Best Paid Clinical Trials in Canada – All you Need to Know

Paid Clinical Trials Canada

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Searching for paid clinical trials in Canada eh? Well look no further. This article will break down all of the key points you need to know about finding and participating in clinical trails in the country that celebrates politeness, poutine, maple syrup, and ice hockey!

By the end of this article, not only will you know more about clinical trials than most Canadians, you’re wallet will be singing “Oh Canada…”

What is a Clinical Trial

Let’s start by defining clinical trial. Every trial is different, but in general clinical trials are studies that utilize human participants. These research studies are out to solve some of the medical problems we face in the world.

The clinical trials are often divided into two groups. The first group is outpatient clinical trials and the second group is inpatient clinical trials.

Outpatient clinical trials means that the participant shows up for the initial screening and the start of the trials, and then goes home and returns to complete several follow-up visits. Inpatient clinical trials requires the participant to stay at the clinic or facility for the length of the study, including sleeping there overnight if need be.

How much might clinical trials pay in Canada?

Clinical trials in Canada may pay fairly decently. You could make anywhere from $60 Canadian to $235 Canadian depending on the invasiveness of the treatment and length of the study.

If the treatment is invasive, you are likely to be paid more, especially if there are side effects or risk factors that are predicted to occur. Also, if you have to stay overnight or several nights, the payout will likely be greater as well.

What does the process of a clinical trial look like?

A clinical trial will start once the researchers have a patient volunteer (or somebody with the health issue they are looking to study). But even if you don’t have the diagnosis they are looking for, there is a chance you can still participate because they often need healthy participants too in order to compare the treatments.

You will then be informed about the study including start date, length of study, possible benefits and possible risk factors or side effects. You will then sign an informed consent form which says that you have been informed of the study, and you have decided to participate.

An informed consent form means the study has been reviewed by an Institutional Review Board (or an IRB) and deemed safe for human subject participation. It also means the researchers must follow a strict protocol to ensure the risk is as minimal as possible.

From a safety standpoint, it is also important to remember that as a clinical trial participant, you may exit the study at any time. So even if you agree to the clinical trial and you don’t feel safe and want to stop, you may do so at any time.

Where to find these paid clinical trials in Canada?

The best place to start looking for paid clinical trials is always the government. Regardless of what country you are in, that country’s government is likely looking to perform research on human subjects for the betterment of their society and their health.

Health Canada’s Clinical Trial Database is a great place to start. It is a public site providing listings of all of the clinical trials available at the time of search.

ClinicalTrials.Gov is also a great government database. The benefit to this website is that not only can you search for research studies by topic or diagnosis, but you can search by country as well, which is great news for Canadians!

The World Health Organization (WHO) is another international organization looking for participants in several countries. They are very heavy into Covid-19 studies at present time for obvious reasons.

If the government does not have the kind of study you are looking to participate in, there are plenty of private companies and other groups of researchers with vested interests that are running their own health related clinical trials, studies on medical devices, and drug clinical trials.

Join a Study is a group of physicians throughout all of Canada that are running research studies based on their areas of expertise. Cardiologists are running heart studies, Bariatric Surgeons are running obesity studies, and Infectious Disease Doctors are studying all sorts of viruses and illnesses.

There are also the major drug companies that also cast a worldwide net when searching for clinical trials participants. Pfizer is one of the largest drug companies in the world and they are constantly looking for human subjects to test their new drugs on within their drug clinical trials.

Another place you can find paid for clinical trials is research universities. Canada has a very rich history of great research universities. If one of these is local to you, reaching out to them to see what research studies they are currently performing may be a great way to get your foot in the door for health studies and studies on medical devices.

  • University Health Network, Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University & McGill Health
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary


So you now know what a clinical trial is. We have educated you on where to find a clinical trial and approximately how much these studies pay out.

Overall, clinical trials are considered to be safe for human participants. Having to go through an IRB and follow a strict protocol are steps that protect the health and safety of the volunteers involved.

We hope the “paid clinical trials Canada” article was the motivation you needed to get out and start making some money in the world of clinical trials. For more articles like this one, and more information on side gigs like clinical trials, sign up for Stan’s Gigs Newsletter!

And if you have participated in a paid clinical trail in Canada, leave a comment below! We would love to hear your experience.

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Actually if you look at pharma medica , Biopharma , lambda and cliantha research. They pay from $1000 to has high as 7 or $8000 .. I just finished a study two periods over night stay $1500 I got paid.

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