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Creative Consumer Research Rating


Creative Consumer Research is a data-collection firm from Texas. They've been around for almost 50 years and have conducted over 55,000 studies for numerous institutions. The company organizes around 600 research projects yearly for its clients, each requiring 50 to 30,000 participants. Aside from market research services, Creative Consumer Research also offers data analysis, interviews, and research planning.

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My mission is to ensure you never run out of options to earn extra cash online. Sometimes, that includes scouring the internet for new and old market research services.

That’s how I found Creative Consumer Research, a research firm established in 1976. I want to know if it stood the test of time or if it was left forgotten in the past.

Here’s my complete review of this company.

The Rating


An established, US-based market research company offering its services to private enterprises and public institutions. Creative Consumer Research values quality over quantity; the studies may not always be available, but they pay well for the ones you qualify for. Just be sure to answer its sign-up form truthfully to receive an invitation for a relevant study.

What is Creative Consumer Research?

If you want to be part of its database, you can visit its website, call them at 281-240-9646, or email them through

On the other hand, you can also head directly to its main office at 3945 Greenbriar Dr., Stafford, TX.

Is Creative Consumer Research Legit?

Creative Consumer Research’s existence itself is proof of its legitimacy. Any market research company that has been in the business for over 40 decades is likely honest about its practices.

Its website also looks professional, and you can conveniently navigate to different pages using the navigation bar.

The navigation bar also includes a “Participants” panel where registered members can view active studies and sign up.

The bottom of the homepage shows different organizations they’ve conducted studies for.

The list includes USAA, Houston Airports, Capital Metro, the Houston City Council, and other businesses.

One thing I’ve learned in my years of experience in this industry is that companies associated with departments in the public sector are as legit as they come.

Nonetheless, I still need to determine whether it benefits participants like you and me. This got me browsing reviews from the company’s Google Business Page.

“Great opportunity to help others while helping yourself make money as well. I enjoy interactions with others and learning about different products and services.” (Starla Twentier)

I also visited its Facebook page to see what others say about them.

“my children and i enjoy participating in their research studies. a fun way to make some extra cash” (Holly N Kevin Avery)

However, a few reviews say CCR tends to call at odd hours or that they’d keep calling even after asking them to be taken off the list.

Additionally, former employees express dismay over the company’s management, mentioning issues about benefits or not enough pay.

Still, I recommend Creative Consumer Research if you want to participate in enjoyable paid studies.

How Does Creative Consumer Research Work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you be part of CCR’s database.

Step 1: Sign Up

To access the registration form, click the “Participants” panel. From the dropdown menu, choose “Current Studies.”

Creative Consumer Research review

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Alternatively, you can also scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click the “Sign Up” button under “Participate in Research.”

Creative Consumer Research sign up page review

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Either of these methods will lead you to different pages, but both include a “Sign Up Here” or “Yes, I’d Like to Participate” button.

Step 2: Take the Survey

After redirecting you to the next page, click the “Next” button to start the survey. Remember that this “survey” is just to build your profile. Ergo, it’s not paid.

creative consumer research survey review

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The first part is basic information about yourself and where you reside.

It’ll also ask for your average household income, educational attainment, language/s you speak, where your parents are from, political party, and much more.

The entire survey is probably 27 to 30 pages long, each page containing one to eight questions or checkboxes.

CCR will then gather your data and send you an invitation in the following days or weeks.

Creative Consumer Research review

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Step 3: Wait

Finally, wait for CCR’s email or check the website’s “Current Studies” page. However, I don’t think it’s accurate.

When I visited the page, it said there were no current studies available.

Creative Consumer Researchcurrent studies review

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But at the same time, I received an invitation to participate in a pre-qualifying survey in one of its research projects, indicating at least one study active.

How to Earn Money with Creative Consumer Research

Creative Consumer Research offers three different ways to earn from their studies. You can either participate online, over the phone, or at their facility (in person).

However, based on the reviews and the email I received, phone interviews and in-person studies are more consistent than online surveys.

In terms of the nature of the studies, the most common industries or ways of earning include:

  • Product/Usability Testing
    • Food Items
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Children’s Toys
  • Surveys/Interviews/Focus Groups
    • Healthcare
    • Public Transportation
    • Gambling or Betting
    • Public Utilities
    • Food Service

CCR also offers paid travel if you have to participate at their facility. If you don’t qualify for a study, CCR will compensate you for your time.

Other Alternatives

If Creative Consumer Research isn’t what you’re looking for, here are some alternatives you should sign up for.

1. Toluna

Toluna influencers

Image Source

Toluna offers points for participating in its online surveys. You can also join community polls or play games on the site to increase your earnings.

You can convert these points to PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, or other rewards. The sign-up process is very easy too.

Just provide them with basic information, and they’ll send you an invitation if there’s a study that matches your profile.

Click here to join Toluna

2. InboxDollars


Image Source

You might have to answer a similarly long survey to join InboxDollars, but doing so will immediately earn you $0.5.

InboxDollars offers numerous ways of earning extra cash ranging from surveys and games to watching videos and uploading receipts.

You can also download its mobile application to earn from your smartphone.

Click here to join InboxDollars

3. FocusGroups.Org


Image Source

FocusGroups.Org is a survey hub that gathers hundreds of ongoing studies in different parts of the US.

What I love about the website is you can browse available surveys based on location. They also offer product testing, app installs, focus groups, and clinical trials.

Click here to join FocusGroups.Org

The Verdict

Creative Consumer Research is a pillar in the market research industry. It’s very professional and generously compensates you for your time and opinion.

Although the registration process is quite long, I encourage you to sign up for its database.

I’ve already received a pre-qualifying survey for a study that pays CAD 150 just ten days after signing up. Don’t miss your chance!

Meanwhile, be sure to try the alternatives I mentioned above while waiting.

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