Focus Group Moderation: How and Where To Find Good Moderators

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Focus group moderation is a great way for companies to get an idea of what their target audiences want.

However, to get the right results from focus groups, you need to have a good moderator. If not, you can end up wasting a lot of time and money just to get useless feedback.

The question is then where to find a good focus group moderator.

That is what this article will help you with. You will learn about the best places to find the perfect moderator for exactly your needs.

Why Are Companies Offering Focus Group Moderation?

Imagine you’ve developed a new skincare line, and before you mass-produce it, you need to know what customers will think. One of the best options is to host focus groups, which are large gatherings of people all curious about what your product offers.

Your moderators will assist the participants with the process so that you, the business owner, can sit back and view the results. Moderators help streamline the sampling and opinion process by delivering the products and hosting the focus group.

When everyone has had the chance to test and review your products, moderators then collect valuable data. In this scenario, the business owner can review the data to know what needs to be improved and stay the same.

Having a keen eye on your audience and their desires is a sure-fire way to get your foot in the door in major industries. Like cosmetics and skincare, for example, you’ll be competing with an assortment of industry gurus with already-established audiences.

With a focus group, you can have a leg up so that you’re at least on the same playing field as some of these bigger competitors. You’re likely asking, “Well, Stan, what does any of this have to do with me, the consumer?” The answer is simple: your opinions are the key to a company’s success.

By participating in focus groups, you’ll provide the ability for brands to do better and diversify their collection of products.

Top Six Companies for Focus Group Moderation

Whether you’re a brand looking for focus group moderating or simply curious, there are some fantastic companies to consider. Let’s take a look at six of the top recommended moderation options for focus groups to get you started.

1. U&I Collaboration

U&I Collaboration is a collective of market research specialists that work in several different areas of brand research. You’ll find they have special teams developed to help with business-to-business and business-to-consumer research.

Uniquely, they also offer straight consumer research, helping brands assess motivation and psychological methods behind consumer trends. Their philosophy is to give an all-in-one solution to companies looking to learn more about their audiences.

Their services help with general consumer research, such as surveying, or specialty techniques like focus group moderating. You’ll find they have an even more extensive collection of research services, including:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Text/IM/SMS focus groups
  • Survey design
  • Gamification and research games
  • Online data collection
  • Quantitative research
  • General moderating
  • In-depth and one-on-one moderating
  • Children and teenager moderation
  • Brainstorming facilitations
  • Market research consultation


  • Offers multi-country studies
  • Active research opportunities
  • Focus on agile design thinking
  • Data-driven analytics systems


  • Work primarily with large-scale brands
  • The website is missing crucial details

2. Frieden Qualitative Services

Something I’ve always found interesting is the role psychology plays in marketing. There’s no doubt that it influences how and when consumers buy and what advertisements are the most appealing.

If you need a way to put science to the test when advertising your products, this group is highly reputable. Frieden Qualitative Services‘ process is unique compared to the other focus group moderation companies I’ve seen.

During their focus groups, they analyze the audience’s behavior by taking note of their reactions and motivations. They’re also one of the more personable moderation groups I’ve had the pleasure of looking into, as they get people talking.

All of the company’s history stems from Gary Frieden, who has a Ph.D. in psychology. Another feature that sets them apart is how they conduct their focus groups. Instead of relying on dated methods of collecting data, they have more modern approaches for audiences.

I’ve seen that they host telephone, webcam, and video streaming focus groups. Imagine being able to offer your opinion about a product or branding from the comfort of your own home. They also have a sufficient number of services that are bound to be helpful to large and small companies alike, including:

  • Mature and senior qualitative moderating
  • Online focus group moderating
  • Qualitative financial service moderating
  • Agile market research
  • General advertising research
  • Concept development product research
  • Customer satisfaction research


  • Heavy focus on customer satisfaction
  • Many flexible focus groups options
  • Takes a more personable approach
  • Keep focus groups entertaining


  • Mostly for qualitative research
  • Groups require internet access

3. SperlingQual, Inc.

Here at Stan’s Gigs, the one thing I value is my group of loyal followers and brand loyalty. SperlingQual, Inc. is the same as a research organization that focuses mainly on business-to-consumer relations.

