a different thing altogether.

As if the experience wasn’t confusing enough, she was now confronted by the task of finding the perfect method of catching menstrual flow. “Everyone has a favorite.”, says our aunt. What nobody told her was the process involved in finding this preference.

I saw her experiment with different brands. She had to use up each new pack to save money on groceries. It got her into uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

She complained a lot about rashes and leaks. It took some time for her to conclude that she was a tampon girl.

The worst part about the whole process, though, was helplessness. There was nothing I could do. Hence, I won’t miss this chance to share the information that I know now. Having the opportunity to get free tampon samples would have helped my sister immensely. It would have spared her the frustrations of going through all those tampon sizes and brands just to find the right one.

Why Are Companies Offering Tampon Samples?

It’s time to regain control over your period with access to top-quality free tampons. Women and young women worldwide always struggle with finding the perfect brand that suits their needs. With the help of samples, you can test an assortment of tampons designed for different flows, sizes, and comfort levels.

Specialty feminine product companies also benefit directly from offering free tampons. Their samples help unsure shoppers decide whether their designs hold up with use. It can also be a fantastic way to attract new, younger consumers looking for less embarrassing ways to shop for period products.

I noticed female products usually ship in discreet packaging and are delivered straight to your door. With regular sample offers, you’ll never have to worry about going to the store to buy tampons to test. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your home and then make a large purchase online or in person.

Free Tampon Samples: My Recommendations

Let’s jump into the fantastic list of free tampon samples from some spectacular companies you’ll love.

1. Rael

Rael is an edgy new tampon manufacturer that specializes in organic products. Their tampons feature organic cotton cores that are said to be highly absorbent and easy to use. They’re also ultra-slim, which makes them fantastic for women who love staying active during their periods.

When you claim their sample offer, you’ll receive two regular and two super tampons. Although that might not be enough for your entire cycle, it’s a great way to test the versatility of their tampons. They offer samples regularly throughout the year, so you have to come back to check if they’re still available.


  • Four total sample tampons
  • Crafted from organic materials
  • Light and super absorbent samples
  • Feminine packaging


  • Samples sell out quickly
  • No newsletter

2. Norton Hurley

Norton Hurley is one of the most popular tampons and pad manufacturers in the United States. Their tampon selection is diverse, covering women of all ages with various period types.

The most impressive thing I love about their samples is they’re available year-round. Right now, Norton Hurley is offering 150 free samples of their new COSMEA line, which includes panty liners, pads, and tampons.

All you have to do is sign up quickly to receive a free sample, as quantities are rather limited. Like Rael, Norton Hurley’s new line of period products is safe for your body and the Earth.


  • High-quality products
  • Environmentally-friendly tampons
  • Multiple products per sample
  • Easy to sign up for samples


  • Minimal quantities
  • Could have a waitlist

3. Pretty Thrifty

One of my favorite resources for recommending female hygiene products are female-based sampling sites.

Pretty Thrifty focuses on beauty products on a budget, offering healthcare, skincare, cosmetics, and more. I was able to find two sample offers for tampons, though they have many offers for pads and panty liners as well.

The website is very easily navigable with a search bar at the top and bottom. All you have to do is select the product category you’re interested in or use a keyword to find specific offers. Pretty Thrifty tends to offer samples only from reputable brands as well, which I appreciate.


  • Reputable sample offers
  • Continually updated samples
  • Updated expires offers
  • Updated newsletter for new samples


  • Expired tampon offers
  • People quickly claim tampon samples

4. Yoni

Are you ready for a little bit of inside information to help you get some fabulous tampon samples? Yoni is a high-end manufacturer of cotton tampons, liners, and pads but doesn’t publish its sample offerings.

Instead, you can contact their customer care team at to inquire about potential samples. I was able to acquire a couple of organic tampon samples after browsing their number of tampons.

Like most manufacturers, Yoni focuses on tampons for an assortment of periods. You’ll find light to heavy flow patterns as well as other hygiene products like menstrual cups and pads.


  • Informative website
  • Flow-rated tampons
  • Easily navigable website
  • High chance of mailed samples


  • Requires email contact
  • No published sample offers

5. Stan’s Gigs

As always, Stan’s Gigs has a collection of tampon orders exclusively available to those signed up to receive samples by mail. Not only can you get your hands on top manufacturer’s samples like Kotex and Norton Hurley, but first dibs too.

My exclusive list of samples features some of the web’s most coveted offers, especially feminine hygiene products.


  • Exclusive offers
  • Regularly updated samples
  • Easy-to-follow newsletter
  • A diverse community of samplers


  • Tampon offers only on availability

6. Libra

Libra is another manufacturer that specializes in period products for women of all ages. Their tampons are some of their most popular products, especially for women always on the go. They boast a unique design with a tapered tip and anti-fluff base for all-day comfort.

When you request a sample, you’ll receive two original regular tampons to test out before ordering. Every sample kit also comes with a 20% discount that you can put towards your next LoveLibra purchase.

As an added benefit, even though the company’s based in Australia, the offer is available to most countries.


  • Shipping to most countries
  • Two tampons per sample
  • Active-friendly tampon design
  • Easy signup


  • Samplers quickly claim offers
  • No worldwide shipping


As an outsider in the world of periods, even I know how important it is to access free tampon samples. Hopefully, my list of freebies helped you find the perfect samples, and if so, share your experiences in the comments below!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to stay up to date with the latest tampon samples.

Home Tester Club Review – Worth It or Waste of Time?

While writing this Home Tester Club review, I found that they have an extensive community of samplers.

With the ability to receive free products directly to your door, there is an assortment of things for you to test out. Also, you’ll find a collection of other opportunities to get your hands on other freebies and rewards.

Home Tester Club Review

Home Tester Club has many of the same features you’d expect to find from other sampling groups. By signing up, you can have access to an assortment of samples in exchange for your review. But, they take it to the next level by also offering rewards for competitions, sharing your reviews, and more.

Another thing I quickly noticed is that the quality of testable products from Home Tester Club is better than I expected. Instead of focusing primarily on small-sized samples, they offer full-size products for the whole family.

Some of the offers are more expensive than others, such as at-home water flossers, compared to laundry detergent. However, I guarantee there are many items that every person can put to good use.

Another thing that makes them different is they don’t offer generic sampling boxes with small products. Instead, you’ll be signing up to test a single, full-size item for an extended period.

Who Is This Testing Offer Meant For?

The thing I love the most about Home Tester Club is that their collection of products is suitable for everyone and anyone. It’s far too often that I find sampling companies that focus on one to two niches that don’t pique my interests.

On the other hand, this company offers a diverse selection of product categories for the whole family. Whether you’re a fan of electronics or hair and beauty, there are many testable items available.

The application process is incredibly straightforward as well, which is a breath of fresh air. Instead of spending an hour customizing a profile and entering personal info, signing up takes a few minutes.

Home Tester Club takes an innovative social approach to testing and sampling, similar to Stan’s Gigs. Creating a diverse community of samplers is a phenomenal way to boost your networking to find extra offers and deals. With an account, you can chat with over three million members to find further bargains worldwide.

What’s Included?

examples of home tester club products

I have yet to find a testing offer from Home Tester Club that I haven’t wanted to try. Their collection of products is outstanding, especially from the perspective of a homeowner.

Their products typically fall within the following categories:

  • Hair and beauty
  • Food
  • Health and hygiene
  • Beverages
  • Household
  • Cleaning
  • Chilled and frozen foods
  • Baby and toddler
  • Pets
  • Appliances
  • Electronics

Overview of Features

Let’s discuss in detail what Home Tester Club has to offer.

