Focus Groups in Greensboro – 2021 Ranking

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For a small city, Greensboro packs a big punch. Between the rich history of the Civil War and Civil Rights, abundance of nature, and sports tournaments… Greensboroians know how to make the most of what they have. 

Along with the tight-knit community, this makes Greensboroians great candidates for focus groups!

If you know a lot about your city, participate in local life and love giving back, focus groups are a perfect way to make the most out of your daily living AND make some extra cash. Below, we highlight your best choices for focus groups in Greensboro. 

Keep reading to find out!

Studies you can participate in

Some prominent companies that are based in Greensboro are: 

  • VF (manufacturer of Vans, The North Face, Lee, and more!)
  • Battleground Restaurant Group
  • Volvo Group North America
  • The Fresh Market

I know, these companies aren’t exactly household names… but they are successful businesses that signal what Greensboro economy is based in. From this list, we can tell that Greensboro is heavy in manufacturing, so you may find more industrial studies.

This is just a generalization, though. Other companies or national brands still want user feedback, which is why it’s important to sign up with market research firms so you are notified when a study or brand matches your interests!

Online focus groups that are worth checking out

Some market research firms focus on online studies instead of in-person. This is a great opportunity because these studies are convenient (quicker and you can do them from home). Plus, online studies are typically more frequent because they require less standards and set-up than in-person.

Sign up for a few of these companies to get the most opportunities!

Yougov Website

1. YouGov

is one of the most popular choices for market research, boasting 3 million participants and counting! They are a top choice because they always have a steady stream of studies to choose from: between surveys, product tests, and focus groups. They send you available studies via email once you register in their database.

Qualification: Residents of the USA and be at least 14 to join.

Click Here to Apply for YouGov

Survey Junkie Website

2. SurveyJunkie

is another popular choice. Although they are a California-based company, they allow participants from all over the States. They have a mobile app, which is a convenient way to participate from literally anywhere.

Qualification: Residents of USA 16+ only.

Click Here to Apply for Survey Junkie

Respondent Website

3. Respondent IO

is a more professional/business-minded platform. But if you are looking for studies that connect you with companies like eBay and Allstate – this firm is for you! They pay anywhere from $20-$150 per study.

Qualification: Residents of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Must be 18+.

Click Here to Apply for Respondent

Branded Surveys Website

4. Branded Surveys

offers video surveys, focus groups, and more. You can choose to get paid via PayPal, e-gift cards, or choose a pre-paid credit card.

Qualification: Residents of USA 14+

Click Here to Apply for Branded Surveys

Toluna Website

5. Toluna Influencers

also is a platform where you can take a variety of studies including surveys, focus groups, and video surveys. They also have a wide variety of payout options: cash, gift cards, etc. Points are stored in your account until your balance reaches $10.

Qualification: Residents of USA must be 14+

Click Here to Apply for Toluna Influencers

Top 5 Market Research Companies in Greensboro

Top 5, top 2… who’s counting right? There wasn’t much to rank in Greensboro, so there is number 1, and then the other option. Still, these are your contenders for local focus groups. Enjoy!

1. Eastcoast Research:
Eastcoast Research is a local firm located off of Grecade St and W Bessemer Ave. They have one other location in Wilmington, which isn’t too far. 

They have rave 5 star reviews across Facebook and Google, which is rare across platforms. People rave about their helpful staff and engaging studies. 

Compensation is between $50-150 per study, depending on the length. Most studies last from 1-2 hours.

We like that their website is nicely organized and modern. They have a live feed of available studies pulled from their Facebook page, as well as a list of their current projects. You can easily scope if the studies sound interesting before screening.

Fill out a basic demographic survey to be contacted via phone or email.

2. Quixote Group Research Marketing:
This is another smaller, local market research firm, but they’ve been in business over 20 years. They conduct research on consumer goods, health, transportation, industrial products, and education.

They don’t have a direct link for participants to sign up, but you can inquire about available studies through their contact form.

Final Thoughts

As expected in a smaller town, Greensboro doesn’t have that many options in terms of focus groups. Eastcoast Research is probably your best bet to find reliable studies to make some extra money.

Luckily, in-person studies aren’t your only option. As we noted above, online surveys and studies are another smart option to pursue. With the way the world is moving, more and more companies are shifting to online or hybrid solutions to conduct their market research. 

If you want to get involved in more market research opportunities, read more about online paid surveys.

In the meantime, check out our blog to learn more about all things focus groups and market research. 

Till payday!

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