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I have to be honest, researching any C&C Market Research scam is challenging, especially with the glowing reviews they get from participants and companies.

From positive testimonials to an exceptional range of services, I’ve found them to be one of the more trustworthy market research firms to consider.

Even their homepage warns about scams, which isn’t something I’d expect from an illegitimate company.

This post will surely prove helpful if you hunt for the best online research opportunities and in-person focus groups.

I explored the features of C&C Market Research to decide whether they’re legit or a scam.

What Is C&C Market Research?

C&C Market Research is a marketing firm with a large presence across the United States, making obvious strides in the industry.

They’re headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and have over 37 research facilities to collect survey responses.

This surely gave me peace of mind when deciding whether they were legit, as scam companies usually have a much smaller presence.

This marketing research firm has been offering its services for over 25 years, specializing in numerous data collection methods.

They have standard pencil and paper surveys, customized online services, and one-on-one interviews.

With the help of their technical department, they can create some of the most interactive and innovative questionnaires for inquiring companies.

If I were to compare C&C Market Research to other focus groups and survey companies, they’re pretty similar.

They have a standard signup process that I used to unlock numerous opportunities and have worked with some notable household names.

They also have a unique option to be mall shoppers, helping you visit incredible malls and mystery shops in popular stores for a decent salary/payout.

Is C&C Market Research Legit?

c&c market research

I always take my time when deciding on the legitimacy of a company, as online research is my best friend.

By looking at customer reviews, past employee reviews, and testimonials, I can get a good idea of whether this is a company to recommend or not.

Fortunately, C&C Market Research has a relatively positive online standing, which makes me believe they’re legit.

When visiting their BBB page, I noticed they have an A+ rating, which is considerably higher than most other market research firms.

They also haven’t had a registered complaint in over 12 months, which is another massive benefit.

Even when looking at their Facebook, they have over three out of five stars for culture from 15 reviews.

A few other notable benefits I found during my research include:

  • They have an inclusive work environment
  • Plenty of flexible hours to accommodate the times people can attend groups
  • Fascinating discussion topics about products
  • Comfort providing opinions on friendly terms
  • Advanced surveys for in-depth research
  • Convenient location flexibility
  • Enjoyable location bosses and moderators
  • A nice company for focus group beginners
  • Impressive customer service skills
  • Great female managers and helpful assistant managers

There were some concerning things I read in their reviews regarding employees’ work-life balance within the company.

Although this doesn’t directly apply to the personal life of focus group participants, these factors are still important to note.

A few common pros and cons from current and former employees include:

  • Long hours resulted in poor work life balance
  • Meeting new people offered an awesome life experience
  • Lack of development for employees
  • The job is best suited for someone who’s a people person
  • Some office managers had to work brutal times

How Does C&C Market Research Work?

how it works

C&C Market Research is one of the few focus group/survey companies that prove they keep your information safe and secure.

With an easy signup process, I felt incredibly comfortable getting an account to unlock an assortment of offers.

Let’s get into the steps I followed to get started.

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

The first step to accessing focus groups and surveys with this company was to sign up for an account.

The initial form was straightforward and needed basic information like my name, zip code, and phone number.

After completing the form, the company sent an activation email which led me to another form to complete.

The second form needed a little more personal information, like my ethnicity, address, and a choice of a shopping mall closest to my location.

A few additional fields asked about questionable activities, my pocket expenses, if I worked in popular careers, whether I had attended graduate programs, and more.

Once complete, I could access all the site’s best features.

Step 2: Review Surveys and Studies

surveys and studies

Most other market research firms I’ve worked with notify you of potential offers via email.

C&C Market Research is different because they have an easy-to-use dashboard that keeps all my important information in one spot.

I can review my calendar with upcoming activities and available surveys without needing a contact person or trying to reach out to current employees.

My dashboard enables me to refer friends or family members and update my profile.

However, the most convenient part of this process is that I don’t have to do leg work to find surveys or focus groups.

The system recommends opportunities to be depending on my location as well as the answers to my surveys.

Step 3: Plan and Attend Focus Groups

If you happen to be selected for an online focus group or in person, it’s a pretty easy process with C&C Market Research.

You’ll have to confirm the date and time for a session that fits your schedule.

Once confirmed, it’s added to your personal calendar so you can keep track of all your offers.

All that’s left is to attend the meeting, get paid, and wait for new opportunities to be recommended.

How to Earn Money With C&C Market Research

C&C Market Research uses a relatively common method of payment that I’ve noticed with most market research firms.

Instead of handing out prepaid Visa gift cards or cash, you’ll get tokens for your participation.

You can then cash your tokens to receive a digital Amazon gift card.

It will take about 2000 tokens to get $20 worth of cash for Amazon, and some surveys offer as few as two tokens.

Although their payouts aren’t as competitive as other platforms, I found the redemption process easy.

I could redeem my rewards directly on my dashboard instead of using a third-party service.

Three Alternative Sites to Explore

I have a few top recommendations to consider if you’re searching for other focus groups and survey opportunities.


Out of all the market research firms I’ve worked with, Mindswarms is one of the most futureproof.

They have numerous focus groups, interviews, and surveys you can complete on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Most offers will also require a webcam, as companies could prefer video or audio submissions rather than written ones.

Mindswarms has highly competitive pricing, with some offers spanning upwards of $100.

I could also redeem my cash through PayPal, rather than having to choose specific gift cards.

Brand Institute

If you’re looking for worldwide research opportunities, Brand Institute is a fantastic suggestion.

Their registration process is super speedy, sending offers directly to your email.

Like Mindswarms, I was paid via PayPal, which is far more convenient for having actual cash within 30 days of finishing a study.

Stan’s Gigs

Finding focus groups and surveys can be easy, but finding legit ones can be challenging.

It is one of the many reasons my site, Stan’s Gigs, is the perfect hub for focus groups and survey participants.

After signing up for my newsletter, you can unlock a world filled with fantastic freebies, trustworthy ways to make extra cash online, and top-rated focus groups.

C&C Market Research Scam or Legit: The Verdict

There’s no doubt that a C&C Market Research scam does not exist, as they’re a great marketing research firm.

Their intuitive dashboard makes it easy to track current and future opportunities while also managing your payouts for survey completion.

They also make it easy to refer friends and family, which I’ve done to help my loved ones make money online.

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