  • Single-Product Testing

If you’re as tired as I am of managing an entire drawer of unused free samples, Home Tester Club is perfect. Instead of receiving useless products that I’ll never use, I can sign up to receive one testable product per month.

Although you don’t receive as many items, it’s simpler to test a single high-quality item and leave an honest review.

  • Customized Profiles

Another exciting aspect of the testing process is that your profile helps match you with offers. When you sign up, you answer several questions about your interests and curiosities. The site matches you to specific testing opportunities when they’re available, using your answers.

  • Honest Reviews

When testing a sample or full-size product, it can be hard to leave a negative review, especially if it is free. But one thing I quickly realized is that Home Tester Club values both positive and negative reviews.

The program’s main objective is to make sure testers are giving a 100% honest review, which is fantastic. Even by leaving negative reviews, your chances of reviewing future products won’t be affected. Whether you loved the smell of shampoo or hated the texture of a skincare item, all reviews are important.

  • Giveaways and Competitions

When you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to see all of the fabulous giveaways and competitions through Home Tester Club. These competitions are a great way to earn rewards, even if you haven’t reviewed a product yet. It’s a fantastic way to keep the community engaged and gives you more opportunities to get cool stuff.


  • Many full-size products
  • High-quality brands
  • Easy reviewing process
  • Access to extra giveaways


  • Receiving products is challenging
  • Have to regularly update your profile

How To Use It

Like many other sampling and testing companies, there’s a basic process of getting free testers on the Home Tester Club. You’ll need to create and regularly update your profile to make sure you’re in the running to get freebies. Once that’s finished, you can then apply for testing offers based on what it matches you with.

If your application is approved, you’ll receive the product directly to your door to test in the comfort of your home. After you have a good idea of what you like and don’t like, simply upload your review using the included instructions.


Having access to fantastic sampling offers with a high chance of receiving products is perfect for everyone. This reason is why Stan’s Gigs is one of the top sampling groups on the web. With a collection of unique products for the whole family, I always recommend my site to beginner and veteran samplers.

It’s time for you to experience the benefits of receiving quality samples by mail. You’ll fall in love with the numerous testers available to my exclusive list of newsletter subscribers.


Our Home Tester Club review has plenty of phenomenal benefits and unique benefits to explore. Let us know what you think about their sampling offers by sharing your experiences below. Also, sign up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to be a part of our community of worldwide samplers.

Top 8 Yo Free Samples (Unique Sampling Offers)

Yo Free Samples is a phenomenal resource available for anyone to find an assortment of quality freebies, contests, and online deals. I’ve been able to find a collection of valuable freebies, such as shaving creams, photo prints, Amazon discounts, and more.

When it comes to finding a diverse selection of offerings, it’s one of the better sampling sites to consider.

Why Choose Yo Free Samples?

The sheer number of items available from this sample aggregator makes them a fantastic resource. You’ll find several free skincare products, beauty products, toys, jewelry, and more.

It’s also easy for users to search for specific samples they might be looking for, such as pet food. If you need to find an all-in-one resource with a collection of great, free opportunities, Yo Free Samples is useful.

It also helps keep samplers up to date with the latest offerings in the area. Once promotions expire, Yo Free Samples crosses them off the list so that you don’t apply for previously available freebies.

Top 8 Sampling Companies For Yo Free Samples

Newbie samplers will easily find plenty of unique sampling offers from top-rated manufacturers through Yo Free Samples. Let’s explore some of the most exciting offerings they currently have from brands you love.

1. Amazon

There’s no doubt that everyone loves Amazon, especially since it has everything a traditional retailer carries. For example, Amazon offers anything from digital books to health and beauty products.

With Yo Free Samples, you’ll be able to find a wide assortment of Amazon products that you likely use daily. Along with free products, you will also find a dedicated section on the site for discounts.

The discounts page is exciting because it keeps you updated with all of the most recent price reductions on popular items. There are kitten toys, beautiful jewelry pieces, kid’s accessories and toys, household products, and more.

I highly recommend browsing through the current Amazon offerings to see any reduced items you need in your home. All you will need to do is use a specific code when checking out to receive your discounts.


  • Wide product selection
  • High-quality discounts
  • Useful free samples


  • Free products are rare
  • Limited time availability

2. CVS

CVS offers some of the most popular samples, covering essentials for men and women. Through Yo Free Samples, you will find a unique selection of valuable freebies you can use daily.

For example, you’ll get free shaving gels when using a coupon or free Covergirl makeup with CVS’ downloadable app. Its samples usually require customers to download an app or have a physical coupon for free products with their purchase.

With that said, it can be a far more convenient way to acquire free products than having to use in-mail surveys. This point is especially true if you enjoy shopping at CVS as much as I do, as you can get free products for buying your everyday essentials.


  • Essential freebies
  • Easily redeemable promotions
  • Unisex promotions
  • Good selection of products


  • Could require purchases
  • Usually redeemable in-store

3. MLB (Major League Baseball)

Who doesn’t love baseball? With MLB freebies, you’ll be entering real giveaways to win physical cash. The best part is that you don’t even need to be present at the games. So, if you’re not the biggest baseball fan, you can still reap the benefits of signing up for free sweepstakes from home.

MLB is by far one of the most notable organizations you’re going to find on Yo Free Samples. Its giveaways are also some of the most interesting that have piqued my interest.

Typically, you will fill out a bracket that predicts the winners of each game. As the season progresses, your bracket will determine whether your predictions are correct.

If so, you move onto the next round until the end of the season. Whoever has the winning bracket is eligible to win a free cash prize. There’s nothing better than having a fun activity paired with gifts.


  • Exciting twist for freebies
  • Ability to win cash prizes
  • Requires limited personal information
  • Great for sports lovers


  • Requires interest in sports
  • No physical product freebies

4. Cascade

Home products are a fantastic avenue for receiving free physical products. You’ll find all manufacturers are interested in attracting customers to their new and improved products.

Cascade is one of the most remarkable, as it often provides free testers and trial sizes. You’ll also find that it offers more luxurious options, such as gift cards and free dinner parties.

However, instead of simply requesting a free sample, you’ll participate in sweepstakes.


  • Decently-sized freebies
  • Useful everyday items
  • Regular promotions
  • Easily redeemable


  • Requires dishwashers
  • Lengthy sign-up process

5. Subway

Subway is well-known for its giveaways, especially by offering free food with your purchase. If you’re as much of a fan of subs as I am, their freebies will be beneficial.

Usually, they will give customers the ability to get a free footlong with the purchase of a footlong. What makes these giveaways unique is that you will have to sign up for their app to get the coupon.

Alternatively, the app could give you a coupon code you can bring in-store to redeem the freebies.


  • Access to free food
  • Useful for families
  • Easily redeemable
  • Nationwide freebies


  • Requires app
  • Will require purchase

6. Krispy Kreme

There’s no doubt that Krispy Kreme has had its fair share of free donuts. New franchises typically offer free donuts for customers in line. They also received recognition by offering free donuts to vaccinated individuals in the United States.

Most of their freebies are available for a certain period, such as between March and May. However, they tend to provide an ample number of saving opportunities throughout the year.

For example, if you buy one dozen, you can receive a second dozen for two dollars. My recommendation is to wait for their free coupons to help you get a free donut.

You might also find some coupons that allow you to get free coffee, making your morning complete.


