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As far as survey sites and making money online, Cash and Go does not look legit. The site looks like a Scammy so I strongly recommend that you avoid it.

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Cliché phrases are generally cliché because they are true. Certainly you have heard the one that says, “if it seems too good to be true, it likely is”. Today we discuss Cashandgo co reviews and we are happy to weigh in on the debate of “is it a legit way to earn money or a scam”.

Our findings were somewhat surprising. At first glance, Cashandgo seems like an easy way to make a little money online by completing surveys or playing games. But you have to do a deeper dive to figure out if it worth your time, effort, and personal information or not.

Seems Sus…

If you take a moment to read the Cash and Go Terms of Use, automatically your Spidey Senses should be tingling and all sorts of internal alarms should be going off in your head. First off, why did they copy and paste the same seven to ten sentences over and over approximately eight times?

It is almost as if they were trying to lengthen their Terms of Use so that nobody would actually take the time to read them. But if you do you will find some shocking facts.

The first socking fact is that Cash and Go and its services are “currently prohibited in the jurisdictions below”. It then goes on to list countries like the United States and the UK plus many more.

If you live in any of the listed countries you are not entitled to access to the site nor can you create an account. Over 20 countries are listed and many of them are major countries.

Withdrawals and Cash Out

If you continue to read the repetitive Terms of Use you will see the next shocking fact that “all currency on the site are represented by Cash and Go Virtual Currency (or CG VC). CG VC do not represent any real life value, and can only be used in exchange for our withdrawal options.”

So if you were to sign up for this site, and begin to collect CG VC, its not worth any real life currency value. This right here is enough to have me pump the brakes before I even enter my personal information as not a good way to make money online.

How Does it Work?

In theory, you are supposed to be paid for playing games, testing certain apps, and inviting new friends and family members to sign up as well so you can make money online. It says on their site that they are the #1 Market Research Network, and I find that incredibly hard to believe considering I had never heard of them and their website seems so sketchy.

You apparently get $25 just for signing up, and then there are other perks such as $0.50 for referral link clicks, $5.00 for every person you get to sign up, $10 for a signup that comes from Facebook, and a few more.

Overall, it really just seems like a pyramid scheme with no real purpose behind it except to get you to try to spend money and keep signing up new members by inviting friends so that the site can keep making money online and paying out a little as possible.

You start by signing up for free (always be weary of free apps), then they ask you to invite two other members. You do this by sharing your provided link. You then get access to their task center which has tasks that pay hundreds of dollars in gift cards.

Then comes the cash out phase. Again, you have to be from one of the few approved countries to even get a cash out, then your cash out is in CG VC which as we stated earlier has no real life value.

Plus, much like some of their similar sister scam websites, all they have to do is claim that you had fraudulent activity on your account to not pay you anything anyway. Which can be difficult to figure out since there is hardly any reliable way to contact anyone at the company.

More Shady Findings

If you look under their payment proofs section, there are some payment “proof” photos that are either not payments, but just people asking for you to sign up via their social media, and one of the payments is even dated for back in 2021. Based on a domain search, Cash and Go wasn’t even a registered site until January of 2022.


It is also very difficult to see who owns this company or who is in charge of the entire site. Normally, if you are #1 Business in any setting, that is something to be proud of and at the very least you would want your CEO or president known or represented on the site somewhere.

When a deeper dive Google search is performed, you can see that Jeremy Brandt is listed as the current CEO with an employee rating of 53% out of 100%, or an F.

I also find it hard to believe that a #1 Ranked Research Site with “10 million affiliates” has such poor social media accounts. Their Twitter handle (cashandgoltd) has 1,600 followers at the time of this article and their Instagram (cashandgoc0_) has 18,000 followers.

Guilty by Association

Cash and Go is also linked to several versions of the same scam website that have actually already been proven as scams. Sites like Pay2Fast, ZoanCash, and SocialDM have all already been shown to be scams that will not pay you.

Ironically they all claimed to be #1 in some form of network (#1 Social Earning Network, #1 Influencer Network, #1 Social Media Network etc etc etc). They are all basically the same type of scam site but the all go by different names.

Our Final Summary

As mentioned earlier, I found Cash and Go too much of scam to even sign up for with my burner email account that I test sites with after seeing all the details. Giving personal information and asking friends and family to enter personal information is not worth the risk on a site like this and is really just a big mistake.

Best case scenario, you trade in your CG VC for a gift card or a stuffed animal or whatever the prize may be. Worst case scenario you tarnish your reputation by spreading around a service to your friends and family that exposes their email addresses and possible personal information .

If you are truly in a bad spot and need the money, there are several other legitimate survey sites and clinical trial studies that pay much better and appear way more ethical than Cash and Go.

If you simply must sign up for a page like Cash and Go, at least sign up with a different login and password than you use for everything else you have ever signed up for. Because once you give a shady page like this your personal information, there is no telling who they are giving this information to and how they are using it ot testing it on all the platforms to gain access to your other accounts.

If you would like to read more about some of the positive experiences we have had and opportunities we found to be worth it, check out this article on Surveys and this article on Focus Groups.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news if Cash and Go was your ticket out, (you’ll notice it is not even linked in the article) but for more good news and positive outcomes, sign up to Stan’s Gigs mailing list here!

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