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Decision Point Research is a specialty data collection company offering B2B and B2C market research methodologies. They offer these services to enterprises seeking insights into consumer behavior in national and international markets.

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My website is dedicated to the big names in the industry and to those lesser-known survey sites offering opportunities to earn extra money, which led me to Decision Point Research.

Before signing up for this website, here are some things you need to know.

The Rating


A professional online service for businesses and participants looking to gain from market studies. Although it takes a while for them to reach out to you, I still think there’s a chance to earn decent money from Decision Point Research.

What is Decision Point Research?

Decision Point Research page review

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Their headquarters is at 164 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But you can also reach them through their website.

Is Decision Point Research Legit?

Everything about Decision Point Research’s website tells me it’s a legitimate professional company.

The home page is easy to navigate and includes different methods of contacting them, ranging from social media links to a phone number at the top-right corner.

I also looked for Decision Point Research reviews online. Here’s what I found on their Google Business page.

“I am so glad I signed up to their database. I have had many amazing opportunities. Great staff. Very professional.” (Pam Nico)

However, not all reviews are positive. There’s a handful expressing dismay over the service.

“Lower level employees are great. Anyone above however is another story. Telephone tag, last second postponements and misinformation all to get paid for work done. Will update if anything is received, was just informed it will take more time.”

Nonetheless, I believe Decision Point Research is legit, but it’s a hit-and-miss. If you work on your profile, you might have better chances of participating in surveys and focus groups.

How Does Decision Point Research Work?

If this is something you’d be interested in, here’s a quick guide on how you can join this market research company.

Step 1: Sign Up

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Unlike most data collection companies, Decision Point Research doesn’t immediately show you how to sign up for their database.

You must click the “Panels” tab on the navigation bar above. A link at the beginning of the page will say, “Visit our panel website, Inclusive Insight.”

Step 2: Answer Form

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The hyperlinked page will ask for basic information such as your name, email, gender, phone number, ethnicity, and residence.

Just click “Submit” after filling out the form.

Step 3: Confirm, Update Your Profile, and Wait

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Inclusive Insight will then send you a confirmation email. After confirming, you will receive another email indicating your login details to access your Member Dashboard.

Decision Point Research surveys page review

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This will help you keep track of your current earnings and other relevant information. Be sure to update your profile to get better chances of matching with an ongoing survey.

How to Earn Money with Decision Point Research

The primary method of earning with Decision Point Research is by answering surveys through Inclusive Insight.

These surveys pay around $5, but joining a focus group or other studies can sometimes pay between $25 and $500.

However, the availability of studies is very limited. Since signing up two weeks ago, I am yet to receive an invitation from them.

I have also tried reaching out to them to ask for available studies but to no avail.

But given that Decision Point Research owns one of the largest call centers in Canada, perhaps their primary source of communication is through phone calls.

Ergo, ensure you provide them with a working telephone number to increase your chances of getting called.

Other Alternatives

While waiting for Inclusive Insight’s email, here are some market research and data collection companies you may want to join.

1. Branded Surveys

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Branded Surveys has a very simple sign-up process. Surveys pay around $1 to $3, but there are always tons of them readily available.

You can also join daily polls and challenges to earn more rewards.

Click here to join Branded Surveys

2. Opinion Outpost

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Opinion Outpost offers online surveys, ad reviews, product testing, and diary studies to help you earn online.

It’s a survey aggregator, so the chances of running out of surveys to participate in are very slim.

Click here to join Opinion Outpost

3. YouGov Canada

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The average pay per survey in YouGov Canada is relatively low at $0.5. Nonetheless, surveys and focus groups are more accessible than Decision Point Research.

You can also earn points you can convert to cash by inviting a friend to sign up for their website.

Click here to join YouGov Canada

The Verdict

So, do I recommend Decision Point Research? It’s legit, so there’s no harm in signing up and being part of their database.

However, I encourage you to try other alternatives because of this site’s shortage of surveys. This way, you can maximize your time waiting for DPR’s invitation.

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