  • Assortment of freebies
  • Doesn’t require apps
  • No-strings-attached promotions
  • Available nationwide


  • Limited-time availability
  • Few Krispy Kreme locations

7. Lucy Pet Formulas For Life

Finding the perfect food for your furry friends can be challenging, which is where samples prove helpful. With free samples, you can test an assortment of recipes with different ingredients that your dogs will love. Then, once they settle on their favorite recipe, you’ll know what type of food to buy.

Lucy Pet Formulas For Life offers an extensive list of freebies through Yo Free Samples. You’ll be able to test different wet and dry foods, perfect for your dogs and cats. Also, redeeming the freebies is quite simple, as you’ll only need to enter your address and shipping information.

If you’re in the market for more free pet food samples, I recommend looking at our newest sample page. It’s best to keep you up to date with all of the most recent samples for every member of your family. Also, it helps ensure you have the best chance of getting the best free products.


  • Useful for new pet owners
  • Helps you find the best food formula
  • For all pets
  • Quick sign-up


  • Free samples run out quickly
  • Small-sized samples

8. Neora

Getting your hands on luxurious skincare samples can help you find the ideal skincare products of your dreams. Neora is a beauty company that offers plenty of free products you’ll find on Yo Free Samples and other sites.

Their cosmetics include youthful serums and night creams to help reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Like most cosmetics freebies, all you have to do is provide your shipping address and contact information.

In the mail, you will receive small, trial-size items to test the products you are most interested in.


  • High-quality skincare
  • Unisex benefits
  • Easy sign-up
  • Assortment of beauty samples


  • Limited time availability
  • Small-size products


Staying up to date with the latest samples and freebies is essential to make sure you have the best possible deals. With my help, you can quickly find some of the unique zero-cost items from top-tier manufacturers. Be sure to apply for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to see all of the offers available in your area and share your experience with me in the comments!

6 Best Ways to Get Summer’s Eve Free Samples

Summer’s Even free samples are ideal for healthcare professionals and everyday women searching for sanitary wipes. It can be challenging to find suitable cleansing wipes to maintain freshness without irritating ingredients.

By using sampling offers, you can easily find the perfect product to meet all of your needs, especially when it comes to your health and beauty. There are several phenomenal sources that I recommend to find Summer’s Eve samples throughout the year.

Let’s explore some of the best options.

Why Are Companies Offering Samples of Summer’s Eve?

Summer’s Eve is a popular brand amongst women throughout the world. Their sanitary wipes and cleansers gently eliminate bacteria as well as unappealing smells.

You’ll also find many of their ingredients are clinically and gynecologist-tested to ensure they’re safe for women to use. By offering free samples, companies can show women the benefits of using sanitary wipes.

The pH-balanced formula is for those sensitive to intense fragrances and who have sensitive skin. Getting your hands on some free samples can help you to experience the benefits of a hypoallergenic daily cleansing regimen.

Top 6 Sampling Companies For Summer’s Eve Free Samples

Let’s get into some of the best sites you can use to your advantage when searching for Summer’s Eve free samples.

1. Summer’s Eve

As always, one of my top recommendations for finding quality samples is to go direct to the source. Summer’s Eve doesn’t offer freebies often, but they can be well worth signing up when they do.

Typically, you’ll have to provide your email, contact information, and mailing address to receive the samples. It’s also likely they’ll send small trial-size products rather than larger samples to use over long periods.

On the other hand, if you’re a healthcare professional, samples are readily available for you to try at any time. As Summer’s Eve branches out into the healthcare industry, they currently offer free cleansing cloth samples.

Healthcare professionals will receive two dispensers with 25 individually wrapped cleansing cloths. You’ll also receive 50 extra samples to use as refills for the dispensers and 50 coupons for any Summer’s Eve product.

Whether you’re a general practitioner or gynecologist, free post-exam wipes can elevate your patient’s experience.


  • Hefty samples for doctors
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Access to free, hypoallergenic products
  • Quick shipping


  • Sampler freebies aren’t common
  • Sample offers lack variety

2. is a fantastic solution for finding an assortment of high-quality samples. Their sampling offers range from personal care to food and drink and even focus on pet products.

Fortunately, the site is clear and well-designed, making it easy to find the best available sampling offers in your area. Once you’ve selected your desired product category, you can then browse through individual samples.

By selecting a product, you can sign up for the site to gain access to the sampling offers. There is a wide assortment of brands available through as well, including:

  • Dr. Zenovia
  • Summer’s Eve
  • Organic Valley
  • Arm & Hammer
  • Goodskin MD
  • Hartz Home
  • Head & Shoulders
  • John Frieda
  • Hero Cosmetics
  • MoroccanOil
  • Verb


  • High-quality sampling offers
  • User-friendly website
  • Quick sign-up
  • Easy to find sampling offers


  • Users claim samples quickly
  • Require sign up to access offers


Applying for sampling offers is quite simple with On their site, they give all of the information necessary to sign up for freebies on various platforms. I’ve found it’s simple to acquire freebies through Instagram, Facebook, and directly from manufacturer’s sites.

Let’s take their Summer’s Eve samples as an example. When browsing the current offers, I figured out how to get free samples of water cloths by following their socials. thoroughly explains every sign-up process, so it’s quick and effortless for many users.

Another feature I love about this site is its latest samples and offers section. All of the most recently updated offers are available on a single page in an easy-to-read layout.

You’ll also be able to look at the dates of each posted offer, ensuring you’re not researching expired deals. The wide variety of offerings from the site make it a fantastic choice for anyone in the family. You’ll find various offers, including free books, coupons for fashion items, free tech products, and more.


  • Impressive site design
  • Many freebie categories
  • High-quality offers
  • Descriptive sign-up process


  • No freebie categories
  • Search feature lacks functionality

4. is a sampling site to acquire an assortment of products. Samplers will find free food items, points for point programs, and even paid surveys.

The entire family can enjoy an assortment of offers, including daily deals, free samples, and trending offers. When it comes to assortment, this is one of the more prestigious sites to consider.

Also, all of the well-organized offers are easy to find, thanks to their in-depth menu system. Once you land on the home page, you can choose free samples, freebies, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes.

Some of the most impressive free samples from high-tier companies from include:

  • Disney
  • Cheez-It
  • Meatless Farm
  • Veet
  • Lego
  • Netflix


  • Extensive offers
  • Provides purchase coupons
  • Available freebies and samples
  • Many beauty offers


  • Poorly designed site
  • Challenging to find updated deals


As its name suggests, is a valuable resource for finding household freebies. I have also found sweepstakes, giveaways, coupons, and free samples from reputable brands, including Summer’s Eve. Like our newest samples page, you can also sign-up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date with current offers.

This site is one of my favorites because it gets straight to business by explaining how to sign up for freebies quickly.

You won’t have to browse through pages of text before finding a link to direct you to their offers. Instead, the application information is available in a few sentences, helping you to save time.

There are several product categories to consider when it comes to freebies. has beauty products, family and pet items, recipe books, and free food samples. It would be beneficial to include more inclusive offers, such as reading and tech, like many other sites.


  • User-friendly website
  • Many beauty-related freebies
  • Frequently updated samples
  • Offers printable coupons


  • Lacks male-friendly offers
  • Focuses primarily on coupons


If a vast selection of samples is what you’re looking for, is my top recommendation. The unique number of product categories they offer is far above my expectations.

Some of the most popular categories include:

  • Health and wellness
  • Sporting gear
  • Sweets and treats
  • Food and grocery
  • Consumer products
  • Shoes
  • Pet gear
  • DVDs and books
  • Clothes and apparel

It’s also easy to navigate through individual product categories, helping you find the most relevant offers. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to search for specific freebies from manufacturers and product categories.


