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We Scout The Best Local Focus Groups - so You don't have to

If you are looking to participate in a local focus group and don’t want to spend hours researching the best options in your city, you are in luck. Here at StansGigs we have done some extensive research to find the best local focus groups for you.

How did we do it? Glad you asked. It took about 5 to 6 hours of research for each of the companies we reviewed. We have personally registered for their panels, interacted with them, found the reviews (and actually read all of the reviews on paid focus groups and how much they pay). And then we broke down them by city to give you only legit paid focus groups near you.

So if you are looking to make a few hundred bucks for spending an hour or two in a paid focus group talking about your consumer choices, you have come to the right place.

What is a Paid Focus Group?

Simply put, it’s a roundtable market research discussion with 6 to 10 participants. In person focus groups are usually lead by a moderator.

To motivate participants, the focus group organizers pay a cash incentive. Across different focus groups and cities, it’s ann average of $63 Per hour of participation. Yep. That means you get to make extra cash for a bit of your time. If you know how to find paid focus group studies.

How do you Find Local Focus Groups that pay?

The best way to find focus group opportunities locally is to register for an existing or upcoming studies. Below you will find a list of companies hiring for focus groups.

It’s broken down by the city, so you can find focus groups near you.

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the larger metropolitan areas, just click on your city and register with the top 5 market research companies on the list.

Browse the ranking of the top market research companies on the list, register yourself on few sites and look through tens of focus group opportunities.

Find the focus groups that interest you and apply. Voila.

What are Online Focus Groups?

Post Covid many of the market research studies have transitioned online. It’s probably easier for you do a group from the comfort of your home. And for the market research firm, it’s much easier to find focus group participants.

Online focus groups also have some downsides. Dealing with a group of people over Zoom can be challenge. Same goes for phone interviews. It is difficult to read the emotions and body language over the phone.

Why Participate in a Local Focus Group?

To make a bit of extra money was my first answer. It was my side hustle for over 10 years. Still is. Later I started working in the market research industry, so it became a profession. Oh and you also by doing an in person focus group you get out of the house, help your local businesses bring better products to market. Or you can be in it mostly in it for the money 🙂 That works too.

In Person Focus Groups Pay Better

Its true. According to our research participating in person pay better than compared to an online focus group. Local focus groups might not be an option for some of us, but keep in mind that online studies are usually harder to qualify for (more competition).

Thats why it makes sense to invest a bit of time and find a paid focus group locally. But don’t stop at one focus group! You can apply to as many focus groups as you want. As long as market research companies are okay with it. Hint: some might not be.

What’s better? Local Focus Groups or Online Focus Groups?

As much as I love participating in paid research studies online, many of the best paying focus groups are just around the corner. Literally. 

If you are willing to do the legwork and register yourself for the best focus groups near you, it will pay off. Trust my experience. Or don’t. 

Local Focus Group Rankings by City

Should you decide to check out your local focus groups, I have put together a comprehensive ranking for most of the best local paid focus groups. So if you are looking for focus groups of cleaveland or some research studies downtown Denver, we got you covered. Please keep in mind, that so far I have covered only the major cities in the USA and Canada. 

I hope your city is on the list, but if it’s not, please drop me a line and I will try to cover it in my blog post. These take a long time to research, so I really hope you find them valuable.

Without further ado, please see if your city is covered:

Find Local Focus Groups By City (Alphabetical):


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