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Acurian Health is a clinical trial patient recruitment website. Not to be confused with the renamed Acurian Inc., Acurian Health has been the subject of controversies after sending mail to non-subscribing people. Their website also says very little about them, and other users claim to have never been accepted to any clinical trials they offer.

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Clinical trials work to advance medical research, which in turn aims to solve sicknesses and other health conditions.

However, while the goal of clinical research studies is noble, I’ve once been a victim of clinical trial scams.

That is why I’ve made it my lifelong goal and passion to root out non-legitimate companies that run down our data privacy and hard-earned cash.

With that in mind, you probably have received mail or seen ads from a company named Acurian Health and can’t help but wonder: is Acurian Health legit?

Hence, I examined Acurian Health’s legitimacy and why you should or shouldn’t try them.

I’ll also introduce you to other side hustles from trusted companies.

What Is Acurian Health?

is acurian health legit

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Acurian Health is an online site that bridges clinical research studies to qualified patients.

Like clinical trial websites, Acurian Health asks for your personal information such as name, address, email address, and phone number.

However, my first visit to Acurian Health’s website could have been more awe-inspiring.

Their website’s design wasn’t as optimized as what one would have expected from a legitimate clinical trial company.

Also, not only do they not detail when their company was founded, but their website also needs to have information regarding their staff and company executives.

I also checked their company’s listed address at 929 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401, but their name did not come up upon a quick Google search.

Upon looking at other reviews, my suspicions that Acurian Health is a scam grew stronger.

I saw multiple complaints about them and a news article from CBS17 that says they’re most likely a non-legitimate clinical trial site due to their failed Better Business Bureau ratings.

Online magazine Techmodo has also written an article about them in 2015.

In it, they revealed how Acurian Health does not necessarily scam you for your money but for your data.

They also previously paid Walgreens to send recruitment letters to their pharmacy customers.

However, Acurian Health should not be confused with Acurian Inc., the former name of US-based Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES), which is another company that focuses on patient recruitment.

AES’ website looks more legitimate. They also have lots of positive reviews, a proper About Us page, and a clear Privacy Policy.

Types of Studies Offered by Acurian Health and How to Apply

Acurian Health’s website wastes no time showing you the different ongoing clinical trials they have for you.

These studies range from neurological conditions such as autism, migraine, and memory loss to epidemiological research such as COVID-19 and vaccine testing.

However, I noticed that these studies needed to be properly categorized.

They weren’t in alphabetical order or separated per medical fields of study. This added to my growing suspicion about the website’s legitimacy.

I tried signing up for one of their studies, and the site redirected me to a screening page.

It first asked about my age and whether I’m 18 years old or above (answering No will prompt a message saying those below 18 cannot participate).

I was then asked to input my email and phone number, but both were suspiciously marked as optional.

After opting not to input anything, a message popped up saying that by clicking “Next“, I agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

After agreeing, I encountered the first required field: that of my ZIP code. I entered it along with my birthday, height, weight, and gender.

Then the next two questions asked me if I was diagnosed with anything from a list of diseases. I entered any applicable options and then proceeded.

After completing the screening process, I was unsurprised to be met with a separate sign-up sheet and a message saying there weren’t any available studies in my area and that they’ll contact me as soon as one became available.

I tried this three times with different health conditions, but the same thing always happened.

Acurian Health Reviews: What Do People Say About Acurian Health

Most reviews about Acurian Health do not paint it in a good light.

Most commenters complained about receiving mobile notifications or physical mail even if they did not subscribe to any newsletters online.

Many also complained about how the website says there are numerous available studies only to be met with a denied screening application form after many trials.

While there weren’t any reports of the site getting money from unsuspecting victims, experts are still hesitant to claim its legitimacy because of the site’s lack of a comprehensive About Us page.

On the other hand, I’ve seen positive reviews about Acurian.

But, upon checking the date the review was done, I think it was a positive review on its previous namesake Acurian Inc., which is now named Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES).

A Legit Side Hustle Site to Try

As mentioned, I was also once scammed by illegitimate companies posing as survey sites, focus group studies, and clinical trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions people frequently ask about Acurian Health or clinical trials.

1. What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are studies applied to consenting participants to know if medications or treatments under development are safe and effective.

These medical trials provide invaluable medical and scientific evidence crucial in helping advance health research.

That is why legitimate clinical studies’ compensation rates are much higher than other survey sites.

2. Are clinical trials with Acurian safe?

Clinical trials are almost always safe, especially when performed by legitimate medical organizations.

However, I can’t help but doubt Acurian Health’s legitimacy and clinical trial safety after reading comments about them and seeing their website firsthand.

3. Where are clinical trials held?

Clinical trial sites vary per study. Some studies are held in the main sponsor’s labs, while others rent spaces with the necessary medical equipment.

However, the site doesn’t exactly tell where the ongoing studies listed are operating.

They did say they’ll notify me should there be available offers, but other users and I haven’t heard from them since signing up.

4. How much does Acurian Health pay per study?

According to some of their study descriptions, not all trials get paid.

However, opting for a free clinical research opportunity will give you free doctors and medications for select conditions.

It can also provide payment to cover the costs of your time and travel.

On the other hand, paid studies can range from $300 to $1775 depending on the trial’s timeline, disease, and procedure.

However, they don’t mention what their available payment methods are or where these clinical research studies will be.

Is Acurian Health Legit?

So, is Acurian Health legit? Unfortunately, I can’t say it is.

With a sketchy-looking website, a history of well-documented untrustworthiness, and no confirmed users, Acurian Health probably isn’t the best side hustle for you.

While I haven’t heard of people losing money after visiting their website, data privacy breaches are real and scary.

Imagine having your name, number, address, and health information known by people you haven’t given your consent.

Also, I can give you the latest and highest-paid clinical trials from legitimate companies around the world.

Not only that, but I also have a huge database of the best side hustles, survey sites, and focus groups to try and stay away from.

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