With a specialty for taking a look at how consumers view a specific brand, they have valuable insights into consumer behavior. Their moderation techniques are very unique because they have their hands in the process from start to finish.

As a business owner, all of your focus group needs are met, from finding a target group to carrying out the research. Using their processes, you’re able to have the right group of people answering the right questions for the most important information.

All of the data they receive from their group target’s behaviors and attitudes towards your brand. For example, you’ll know why customer A prefers your brand over others or while customer B doesn’t like a specific ad. From looking at ethnographies to reviewing customer opinions, you’ll have plenty of actionable data.

From the consumer’s perspective, their focus groups easily translate into layman’s terms. You’ll never find yourself second-guessing what to do or how to answer correctly, as their team makes it way more comfortable. The entertaining way they perform their studies is also impressive, offering creative techniques to keep you engaged.


  • Provocative and insightful focus groups
  • Offer online sessions
  • Great for more intimate products
  • Clients receive customized plans


  • Work with limited industries
  • Only available in NYC and Boston

4. Stan’s Gigs

I genuinely believe that customers need connections with the highest-quality focus groups in their area. Not only will you want to be reimbursed for your efforts, but you also deserve to have your opinions taken seriously.

That’s why Stan’s Gigs offers a massive list of top-tier focus groups on our site for you to browse through. You’ll find an assortment of different types of focus groups across a huge collection of industries. For example, you can find anything from shopping focus groups to candy focus groups.

Uniquely, I also offer opportunities to all of my American and Canadian readers, making it easier to find the perfect option. Using our focus group finder, I guarantee you’ll be able to find an assortment of fantastic groups to apply to.

I also make the process transparent, telling my readers how much you can earn upfront from participating. You’ll find plenty of valuable tidbits to help you choose the best in industries that pique your interests.

As a bonus, be sure to take a look at our newest samples page as another fantastic opportunity. By testing out an assortment of new products, you can provide brands with valuable reviews.


  • Assortment of product categories
  • Transparent pay information
  • Thoroughly researched opportunities
  • Open to Canadian and U.S. residents


  • Focus groups fill quickly

5. Thinktank Research & Strategy

Thinktank is one of my favorite groups for focus group moderation because of its unique processes. They not only cover business-to-business services but business-to-customer as well.

Companies can find qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as more tech-friendly analyses, like web analytics. When you’re pushing a new product to your audience, web analytics is an excellent source of customer engagement info.

Focus groups will be effortlessly managed, hosted, translated, and edited using their experienced recruiters’ team. Also, their services are highly influential within non-profits and tech start-ups.


  • Great for tech companies
  • Use strategic analyses
  • Offer qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Improve customer engagement


  • Available in few industries
  • Few areas of focus

6. The Dieringer Research Group (The DRG)

Companies searching for a complete list of traditional moderation services will appreciate The DRG (The Dieringer Research Group). As a collective of industry professionals, this group specializes in business and customer experience research.

One of the more unique tasks I learned they offer is effectiveness research, or how a product effectively affects its audience. They also take customer stories and transform them into actionable data to offer better services and products.

Consumers looking for a company that shows a genuine interest in their opinions will enjoy The DRG focus groups.


  • Foster positive brand relationships
  • Customer and business-experience
  • Personable approaches
  • Across multiple industries


  • Focus on in-person groups
  • General moderating options


Hopefully, my tips on focus group moderation organizations can help you find the best opportunities for market research. With the use of these groups, brands have the opportunity to learn more about their consumers to build better products and services.

Be sure to leave a comment to share your thoughts and visit the Stan’s Gigs newsletter for info about sampling and focus groups!

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