  • Organizes offers by “new”
  • Extensive product categories
  • Printable and digital offers


  • Some coupons advertised as freebies
  • Lacks free tech products

Final thoughts

To get access to even more freebies and samples, be sure to sign up for Stan’s Gigs newsletter. In the newsletter, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest and best offers, keeping you in the know. Also, leave a comment to let me know what sites are your favorite for finding free samples!

Where to Get Sephora bareMinerals Free Samples (6 Great Options)

Free samples, like the Sephora bareMinerals freebies, are a luxurious upgrade to your collection. By signing up for rewards programs, surveys, and newsletters, you can receive free items from reputable brands.

Fortunately, there are several reputable sample aggregators and large-scale brands and companies that offer freebies. I’ve researched an impressive number of tested and proven sites to help you get the best samples.

Let’s explore all of the top picks for bareMinerals and other cosmetics offerings.

Why Are Companies Offering Samples of bareMinerals?

bareMinerals samples are a great way to experience high-quality makeup combined with skincare. Their products consist of natural SPFs, as well as non-irritating ingredients.

Using samplers to test blushes with skin-soothing ingredients can help you find your new favorite makeup company. There are two primary avenues to acquire bareMinerals samples, either through the company themselves or Sephora.

Sephora, a world-renowned makeup and skincare company, carries a vast number of valuable samples. Most often, their samples are available with a purchase or if you redeem Beauty Insider points. Like many other luxury beauty brands, they offer samples throughout the year.

However, it can be challenging to find reputable sites to sign up to ensure you receive your samples. I highly recommend using Sephora as your primary source for finding bareMinerals samples.

Top 6 Sampling Companies for Sephora bareMinerals Free Samples

Let’s explore some of the best online sources that you can use to collect free bareMinerals samples.

1. Sephora

Sephora is one of my preferences for finding beauty-related samples, especially as they carry products for men and women. Relating to bareMinerals, they often have multiple offers available for shoppers to consider.

Sephora is known for having lower-tier free samples and higher-tier options. The lower-tier products are generally smaller in size and contain fewer items.

On the other hand, the high-tier samples come with multiple products but can require your Beauty Insider points. When you shop with Sephora, every dollar you spend allows you to accumulate insider points to exchange for free goodies.

Like our newest samples page, Sephora also has a similar setup for their samples. You can review all of the current offers that you can pair with your purchase.

Another unique way to acquire bareMinerals samples is to review the birthday gift for the current year. When it’s your birthday, Beauty Insider members can claim a reward.

Typically, it will be a generously sized sample or trial-size product for you to test. You’ll find that these rewards are often available from high-quality, luxurious products.


  • Wide selection of samples
  • Fast and efficient shipping
  • High-quality products
  • Can stack free samples


  • Requires minimum purchases
  • Birthday samples change annually

2. bareMinerals

Another trustworthy source I recommend for bareMinerals samples is bareMinerals themselves. It’s important to note that most free samples from bareMinerals require a minimum purchase.

Although, unlike other cosmetics companies, the minimum purchases are more affordable, approximately $50. With your purchase, you can choose the rewards you want to receive, such as:

  • Eye cream
  • Concealer
  • Beauty kits

Most makeup companies find it beneficial to attract new customers by offering free products. Fortunately, this means you have the opportunity to test an assortment of freebies from the manufacturer.


  • Useful samples
  • Offer full-size products
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • High-quality packaging


  • Require minimum purchase
  • No optional shades

3. is a valuable resource for an abundance of samples for your everyday life. You’ll find a collection of skincare, makeup, and household products, as well as food samples.

The site focuses primarily on health and beauty samples, likely because they are the most abundant. With each sample, you will find an in-depth review of the offer. The site helps samplers know how long shipping takes, the quality of the freebies, and more.


  • Wide selection of offers
  • Focuses primarily on freebies
  • Plenty of skincare and makeup offers


  • Some offers aren’t updated


Another sample site ideal for skincare and beauty products is This site is more time-consuming to browse through, but it can be worth the effort. There are plenty of beneficial offers available whether you’re looking for hair care, health products, perfumes, or baby products.

Another great feature the site offers is a “Top 5” section, which provides the top samples currently available to help you find the best deals. One of my favorite features is their search function, allowing you to browse for specific samples.

Instead of navigating past offers, you can quickly type in a keyword to find what you’re looking for. It helps lessen the time spent searching for samples so that you can sign up for the best offers before it’s too late.


  • Extensive freebies
  • Variety of product categories
  • In-depth reviews


  • Lengthy reviews

5. has a unique site design to help you make the most out of your sampling efforts. Not only can you browse through current offerings, but you can also find the best available samples. Their collection of bareMinerals samples are particularly notable, as they include freebies and coupons.

On average, customers can save up to 43% on their regular purchases with CouponXOO’s selection. Also, you can find several past and present sampling offers, allowing you to acquire fantastic beauty products for free.

Unlike other sampling sites, this aggregator takes the effort to ensure all available offers are up to date. Outside of makeup, there is an assortment of family-friendly sampling categories to choose from. Samplers can browse through free games, fashion items, beauty products, tech items, pet products, and more.

Also, like many of the other resources, you can search for a specific keyword to find the items you need. With a site with as many freebies and coupons as CouponXOO, their search bar feature is ideal.

Alternatively, you can choose to browse through the most current offerings directly on their site. All you have to do is choose a category of interest, and the top-recommended products are available.


  • Continually updates samples
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Clearly shows available deals
  • Offers coupons as well


  • It has an emphasis on couponing
  • Fewer samples than expected


Free Samples OMG is a helpful resource for an assortment of beauty-related freebies. They are one of my favorite options for finding free gifts for friends and loved ones. The site provides plenty of vital information to help you find the best offers.

When it comes to bareMinerals samples, they offer lengthy blog posts describing the sampling offer. You’ll find all the info you need, such as what products they include in the offer and its shipping restrictions.

One of the essential tips for using is to pay close attention to expiry. All of the posts detail how long each offer lasts, making the sign-up process simple. Also, you can find essential brand information, such as the benefits of specific makeup formulas.

Apart from their bareMinerals posts, you can also find freebies in a few other categories. The most notable include hair product samples, skin product samples, and perfume samples.


  • Plenty of beauty samples
  • Detailed and informative posts
  • A wide array of product categories
  • Regularly updated content


  • Some posts are lengthy
  • Expired offers stay on the site

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding the best Sephora bareMinerals free samples, signing up for Stan’s Gigs newsletter is your best option.

You’ll be alerted to any new offers that pique your interest, helping you sign up for freebies before they expire. Be sure to let us know how helpful the newsletter is for you in the comments!

The Best Online Focus Group Platforms (And How to Start Earning)

Online focus group platforms are a perfect way to share your opinion about different products and services. The best part is the majority of them compensate you generously for your time, making them a great way to get extra cash.

With some of the offers I’ve gotten my hands-on, it’s a surprise that more people aren’t aware of their unique benefits.

If you’re interested in finding online focus groups that essentially pay you for your opinion, you’re in luck! Let’s review some of the best platforms that you can use from the comfort of your home.

Why Join Online Focus Groups?

Before we get into the list of the best focus group platforms, let’s take a look at some of their most impressive benefits.

1. Extra Cash

There’s no doubt that the most agreed-upon benefit of online focus groups is that they put extra cash in your pocket. If you’re a professional opinion-giver, it can be a reliable source of income if you’re able to find legitimate offers.

