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“Hey baby, que paso?” Wait – I’m not trying to pick you up, promise. Just singing along with a (couple of) tacos and margarita in hand! When in San Antonio, right? (Virtually counts).

Every time I visit San Antonio I am always amazed at how large the city actually is because it feels so close-knit and community-driven. There’s a lot to explore in San Antonio for sure, but the people and local shops always feel small town.

Keeping close to home is a value that’s growing stronger nowadays, so we are bringing you the top paid focus groups in San Antonio. Let’s rodeo!

Online focus groups in San Antonio that are worth checking out

This list highlights our top picks for online studies. These are great to supplement any dry spells with in-person groups or when life throws random snowstorms your way (stay safe out there!) We recommend you sign up for as many interest you so that you have a steady stream of studies.

Focus Group Name

1. YouGov

Residents of the USA and be at least 14 to join.
Company has rating 3.4 on Trustpilot. It’s based on 1800+ reviews.
100 usd per focus group.
One of the largest market research companies in the country. They have a steady flow of opportunities and payouts, from surveys to product tests. BTW if you are interested in product testing and like fashion check out this article: Vans Product Testing.. You fill out a survey upfront to register, so you won’t get spammed with random opportunities you won’t qualify for.
Focus Group Name
How Much Money You Can Make

2. SurveyJunkie

Residents of USA 16+ only.
Rating: 4.4 · ‎34,402 reviews
Depending on your demographics, you can earn anywhere from $2.00 per hour to $5.00 per hour completing surveys on Survey Junkie.
It is based in California, but they offer online interviews that are even available through their mobile app! So you could be making money while you’re on the subway to work. That’s pretty cool.
Focus Group Name
How Much Money You Can Make

3. Respondent

Residents of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Must be 18+.
Rating: 4.5. Based on 96 reviews
Our average payout is $100 per hour. For specialty occupations, we see up to $500/hour.
It is a platform primarily for business professionals that can provide feedback for companies such as Allstate and eBay. Because they are looking for certain corporate demographics, some of the studies may be difficult to qualify for, but worth it, especially if you are the target market.
Focus Group Name
How Much Money You Can Make

4. Branded Surveys

Residents of the USA 14+
Branded Surveys holds a 4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot from over 24,700 reviews.
Regardless of how many you earn, each point on Branded Surveys will always be worth the same amount: 1 cent (USD). This means that 100 points equals $1, and 1,000 Branded Surveys points are worth $10.
It is one of the most versatile, dynamic research companies out there. You can participate in video surveys or focus groups, and collect rewards via Amazon, Visa, or even PayPal!
Focus Group Name
How Much Money You Can Make

5. Toluna Influencers

Residents of the USA must be 14+
Branded Surveys holds a 2.3/5 rating on Trustpilot from over 545 reviews.
The payoff: An average Toluna user can earn up to $30 by spending about 1 hour per day on Toluna completing surveys and other tasks that the platform offers.
Also offer a wide range of opportunities and payout options – from cash to gift cards. You can claim your rewards as soon as your account hits $10.

Focus Groups in San Antonio you can participate in

You can learn a lot from companies based in a city. They give insight into the local economy, history, and culture of the businesses and people. This information can help you understand which brands and topics may be talked about in focus groups.

San Antonio headquarters well-known companies such as:

  • iHeart Media
  • Whataburger
  • Valero Energy
  • NatureSweet LTD

Media and food companies are prime customers for market research. Whataburger may not solicit a focus group (but who knows!), but a potential competitor might. Or a manufacturing company linked to the company may want to know about consumer food choices.

There’s no telling what you will get into with focus groups, but it’s fun to speculate and get some insight on to what options are around town. Oh if you live closer to another city, check out the listing of focus groups near you

Top 5 Market Research Companies in San Antonio

Though online and remote options are increasing, in-person focus groups are still valuable. They provide a unique community experience researchers crave to get the truest feedback on products. Plus, they’re the most fun and lucrative. There are only 2 options to choose from this week, but they’re both pretty promising! Check out our reviews below:

Focus Group Name
How Much Money You Can Make
For parents – good news! They offer studies for and about children, so be sure to list them on your profile. It’s a fun way for kids to get involved and earn some of their own money instead of asking for yours 😉 Fill out a pretty extensive demographic survey to get contacted about studies.
Rating: 4.6 based ‎554 votes on Facebook page.
Studies last from 1-2 hours, and pay ranges between $75-150. They pay cash, which is definitely an advantage.
Galloway is a local firm that offers focus groups, one-on-one interviews, shop-alongs phone and online interviews. They frequently post opportunities on Facebook, where they have over 68k likes (wow!) and 4.6 stars. Google and Yelp backs them up with equally stellar reviews. There’s a bit of something for everyone at Galloway. They have different panels you sign up for depending on your demographics: general consumers, Spanish-speakers, physicians & nurses, and military. Galloway is located off of Hamilton Wolfe Rd near 145 Association Sign up for the panel that most fits you. A recruiter will call or email you to follow-up on studies that are available given your profile!

2. C&C Market Research

Anyone can be qualified
They have a smaller presence in San Antonio, with only Google to validate their online presence. They have 3.5 stars, which is decent.
Average C&C Market Research hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.76 per hour for Data Collector to $11.96 per hour for Research Assistant.
Galloway Research definitely outshines C&C Market Research in the San Antonio focus group market, at least from the participant’s side. Don’t let that turn you off too much, though. C&C is a national brand with over 38 locations (malls) across the U.S. So, they’ve earned their stripes. The San Antonio location is in Southpark Mall.

Final Thoughts

Well, San Antonio definitely proved me right with the small-town feel in only offering two major focus group companies… but that’s ok!

Three’s a crowd, right? Galloway and C&C are excellent companies to start with and provide a pretty diverse selection of studies month-to-month. Remember, the more firms you sign up with, the better your chances of qualifying. So don’t forget the online studies either!

What do you think? Have you tried either of these companies before? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear from you 🙂

Till payday!

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