Best Paying Focus Groups in Jacksonville – 2023 Ranking (Apply Now)

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Is Jacksonville the best city in Florida? Uhhh… duh! Orlando & Miami, who? Sure, the other cities have their charms and perks, but Jacksonville is the quieter, and way happier cousin. 

The world is slowly catching on, too. Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the past decade. This is good news for focus groups because brands and companies love to cluster where there is a new, ripe market. 

If making your voice heard in the world of business, health, and even government or public policy appeals to you, focus groups are a fun and simple way to earn some extra cash.

So – while you’re not enjoying the outdoors or visiting one of the many museums and festivals, sign up to a focus group or two to fund your next venture! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – I got you.

Every week we highlight the top focus group firms in a city around the U.S. and Canada. This week we bring you the best paid focus groups in Jacksonville (if you haven’t already guessed)! 

Let’s get to it!

Studies you can participate in

Looking at companies headquartered in the local area gives a good indication of what the market is like, and what businesses may solicit research from focus group companies. It’s not a tell-tale sign by any means, but knowing the market before embarking in market research is not a bad idea!

  • Stein Mart
  • Baptist Health
  • Southeastern Grocers
  • Fidelity National Information Services 

Jacksonville carries a few heavy hitters on the national scale. Both Stein Mart and Fidelity are nationally-recognized companies, but they are also very different in services provided. This is good news because it means that there is a diverse spread of industry, unlike some cities, which are heavy in manufacturing or construction. 

As necessary as those fields are, who wants to participate in those focus groups? Not me, for sure.

Online focus groups that are worth checking out

Before I reveal Jacksonville’s in-person groups (it’s coming, promise) here’s a list of online focus groups that you can complete from anytime or anywhere. They win for convenience and are a buffer when live focus groups aren’t an option. Sign up for a few to get the most chances.


Yougov Website

1. YouGov

is a leader in the market research space. No wonder, with over 3 million users and a constant stream of studies, we suggest you sign up here first.

Qualification: Residents of the USA and be at least 14 to join.

Click Here to Apply for YouGov




Survey Junkie Website

2. SurveyJunkie

offers a mobile app so you can complete surveys on the go! Now you don’t have to stare blankly at your phone to avoid small talk waiting for the CTA.

Qualification: Residents of USA 16+ only.

Click Here to Apply for Survey Junkie




Respondent Website

3. Respondent Focus Groups

runs on the more professional side, but is worth checking out if you have the skills or specialized knowledge they look for! Pay ranges from $20 to $150.

Qualification: Residents of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Must be 18+.

Click Here to Apply for Respondent




Branded Surveys Website

4. Branded Surveys

offers cash and gift cards as incentives for completing a wide offering of surveys and focus groups. Collect rewards through e-gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, or PayPal.

Qualification: Residents of USA 14+

Click Here to Apply for Branded Surveys




Toluna Website

5. Toluna Influencers

allows you to practice your influencer game with video surveys and solicitations from national brands like Amazon & L’Oreal. Payment can be redeemed once you earn $10.

Qualification: Residents of USA must be 14+

Click Here to Apply for Toluna Influencers




Top 2 Focus Groups in Jacksonville

Remember what we said about Jacksonville being the quieter cousin in Florida… ? Yeah, so it turns out the market research game is pretty quiet, too. Never one to quit, I dug through two companies that looked pretty promising. Check them out below.

Just keep in mind… with only two options there’s the best option, and the alternative. 

1. Concepts In Focus:
Concepts in Focus is top 2 in our ranking, and obviously not #2. About 25 minutes from Downtown, participants say they are the go-to firm in the Jacksonville area.

The reviews check out: Google ranks them an average of 4.9 stars out of 11 reviews and they earn 5 stars on Yelp.

They offer focus groups, taste tests, one-on-one interviews, and more. Plus, they do conduct studies with children. Free babysitting, anyone? Of course, you do have to stay on premises. Don’t ditch your children, please.

From what I’ve seen, compensation is anywhere from $50-300 dollars mainly depending on the time of study. They pay via prepaid Mastercard or Visa gift cards.

Sign up to their database to get emailed new studies!

2. Welchans Research Group Inc:
Welchan’s works with a wide range of industries such as education, sports, technology, museums, and more.

However, they seem to be business-facing and not focused on participants at all. Still, we’ve had luck filling out similar firms’ contact list to find out they do have studies available. So that’s what I encourage you to do too! 

You can also call them at 904-338-2221. Their office is located at Avondale Ave & Herschel St. Do with that information what you will.

Final Thoughts

Jacksonville puts you in the center of great weather, family fun, and road trips. It doesn’t really put you in the hub of focus groups, but hopefully this article gave you hope that you can still participate with limited options!

Definitely sign up for Concepts In Focus, and let me know if you try your luck with Welchans! If you want to explore focus groups further, check out our blog where we write about other ways to get involved. Online focus groups are a good place to start.

Till payday!

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