I’ve come across groups that offer up to $150 for a couple of hours’ worth of time, well worth the investment. With that said, companies design most focus groups to give you a small amount of extra spending money.

It’s more likely you’ll be able to offset costs, like getting a daily morning coffee, than making enough to pay bills.

2. Convenience

Compared to in-person focus groups, online focus groups are better for their convenience. You won’t have to pay for travel or worry about leaving your home early to make it to the group on time. Instead, you log into the platform and are ready to provide your opinion on a specific product, service, or topic.

Did you know that research companies often prefer online focus groups as well? As participants are in a more comfortable environment (their homes), their answers are more likely to be truthful. Also, there’s no chance of bias as other participants don’t surround them.

3. Efficient

It’s essential to consider the amount of time you have to put into specific focus groups, especially if the payout is low. With that said, the majority of online focus groups are incredibly efficient, helping you make more per minute or hour.

You’ll find that this method also helps you take advantage of more offers than you usually would. For example, you won’t have to spend time commuting from one group to another during the day.

Being at home can allow you to take advantage of more offers as you don’t have to consider commuting time.

The Best Online Focus Group Platforms

Now that you have all of my top-rated benefits of online focus groups let’s discuss some of the best platforms.

With the importance of market research, you can guarantee there’s a vast selection to choose from. I have independently vetted all of the following platforms to provide reliable opportunities.

1. User Interviews

User Interviews primarily have focus groups for residents of Canada and the United States with few international offers. After signing up, you’ll be able to browse through an assortment of diverse topics relating to your interests.

Also, the sign-up process requires you to provide basic demographic information so it can pair you with opportunities. Each user can decide what type of format they prefer for answering questions and providing their input.

Most often, you’ll find focus groups, one-on-one interviews, tasks, and multi-day studies. After the study, you’ll be paid either by Visa gift card, PayPal, check, cash, or to your Amazon account.

The transparency of User Interviews is what makes it one of my favorite options for focus groups. Every opportunity has the approximate time it will take to complete with info about the pay for each task.

You’ll also find an assortment of exciting categories, including:

  • Software
  • Hobbies
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Food
  • Technology

2. Ipsos I-Say

If you’re a fan of filling out surveys, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Ipsos before. Their I-Say platform is a phenomenal option for people interested in a more personalized approach to giving opinions.

As the third-largest survey firm worldwide, there are plenty of top-tier brands that consider them for brand research. Like many of the other platforms we explore in this list, you’re most likely to find surveys on Ipsos I-Say.

However, there are sometimes focus groups, which can provide you with points to your account. Once you accumulate a certain number of points (500 minimum), you can then cash out for tangible rewards.

Users can choose between Amazon and iTunes gift cards as well as PayPal deposits or prepaid Visa cards. Another considerable convenience of this platform is that it allows you to manage surveys and focus groups from anywhere. By downloading their mobile app, you can connect directly to your account to begin taking surveys.


If you prefer to blend in-person and online focus group options, is a great resource to consider. It’s one of my favorites because of the diverse number of offers they add to their site daily.

Also, the majority of their groups are open to U.S. and international residents. Depending on the type of research, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $250 for one study.

The sign-up process is also relatively simple, as all you need is a PayPal account, LinkedIn, or Facebook profile. Once you’ve connected your account, you can begin browsing through the currently open studies.

I apply for as many studies as possible if they’re a good fit for my interests and experience. After the application, the researchers or study sponsors contact those who are the best fit.

Once you receive the invitation, you’ll have to select a time slot for the study that fits into your schedule. It’s important to note that with every payment, takes a small fee from your total.

In most cases, it’s a minimum of five percent, or a one-dollar fulfillment fee, whichever is the higher amount. If you’re able to find higher-paid surveys, this fee could be relatively hefty.

4. Focus Group by Schlesinger

If you’re a United States resident, Focus Group by Schlesinger is another top-rated option in my books. They offer a combination of online and in-person groups revolving around several fascinating topics.

As with most platforms, you’ll have to sign up for an account and provide basic demographic information. The vast majority of research categories fall within consumer topics, making them easy to accommodate numerous lifestyles.

Some of the most common topics include:

  • Sports
  • Dining out
  • Cell phones
  • Pets
  • Cars
  • Baby products

When it comes to processing payments, they have a couple of different options. You can select from a prepaid Visa card, other gift cards, cash, or a check. It’s important to review the payment terms for each study, as they can differ depending on the study’s sponsor.

5. Survey Junkie

It can be great to switch things up now and then, which is why I love Survey Junkie. Instead of a standard focus group platform, they offer many unique research opportunities. I’ve experienced product testing, phone surveys, and in-person focus groups, as well as online surveys.

One of its most notable benefits is that there’s always an endless number of surveys to participate in. Also, the payments can vary, and the survey lengths differ as well, making it easy to find short and long options.

It’s essential to pay close attention to the payments per activity, as the range can differ significantly. For example, some surveys can pay as little as $.05 while others can be up to $5.

On average, you can expect most of their offers to fall between one and two dollars. I’ve found that most high-paying options are available at certain times per month and fill up rather quickly.

6. Mindswarms

Survey lovers looking for a straightforward approach will love the design of Mindswarms. This platform is a mobile survey option, allowing you to give your opinion on products and services quickly.

Alternatively, you can access the site on a web browser using your desktop or laptop. What makes the platform unique is that it typically requires video submissions rather than text-based answers.

It’s one of the better options similar to in-person focus groups from the comfort of your home. Some of the surveys require you to answer one to two questions, while others can have seven or eight.

Depending on the survey’s length, they pay up to $10 per question or $50 for the entire study. On average, most studies can take less than 15 minutes to film and submit, making it incredibly efficient. Also, once you’ve submitted your response, you’ll receive payment via PayPal within 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Participating in online focus groups is one of my favorite pastimes to get extra cash in my account. By quickly providing my opinion about products and services, I can get compensated for less than an hour of my time.

I highly recommend these offers to anyone interested in earning cash in exchange for their review.

How to Get Free Adult Diaper Samples (6 Great Ways)

Choosing free adult diaper samples is like finding the perfect pair of pants or shorts. You need products that you can trust when dealing with incontinence that is also comfortable and low-profile.

By opting for free samples, you can test an assortment of top-rated items from the comfort of your home. I’ve curated an impressive list of free samples for adult diapers to help you find the best products possible.

Let’s explore some of the most special offers to help you feel more comfortable and secure daily.

Why Are Companies Offering Samples of Adult Diapers?

Offering samples of adult diapers is a convenience that adults with incontinence can take advantage of. Companies are continually improving their products to offer better protection with more lightweight comfort.

To test the reliability of their products, they often provide free samples to curious customers. Another common reason I’ve found for companies offering samples of adult diapers is to attract new consumers.

It’s easy for customers to choose a single brand to become loyal customers of a specific company. It entices prospective buyers to try new designs that could be more comfortable and protective with free samples.

You’ll find an assortment of manufacturers, such as Tranquility, TEVA, Prevail, and Attends have freebies. With such a diverse selection, it’s easy for men and women to find the ideal fit for their everyday needs.

Top 6 Sampling Companies For Free Adult Diaper Samples

Several great companies offer reliable sample opportunities for this specialty product. Let’s review some of the best options I’ve been able to find.

1. Tranquility

Tranquility is one of the nation’s most reputable adult diaper manufacturers, and they often offer samples. The company has been family-owned for three generations, providing incontinence solutions to adults and seniors.

