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JMRS Focus Group Rating


JMRS is a data collection company that conducts consumer research projects and massive quantitative studies on an extensive range of industries. They offer market research studies to companies or organizations involved in finance, education, software development, marketing & advertising, and consumer goods.

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Getting paid to share your opinions? There’s probably no better way to earn extra money. That’s primarily what I do here in StansGigs.

I want to direct you to the right market research company and avoid scams. Don’t make the same mistake I did when I was just a beginner in focus groups.

So, in that effort, let me provide you with all the information you need about JMRS Focus Group.

What is JMRS Focus Group?

Its main office is at 5 Heddington Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can also call them via phone at 844-284-5489 or 647-847-1508.

On the other hand, interested participants who wish to know more about the company can visit their website for more information.

The Rating


A professional market research company capable of providing its clients with a thousand respondents for quantitative studies or that one needle-in-a-haystack participant for qualitative research. I would have given it a five-star rating if the studies were easy to access. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in signing up for its database and waiting for invitations.

Is JMRS Focus Group Legit?

A market research company’s website is always a good place to start when determining whether or not it’s legit.

Although JMRS is considerably new in the industry, I can see the effort and professionalism they put into their website.

Indicating how to contact them on the homepage is always a good sign of a legit company. The page also displays the research types available and the industries they’re involved in.

One of their partners or affiliates is the University of Toronto. Educational institutions are also a reliable way of establishing trustworthiness and legitimacy.

However, I found it difficult to find the “About Us” page. There doesn’t seem to be one on their website.

I also searched for JMRS Focus Group Reviews on different platforms. Here’s what I found on their Facebook page.

“Interesting studies, good pay.” (Mira Bogdanowicz)

Unfortunately, I can’t find reviews on Google Business, Reddit, and Trustpilot, perhaps because their studies are mainly available in Canada only.

Nonetheless, there are some reviews in TrustAnalytica. Here’s what one user has to say about the company.

“It was really interesting to share my views for the research study. The people are nice and helpful. I am looking forward to getting more study opportunities.” (Ram Lamsal)

Based on my research and personal experience with JMRS, I will say that it’s legit and generally well-received.

How Does JMRS Focus Group Work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to participate in JMRS focus group research and other paid research studies.

Step 1: Sign Up

jmrs participate review

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The first step is signing up. Just click the “Participate” button on the navigation bar from the homepage.

I appreciate that JMRS indicates almost everything you need to know about participating in market research studies. They even included a quick YouTube video explaining the process.

After reading your responsibilities as a respondent, click the “Apply Now!” button.

Step 2: Fill Out Form

jmrs fill out form review

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You have to provide them with relevant information about yourself on this page. This includes your location, average household income, whether or not you smoke or have pets, and any medical diagnosis.

These questions are to ensure they can match your profile with relevant online focus groups or studies looking for your demographic.

Step 3: Confirmation

JMRS confirmation page review

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After filling out the form, check your email for a confirmation link. This is to verify that the email you provided is active and working.

If you can’t find the email in your Inbox, check the Spam folder, as it sometimes ends up there (as is the case with mine).

Step 4: Wait

After confirming your email, the last step is to wait for an invitation.

Unlike other market research companies where you can browse and apply for online surveys yourself, JMRS is the one that screens your profile and matches you with research opportunities.

How to Earn Money with JMRS Focus Group

Here are the most common methods of earning money with JMRS:

Paid Focus Groups

JMRS conducts online and in-person focus groups, so you can participate even if you’re far from their headquarters.

Online focus groups are often for international studies.

Online Survey & Product Testing

JMRS has long and short surveys available to help you earn money. Surveys like these help companies test new products or services and gauge how the general public will receive them.

High-quality respondents have better chances of being invited to join focus groups and surveys.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are for qualitative market research. It’s mainly for a specific demographic, so it’s more difficult to qualify.

Nonetheless, in-depth interviews pay higher than surveys and focus groups, so it’s best to be honest when filling out your profile to increase your chances of participating.

My Personal Experience

Unfortunately, the number of available studies in JMRS seems limited. I signed up two weeks ago and haven’t heard from them since.

I also emailed them asking for any available focus groups or surveys. They told me they passed my details to the recruitment team and they’ll contact me if studies are available in my location.

I will keep you posted and update this review once I receive their feedback.

Other Alternatives

If you applied to be part of JMRS’s database and haven’t received invitations yet, here are some alternatives worth checking while waiting for an invitation.

1. Branded Surveys

Image Source

Branded Surveys is one of the few websites with legit and readily available surveys for Canadians.

You earn points by answering online surveys; the equivalent is around $1 to $3 per completed survey.

You only need 500 points ($5) to cash out, and you can also join polls or site-wide challenges to earn more points.

Click here to join Branded Surveys

2. Leger Opinion

Image Source

Leger Opinion, or LEO, is a Canadian-owned and Canada-based consumer research company providing online surveys, product tests, and focus groups to Canadians and Americans.

It also has a mobile application, so you can answer surveys with your smartphone anywhere you are.

Aside from PayPal cashout, you also have the option to convert your points to gift cards or Air Miles®.

Click here to join Leger Opinion

3. PineCone Research Canada

Image Source

PineCone Research Canada offers 10- to 20-minute-long surveys to its participants, all of which pay around $3 per survey.

The payout threshold is only $3, so you can redeem rewards by answering one site survey.

They also offer product tests.

Click here to join PineCone Research Canada

The Verdict

Considering all the information I gathered from my research and personal experience, we can add JMRS to our growing list of legit survey sites.

However, qualifying for their studies is difficult, so I would still advise you to check out other opportunities. (Hint: I already mentioned them above!)

But as always, do not rely on surveys and focus groups alone to sustain a full-time income. These should only be online side hustles outside your nine-to-five job.

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