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Adler Weiner Research


Once you are chosen to come in for a focus group, you will be met with courteous and very professional staff. Their office is nice and modern with free amenities, but getting selected in the first place can take some time and requires you to do quite a few qualifying surveys. Some people also have had delayed payments, so I would suggest getting your payment on the spot if possible

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Focus groups can be a great way to earn some money just by talking and sharing your opinions. After all, who doesn’t like extra cash?

I know I do!

But, some market research companies can be shady, and even after reading some Adler Weiner Research reviews extensively, you might still be wondering, “Are they actually legit?”

Though they has been around for over fifty years with a solid track record, there are some things you need to be mindful of if you wish to participate in their group sessions.

What is Adler Weiner Research

awr 1Imagine you are a multi-million or even billion-dollar company business owner who wants to launch a particular service or product. You can’t just throw away your money blindly into its development and hope everything will be alright.

Otherwise, you’ll end up in a similar situation to Blizzard, a 59 billion dollar company with millions of die-hard Diablo fans who turned on the company at a moment’s notice.

You have to research your target audience properly, and then come up with solutions for how you can solve their problem and how you should market your offer. This is where Adler Weiner comes in.

They provide qualitative market research services for local businesses and figure out what consumers want and the overarching trend in a particular demographic and market.

Compared to other corporate marketing research firms, it is a family-run business and has been servicing clients since the 1960s. From online sessions to in-person focus groups in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Chicago area, they provide a “hand-tailored approach” to research and surveys with “uncompromising integrity and honesty”.

Types of Studies offered by Adler Weiner Research

awr 3AW offers consumer, medical, and business-to-business recruiting for their studies and does research on various topics such as:

  • Video Game Habits
  • Travel Experience
  • Voter Registration Status
  • Caregiver Status
  • Health Insurance Status

and much more which you can browse through on their website.

But overall, their market research focuses a lot on technology and healthcare.

What is a Focus Group?

awr 2A focus group is a small, informal group of people who are brought together to discuss certain features of a product, services, or issues. The group is usually led by a moderator who guides the discussion and helps to ensure that all participants have a chance to share their thoughts.

It’s a great way for businesses to collect valuable feedback from potential customers and generate new ideas for their products and services.

I had my first focus group experience around 20 years with a great group of people when I was a broke college student working a shitty part-time job. Realizing I could get paid $30 to $50 per hour just by talking was mind-blowing!

Since then I partook in quite a few sessions and earned well over two thousand dollars.

Are focus groups with Adler Weiner Research legit?

Yes, they are legit, but a lot of clients have shared similar sentiments about doing an hour survey only to be disqualified for the actual interview.

I think you have to carefully choose surveys that fit your particular background. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time and personal commitment filling out forms that you may actually be unqualified for.

To get started head over to their site: and create your profile.

You will receive email updates every few days about opportunities.

You could also find interesting events happening through their Facebook page, but remember to only fill out questionnaires that you think you may qualify for, otherwise, you’ll needlessly waste time.

If you do get selected, they will call you.

Where are they held?

It can sometimes be held online, but if you live around Chicago, Lincolnwood IL, Orange County, or the Los Angeles area, then you will definitely have an advantage over some people when it comes to selection.

How much does Adler Weiner pay per study?

Payment can be anything between $75 – $300 depending on the focus group studies.

Sometimes they give you straight cash, but other times payment can be in the form of gift cards or checks.

I don’t recommend opting for a check or having your payment mailed because a lot of people have had the minor issue of waiting longer than usual to receive their compensation.

Adler Weiner Research – Full Review

awr 4Besides just my opinions, I also like to include reviews from other participants to give a full picture. Here’s what other people have said:

“Ok so I think I’m done wasting my time trying to even QUALIFY for their groups. I answer every survey and guess what…I never qualify.”

“As far as Eddie goes, he (and the rest of AW employees) has no control over what the client whom contracts to AW decide to do. They might change the participants demographics requirements in the last minute. It happens. There are no guarantees in the Market Research world. It’s a first come first serve world…”

There seems to be a trend that most of the negative reviews are from non-participants. In a lot of cases, people are quick to call it a scam because they never got selected.

However, the people who were invited had mostly very positive comments such as professional staff, clean and comfortable office with great facilities, etc.

But, a minor issue some people face is parking near the office building because it’s not free, so make sure to either pay for your parking or use free parking spaces nearby.

Some Alternatives

There are plenty of other alternatives, but finding legitimate and reputable research firms can be a hassle.

So besides Adler, here are three of my top recommendations.

Branded Surveys

branded surveys for mhnWith Branded Surveys, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time filling pre-qualifying forms.

You simply create your profile and fill in a few answers about yourself so that you can be matched with online surveys that fit your background.

You will then be shown surveys that you qualify for with an estimated time of completion. Just be thorough and honest with your answers as much as possible. Your survey answers will then be evaluated and given points.

Once you earn 500 points, you can choose to cash out. For more information head over to their website:

YouGov Panel

yougov from siteYouGov Panel is a well-established company with great reviews and a community of millions of people around the world who are passionate about their opinions and having their voices heard.

The best part is it’s totally legit and they offer all kinds of ways to get involved while earning points which can be used to get gift cards or cash.

It’s very simple… You sign up on their website, complete your profile, and fill out surveys. Or just download their app and answer away!


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Conclusion – Is Adler Weiner a Good Side Hustle?

The company overall is legit and pays quite well, but as some people have commented, getting selected in the first place could take some time if you don’t fit the demographic they are looking for.

When you fill out the surveys, just make sure to pick the ones that you would be a good fit for to increase your chances.

Once you do get selected for an interview, more than likely you will have a pleasant experience and leave with decent compensation.

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