Their products are notable because of the unique engineering in their design and clinical practices to ensure reliability. Signing up for freebies through Tranquility requires very little information.

All you have to do is provide your name, email and answer a couple of marketing questions, such as:

  • What’s your level of incontinence?
  • What is your gender?
  • What type of protection do you need?

Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll then receive an email with a link for further steps to acquire samples. It’s a quick and efficient way to test different types of incontinence products for men and women.


  • High-quality samples
  • Uniquely engineered products
  • Beneficial for men and women


  • Requires an email address
  • Sign-up is challenging for seniors

2. MedProDirect

Instead of ordering samples directly from manufacturers, MedProDirect connects consumers with popular products. On their site, I’ve found an assortment of samples across several incontinence-related categories.

However, their adult diaper samples are by far the most diverse collection out of the other freebies. A few examples of other samples you will find on this site include:

  • Protective Underwear
  • Pads, liners, and guards

Browsing for the perfect incontinence-friendly samples is quite simple on this site. I was able to browse by the type of samples, size, lifestyle, and absorbency.

Like shopping, MedProDirect makes it easy to connect you with the samples that fit your needs the best.


  • Plenty incontinence-related offers
  • Efficiently organized categories
  • Multiple sample options per product
  • Carries high-end name brands


  • Only has incontinence products

3. Healthwick

Canadian samplers will love having access to Healthwick, as they have a unique sampling program. Unlike MedProDirect, there are two ways for you to obtain samples, either on your own or to have the company choose for you.

Depending on your preference, you can select samples from specific manufacturers or choose the product type you need to receive randomized samples. However, the samples they provide are typically from high-end, reputable brands, such as Tranquility, Abena, and ConfiDry.

Healthwick is an all-in-one resource for shopping for healthcare products, but their samples are limited to incontinence products. When you visit the free samples page, you can sort by absorbency, size, features, gender, and more.

All free samples will be available at the top of the page, making them easy to sort through. At this time, I was able to find samples for nighttime protection, breathable coverage, plastic-backed diapers, and more.


  • Extensive sample selection
  • Freebies from top-tier brands
  • Samples vary in absorbency and size


  • Only offers incontinence samples
  • Some samples require purchases


When researching, TENA was a company that stood out to me with its sampling offers. Instead of taking the traditional approach of having shoppers choose specific samples, they offer a kit.

Within the kit, samplers receive a trial kit of information and free TENA products to try. The kit could include free adult diaper samples, guards for men, or incontinence pads.

To decide which kit you’ll receive, you’ll need to answer two simple questions about who needs the trial kit and their gender. Once these steps are complete, you then fill out your shipping information to receive the free samples.


  • Straightforward sign-up
  • Useful for men and women
  • Multiple samples included
  • Informative kit about incontinence


  • It doesn’t allow for customization

5. has a convenient design similar to our newest samples page, featuring many samples of incontinence products. I decided to rank them slightly lower, as the samples aren’t entirely free, requiring that you pay for shipping.

However, there’s no tax included with your purchase, so the prices you see are the prices you pay. They currently have six individual sample offers ranging from briefs for adults to briefs for children.

All of the samples are from a single manufacturer, Forsite Health, a highly reputable brand for absorbency. Fortunately, the shipping costs of the samples are low at three dollars, but not as beneficial as an entirely free sample.

With that said, consumers can order as many samples as they want at a time. It’s a far more convenient way to try an assortment of products to find the right fit.


  • High-quality samples
  • Unlimited sample purchases
  • Beneficial for men and women
  • Kid-friendly samples


  • Requires shipping costs
  • Products from one manufacturer

6. Norton Hurley

Norton Hurley is one of the more higher-end brands regarding adult incontinence. Their products can also be a little more costly, which is why samples are a great way to test adult diapers before purchasing. Although this offer allows you to pick top-tier samples for men and women, it also requires a waitlist.

You’ll provide your name, shipping address, email, and phone number on the samples page. You will then submit the application, which will put you on a waitlist for samples.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive freebies immediately, only when the sample offers are available.


  • Expensive product freebies
  • Comfortable designs
  • Reliable incontinence engineering


  • No guaranteed shipping date
  • Products available intermittently

Final thoughts

The best free adult diaper samples can transform your everyday comfort by allowing you to find new and improved designs from reputable brands. Signing up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter can keep you up-to-date with the latest offers, ensuring you get the products you need most.

Be sure to leave a comment to share your experience with some of our reviewed sites!

SEO Title: Free Adult Diaper Samples Meta: Finding free adult diaper samples can be challenging, so we’ve curated a list of the best offers to consider.

Best Ways to Get Free Coffee Samples (Step-by-Step Guide)

Free coffee samples are one of the best sampling offers you’ll find, especially as a caffeine lover. I’ve had the opportunity to try dozens of different coffee varieties, thanks to free samples.

However, finding legitimate, high-quality coffee samples can be challenging, especially for beginners. This guide will help you find the best sources that always have top-tier coffee samples available.

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive options.

Why Are Companies Offering Samples of Free Coffee?

Along with the hundreds of coffee varieties you might come across, there are plenty of coffee manufacturers to consider. And all of them want your attention. From K-Cups, to instant coffees, to that one coffee roaster that has 28 flavours. A cup of Bacon-Maple flavoured coffee anyone? But the bottom line is that they want your attention. And they will give you free coffee samples. From higher-tier luxury options, like Nespresso, to more everyday flavours from Starbucks, the possibilities are limitless.

It’s easy to find samples for dark and bold roasts to breakfast roasts first thing in the morning. These companies can entice your taste buds by offering free samples and encouraging you to purchase full-size products.

On rare occasions, you might even be able to find hot and cold coffee samples, perfect for summer mornings. Also, it’s important to note that they securely package the samples like they would if you purchased a full-size order.

Top 7 Sampling Companies For Free Coffee Samples

Let’s take a look at some of the best sampling companies that offer coffee-freebies across the nation.


Surprisingly, has a diverse selection of free coffee samples. You can find offers from well-known brands, such as Cafe Bustelo, or more independent roasters, like Olives Coffee.

What I love the most about indie coffee manufacturers is that they always bring something new to the table. I’ve also noticed their sample offers are unique compared to some other sample aggregators.

A few of the more exciting freebies I’ve seen people claim include:

  • Free Gatorade hoodies
  • Keto granola bar samples
  • Stainless steel tumblers
  • Baking sprinkles
  • Facial boxes
  • Aloe sunscreen
  • Bee-friendly seeds

With free samples, you’re able to choose from an assortment of unique roasts to enjoy daily. Alternatively, you can stick with your already-established favorite brands, such as Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.

Apart from their coffee samples, has plenty of other free samples to consider. The vast majority of their sampling offers revolve around household goods, beauty products, and clothing.

You can also find food and health items, helping you to test out new products to implement in your daily regimen.


  • Unique sampling offers
  • Variety of coffee brands
  • Easy-access newsletter


  • Need a bit of luck to score the box with goodies
  • Cannot sort by latest offers

2. has a similar site design to, offering an assortment of exciting products. All of their latest offers are updated daily, and they list them from newest to oldest. I tend to prefer this format, as it helps me take advantage of the most recent offers of the day.

In each post, you’ll find the top-recommended coffee samples from recognizable brands. A few of the more common sampling offers come from manufacturers such as:

  • Elevate Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Deathwish Coffee
  • RevitalU

When it comes to coffee samples, they help make it easy to find all of the currently available offers. All you do is use the search bar on the right to search for “coffee,” and the site provides the most recent results.


  • Plenty of coffee samples
  • Posts organized efficiently
  • Easy newsletter sign-up
  • Assortment of freebies


  • Cannot sort by category
  • Basic website layout


One of the things I love the most about is how efficiently they organize the site. If you’re specifically looking for coffee samples, you can quickly navigate to the food samples page.

All of the current samples are listed from newest to oldest, helping you find the latest freebies. Once you find the ideal sample, you click on the link, and it directs you to a list of instructions. These instructions tell you how to sign up for the freebie and any fine print you should consider.

As an added feature, you can also share any great finds on your social media so your followers can benefit as well. There’s no doubt that carries a wide assortment of sample offers outside of food.

You’ll also be able to find free eBooks, apps, online courses, tech gadgets, and more.


  • Wide assortment of freebies
  • Diverse coffee samples
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Lacks categorical organization
  • Focuses primarily on discounts


The coffee samples from are likely to be some of the more valuable offers. Not only do they help you sign up for shipped offers, but also local ones that you can use daily.

For example, you can find free coffee coupons to use at your local Panera and other cafes. Alternatively, you can opt for offers that can be shipped directly to your door.

I’ve found many free samples from companies like Amcor Perfecto, Starbucks, and Hang Loose. Currently, there are over 15 different sample categories to consider, including:

  • Catalogs
  • Clip Art
  • Automotive
  • Drinks
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Athletic and Sports
  • Jewelry
  • Men’s Stuff
  • Ringtones
  • Recipes
  • Health and Beauty

One of the more remarkable features of the size is its impressive organization. Aside from their listed coffee samples, you’ll also be able to browse through other freebie categories. All of the available offers are listed neatly on the side of the site, allowing you to choose specific types.


  • Convenient category organization
  • Independent brand offers
  • In-depth sample information


  • Keeps expired offers
  • Limited social media integration

5. is unique in that it’s not your typical freebie website. It’s more of a blog, providing helpful information to help you save money on everyday expenses.

I’ve also found unique ways to find discounts and savings from big retailers, such as Walmart. When it comes to samples and freebies, there are plenty to use to your advantage.

All you have to do is search for “samples” in the search bar to see the available offers. Coffee samples are some of the more unique options, including baby formula, wedding samples, and more.

What makes a fantastic resource is they thoroughly test each sample offer. You can have peace of mind knowing that the site screens samples for legitimacy. Also, the accompanying blog post explains each offer in detail, so you know what to expect.


  • Useful sample organization
  • Tested freebie offers
  • High-quality freebies
  • Samples are 100% free


  • Not a sample-specific site
  • Expired offers are listed

6. Nespresso

Nespresso has a similar approach to samples as most retailers, pairing them with purchases. Unlike the other sample sites we’ve reviewed so far, this site is useful for existing Nespresso customers.

If you’re placing an order for your machine, be sure to claim some of the free sample offers. The most important thing to remember is that you can typically only receive freebies with a minimum spend.

For example, their current promotion provides a two-capsule sample with $35 orders. This offer is a fantastic way to experience the various flavors the company has to offer.

Each month, Nespresso creates a new two-capsule sample pack so that you can try something new. It’s a valuable way to find your favorite fresh coffee by placing your regular monthly order. However, it would be convenient if they offered single-capsule samples for prospective customers.


  • Nespresso-branded samples
  • Packaged with your order
  • Low minimum spend
  • New flavors monthly


  • Requires minimum spend
  • Only two samples per month


There are three main product categories that you can find free samples from by using As a site designed specifically for freebies and samples, it’s a valuable source to have bookmarked.

I especially love their reviews of coffee samples because there’s more than one or two to choose from. Like other sample blogs, this site puts all of the current offers into a single post for a more streamlined approach.

You can quickly read through the post to see the offers from more reputable name brands. Some of the most common coffee manufacturers include:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Starbucks
  • Barnes & Noble Cafe
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Biggby Coffee

There is also a wide assortment of samples for clothing, pets, and other food items. Along with samples, you can look at their more informative posts filled with tips and tricks. Samplers can learn different ways to get gift cards, free pizza, and even free cash.

One feature I wish the site had was a page dedicated to the latest available offers. Like our newest samples page, it would be convenient to be kept up-to-date with recent samples.

Otherwise, you could find more expired offers than current ones.


  • Informative content
  • Efficient sample organization
  • Offers from reputable brands


  • Limited sample categories
  • Lengthy posts


The best tip I can give you for finding free coffee samples is to sign up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter. You’ll receive frequently updated information about the latest freebies and samples directly to your inbox.

Also, be sure to share your experience finding samples on some of the fantastic sites featured in this post.

Best Sources for FREE Dog Food Samples in Canada

When my dog was a puppy, he was insanely adorable. But the amount of trouble I went through picking his food was a bit overwhelming.

I had to do a lot of research. I had to buy and give away a lot of expensive dog food. I had to learn the hard way how different food impacts dog’s behavioral patterns. It actually affects their fur color and shine, their energy levels, and overall their well-being.

Having a list of best sources for free dog food samples in Canada with a bit of background on the samples themselves would have been very helpful.

It would have saved me money, and my decision about what’s right for my pup would have been a lot easier. You are likely looking for samples for the same reasons. It is costly to try buying different food that isn’t right for your dog. I know! It is time-consuming and can be right down exhausting.

So I am sharing this information with you hoping it will help save you money and help meet your picky puppy’s needs.

Why companies give out free dog food samples?

Not every kibble or wet food suits every dog. Different breeds or different age groups require different nutrition. Plus dogs can be picky (like mine!).

Companies that sell dog food, like many other brands that give out samples, hope that the brand suits your (and your dog’s) needs and that you’ll go out and purchase their product afterward.

Where to Find Free Dog Food Samples?

To start with, you can often find dog food samples among sample aggregates such as HomeTester Club or GoodieBox. Among the variety of samples they offer, dog food is often one of them.

You can also visit my homepage with new available samples, where you are likely to find dog-related products and dog food samples.

Free Samples from PetOnly.Ca

There are actually websites where you can order a wide variety of free samples of dog food. This is one great example. Major brands that are being offered for sampling here are Fromm, NRG and Open Farm.


  • Many Options Available
  • 3 Free Samples
  • you have to pay a shipping fee of $5.99 (if you are in Ontario or Quebec), or $9.99 if you are in other provinces.


  • you have to pay a shipping fee of $5.99 (if you are in Ontario or Quebec), or $9.99 if you are in other provinces.

As per customer reviews, they have excellent customer care – customer service always makes sure you are satisfied.

Reviews also say that they have a great and fast delivery service – and if you purchase products with your free samples, the delivery is free on $79.00+ purchases.

Purina Free Dog Food Samples

Purina is well known pet food brand. They occasionally give out samples and free discontinued dog food. In their coupons sections you can find a range of dollar value amount coupons, and also find Buy 1 Get 1 free offers.

And these are not just for kibbles, but for wet food as well. The brand has a mixture of customer reviews. Some are very happy with how their pets react to the food, and some are the opposite.


  • Well-known product
  • If you decide to purchase after sampling, it is easily available at nearby grocery stores


  • Poor reviews by customers (i.e. pets having diarrhea reactions)
  • Samples are not always available

Your best bet with this brand is to look at the list of ingredients and nutritional supplements to best decide for yourself whether it’s the right choice for your pet, or consult your vet.

Canadian Pet Connection

This site also offers a free sample, however it can only be added to your purchase. Unfortunately, it does not list what sample is being offered. When shopping on, simply add DOGSAMPLE as a coupon code at checkout.


  • Free stuff!


  • Info not listed
  • Unclear what brand of product you sample
  • Purchase needed in order to receive a product sample

The reviews for the store are actually superb (76 reviews – 4.9 stars). People say the staff is knowledgable and accommodating, product selection is great, prices are good, and quality of product is also excellent.


Nutrience is a British Columbia-based pet food brand that is commonly sold at local pet stores all across Canada. The range of their product is quite impressive. These guys offer free samples for puppies and kittens.

The brand is very well-reviewed by customers on PetSmart, as an example. People across the board mention their pets love the food. The reviews also mention often that it’s good quality product. Several people actually mention that their pet’s fur gets shinier after this food. The price point of this product is also quite fair.


  • Great customer reviews
  • Locally sourced foods
  • Balanced nutritional value


  • Samples are not always available


For Canadian pet owners only! By filling out a short form here you will receive a free sample of dog treats. The name of the treats are ‘HOPEFULZ’.

The product has a very short list of healthy ingredients. Numerous testimonials on their website are, of course, positive ones. The brand doesn’t seem to have too much exposure outside of its own website. Thus, making it seem like a smaller dog food manufacturer.


  • Good reviews
  • Short list of healthy ingredients
  • Free shipping


  • Less known brand
  • Limited information on the website

The website specifies that their product that you are sampling has not launched yet. The store is located in Mississauga, Ontario. The brand is founded by Ryerson University students who focus on pet food for sustainable living.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin, for example, a Canadian pet food brand, often gives out free samples. I ended up getting some for my dog from my vet. You can also call your local vet to see if samples may be avbailable. From all the research I did about the brand, it was a good fit, but unfortunately my dog didn’t agree.


Another popular dog food brand local to Canadians is ACANA. Samples are also often available at pet food stores or local vets. With brands like these, more often than not free dog food samples are kibbles rather than wet food.

The proportions of dietary supplements can be easily found on the packaging. Your vet is the best source of recommendation for what supplements and in what quantities your dog needs. However, you’ll find most of them quite similar.

Hopefully, this information was useful to you and your fuzzy ones. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with these sites and products. Did your dog like the food? How long did it take to deliver? Was the experience smooth and easy? Let me know! It would be useful for me and for other pet owners.

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Best Focus Groups for College Students in 2021

I first got into focus groups when I was a broke college student working part-time at a VERY minimum-wage job at a spice manufacturer. 

So naturally, my ears perked up in one of my marketing classes when I learned that market research firms pay anywhere from $30-50 per hour for regular people like me to give their opinion!

I started searching everywhere I could to find these miraculous opportunities that can save me from scrubbing floors and toilets on my precious weekends. My eagerness led me astray, however, as I responded to a now obviously sketchy ad that promised a directory of local focus groups for a small fee of $45….

Needless to say – scam city. 

My goal now is to save people like you (and young Stans across the world) the trouble, hassle, and money (never EVER pay for focus groups). I have a special place in my heart for college students since this is when I discovered how great of a side-hustle focus groups are. 

But as I learned the hard way, navigating the industry can be murky waters sometimes. Stan’s Gigs takes all the guesswork out of market research by recommending the top focus groups in different categories, and tips to make it an easier and more enjoyable experience.

So – wanna participate in some of the best focus groups for college students? Look no further! Keep reading to find out!

Why Choose Focus Groups as a Student?

If anyone needs a side gig, it’s college students. Without a stable income or fully developed marketable skills (yet), finding a job that feeds your stomach without sucking your soul can be a rare find.

Focus groups are basically an outlet for you to share your opinions about brands and products you use. They typically run about 1-3 hours and you can earn almost as much (if not more) than your friends that spend their weekends at the local bar while you’re drinking at the local bar. Don’t brag, though. Just send them here 😉

Most groups are conducted during the week which works well for the flexible schedule of a college student. Plus – you don’t have to give up your weekends (it IS called beer money for a reason, and who wants to give up prime party time)?!

5 Great Focus Groups for College Students

Recommending specific sites is always tricky when addressing national audiences. BUT below I listed very high-quality firms that we are familiar with. Many of these companies offer online studies or have multiple branches in major cities across the United States. 

Plaza Research:
Don’t be discouraged from the ugly website – this group is one of the best firms you can sign up with. They have locations in 14 major cities including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tampa, Philadelphia, Dallas, and more!

Payout ranges from $50-200 cash, which is pretty average but the cash is definitely a plus. They offer refreshments so come thirsty and/or hungry for a snack.

To register, just fill out a basic form (no longer than 5 minutes). Someone will contact you with the info you provided when studies you qualify for become available. 

SIS International:
SIS can be a bit overwhelming when you first land on their page, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it! Their physical location is in the NYC area, but they post and host studies from all over – including Europe. 

Focus Groups are available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston and many other cities nationwide.

Their feed is disorganized, but the quality of opportunities are great. With interesting and relevant topics such as social media, lifestyle surveys, healthcare, etc, you will likely find something for you.

I’ve seen everything from $25-300 per study.

Alder-Weiner is a smaller firm with locations in SoCal and Chicago (prime college towns). Their LA location is right outside of UCLA.  

But they also have a national database where you can participate in online studies from anywhere! They have a very consistent stream of studies, so you won’t be left high and dry wondering when the next group will post.

Expect anywhere from $75-450. That’s a big gap, but I rarely see any other firms offering that large of a payout!

Fill out a short survey upon sign-up to be entered in their database. 

Prize Rebel:
Prize Rebel prides itself on being a bit more engaging than other survey sites. They gamify the process through diversifying ways to earn. You can take surveys (of course), watch videos, participate in contests & sweepstakes, complete random tasks on the internet, etc.

They also incentivize you to earn MORE points through tier levels. Rewards are in the form of gift cards and PayPal. 

It’s like Swagbucks, but better.

Fieldwork is a national firm that offers taste tests, product trials, in-home interviews, shop-alongs, and phone and online interviews. With at least 4 locations in every region of the U.S. Of course, you can also participate online or via phone if you are still not in one of their cities.

Topics range from breakfast to video games, so it’s unlikely you will be bored.

Other Places to Look

Other than looking at specific sites, there are some other great places for students to find focus groups to participate in.


Luckily, college campuses are a major hub of high-quality and interesting studies. Your neighborhood campus psychology, engineering, and humanities departments are usually buzzing with students eager to ace their next research project.

These opportunities come year-round and are available both online and in-person. Postings are typically on department bulletin boards, campus poll posts, and announcement boards.


Craigslist attracts students and academic professionals alike because of its accessibility and cost-efficiency, which helps attract people that are not typically found on campus.

It’s a great platform with, not to say your spidey senses are completely off.

Read our article about best practices when finding studies on Craigslist.


Who woulda thought the millenials’ almanack would also double as a resource for finding active studies? Well, Redditors apparently. 

Check out the subreddits r/beermoney, r/focusgroups, r/paidstudies and r/paidstudy for regular posts about firms recruiting, and user experiences – the good, bad and ugly.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you choose to sign up for specific databases or like to wander around until you find a study that calls to you – I hope this article helped you realize focus groups are a great way to make money without losing out on time, sleep, or parties.

The beautiful thing about focus groups is how flexible they are. You can still work, go to school, hang out with friends… all while making some extra cash to fund your lifestyle. There’s not a lot of side-hustles that allow for all of those things to stay balanced.

So… have I convinced you yet? Will you sign up for a focus group this quarter! Let me know any thoughts or questions you have!

Till payday!