Amazon Product Tester From Home: Facts You Need to Know

Amazon Product Tester

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Here’s something that I have recently discovered about myself: I actually enjoy shopping. I used to hate the experience.

I felt uncomfortable being in crowded areas, which is why I hate sale days. I feel incredibly awkward when competing with other people just to get my hands on a certain product.

I especially don’t enjoy those long lines. Don’t even get me started on limited parking spots and the ridiculous traffic.

Everything changed when I discovered online shopping. Let’s just say that I can burn a few hours just scrolling through all these products and adding the best ones to my shopping cart.

Do you know what I like better than shopping for products? It’s getting them for free. This has led me to find ways to become an Amazon product tester from home.

About Amazon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, then you’ve probably heard about the online market, Amazon.

It remains to be the biggest and most popular. It carries various products, including beauty products, household products, baby products, therapeutic products, toys, and food products.

Would you believe, though, that they started with only books on their roster? It was back in 1994 when its founder, Jeff Bezos, started with the idea of getting any book delivered to anyone, anywhere.

This company slowly but surely grew to the expansive online marketplace that we now know today. In addition, it seeks to offer the following benefits:

  • Secure, Multiple Payment Methods: The advantage of platforms like Amazon is the ability to offer multiple payment methods other than cash. They accept major credit cards, debit cards, and have their own Amazon gift cards. They even accept Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts on eligible purchases.
  • Amazing Stores: The next benefit is access to various amazing stores within just one platform.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Finally, since they have been around for a while, they have already refined the techniques in providing excellent customer service, especially when compared to newer, smaller platforms.

But enough about Amazon. After all, I’m not here to declare how awesome it is. Instead, I want to talk about how you can be an Amazon product tester from the comforts of your own home.

Can One Be an Amazon Product Tester From Home?

Yes, you can definitely be an Amazon product tester. Anyone has the chance to get products before or after they hit the shelves in exchange for reviews.

There are different methods to do so. The main product testing program endorsed by the platform, though, is Amazon Vine.

Amazon Vine is an invite-only product reviewer program that seeks to increase the quality and accuracy of product reviews on the platform, encourage sellers to meet a certain measure of standard, and give newly launched products a chance at initial recognition.

Another surefire way to get free Amazon products in exchange for helpful reviews is to become an Amazon influencer.

You can work to establish a strong online following via social media. In this way, the Amazon sellers themselves will reach out to you for an honest review instead of the other way around.

Already an influencer, but you’re still not getting invites to review products? Then there are ways to improve your chances.

One effective way is to join a market research community. This way, you’ll always stay on top of opportunities to partner with influencers.

You can also sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program. Amazon gives members their own page to showcase their reviews and recommended products.

Finally, I’ll be sharing even more alternative sources of Amazon product review opportunities later.

How to Be an Amazon Product Tester From Home

Since Amazon Vine remains to be the best way to become an Amazon product tester, allow me to focus on it more.

As mentioned above, Amazon Vine is an invite-only product testing program. Thus, the critical step is to write quality reviews as an average consumer to build your reputation as an expert in certain categories and as a competent product reviewer.

A Vine reviewer isn’t expected only to provide favorable reviews. Instead, your honest and unbiased opinion is more ideal.

It will take some time to develop this level of credibility and reputation in an online platform as big as Amazon.

Just continue to persevere. Work on writing detailed reviews in your spare time. Aim to improve a consumer’s purchase decision with each review you write.

I’m sure that you’ll be getting items in exchange for reviews before long.

Which Amazon Products Are Available for Testing?

A product reviewer participating in the Amazon Vine program will gain access to a variety of products. These numerous products will come from sellers, manufacturers, and brands coming from various niches.

These don’t need to be popular products, nor even brand-new products (although most opportunities will be geared towards fresh releases, sometimes even several weeks before the product launches).

Any item can be up for review as long as it is listed in current products or those actively sold on the online platform.

That said, you can expect to receive more offers coming from the product category that your expertise is related to.

As for those looking for popular categories to explore, these are beauty products, personal care products, household products, baby products, therapeutic products, toys, food products, and tech.

Other Sources of Free Amazon Products

Aside from the methods I have already shared above, there are other alternative sources of free Amazon products in the form of product testing websites and Amazon reviewer trader platforms.


The objective of this platform is very straightforward. Members can sign-up as buyers, shop, and get their money back through Paypal while still getting the product.

They seek to help sellers increase their sales numbers and, in exchange, reward the community of members that helped reach it.

As such, they are not a product testing program. You won’t be required to fill-out product testing surveys as well. Eligibility and availability of offers also increase this way.

Even better, they have numerous products and categories available. They’re not just focused on popular products but instead provide their members with a wide array of options to explore.

The downside? You will need to shell out the initial payment for your preferred product.

I also don’t like that I won’t get a product testing email update一something that I’ve gotten used to in using other product testing platforms.


  • 100% cashback opportunities
  • Wide array of product categories


  • Need to shell out money first
  • Limited product testing email updates


Are you tired of waiting for your product testing invitations to come? Are you really that interested in product review opportunities, or do you just want to get brand-new products for free?

Regardless of your reasons, Vipon can help you with that effort. You can get exclusive coupon codes from them to put towards “buying” the product you want to review.

You might be wondering why they’re doing this. Well, it’s for the same reason as CashbackBase.

They want to help boost their partner sellers’ sales numbers while giving their members a pleasurable and rewarding shopping experience.

Hence, you won’t need to refresh your email just to check if those product testing invitations on the hottest cosmetic products came through.

You can just search for them through Vipon’s platform, secure their coupon, and use it on your purchase.

Quick Side Note: Diligently research discount vouchers. Never underestimate the huge discounts that multiple coupon sources can provide.

Don’t limit yourself to a single coupon source.


  • Wide array of product categories
  • Enjoy significant discounts on any item


  • Not all items are completely free

Stan’s Gigs

Finally, I will be remiss if I don’t feature Stan’s Gigs here. After all, I have a lot of product review opportunities lined up for my community.

I get these offers through a variety of sources: current market research studies, product testing websites, and even through direct collaboration with brands and sellers.

You can say that I have already established my own product testing program.

Not only that, but I also have offers that can get you Amazon gift cards that you can further use to get Amazon products for free.

I’m not just talking about brand-new products here or just the most popular ones. My line-up of opportunities includes all current products and categories.

My personal favorite, though, is personal care products. Since I go through a lot of them regularly, the free products help keep my daily expenses low.

Just keep in mind that the offers will vary in eligibility and availability.

It’s very easy to join. Just sign-up for my newsletter, and you’re all set.

You don’t need to be a member of the Amazon Influencer Program or be an active member of the market research community, although it would be highly appreciated.

All you need is to have the patience to accomplish quick online tasks in your spare time, and you’ll sail through.


  • Wide array of product categories
  • Numerous product testing opportunities
  • Amazon gift cards also available


  • Eligibility and availability of offers will vary

Other Ways to Get Free Amazon Products

On top of all the ways that I’ve shared with you above, here are more tips and tricks to get free products:

Learn More About the Product Development Process

One of the main reasons people don’t even get eligible for product testing surveys is because they simply don’t know enough about the product development process.

Concepts such as providing honest consumer feedback in detailed points might be obvious for those who are already a part of the market research community一but not to the average consumer.

There is still a wide misconception that sticking to positive reviews will get one rewarded better. Keep in mind: any market research firm will prefer an honest review over a biased and inaccurate one.

Collect Amazon Gift Cards by Completing Online Tasks and Participating in Contests at Times

A lot of market research studies reward their participants with Amazon gift cards instead of just giving away free products.

They believe that this way gives their members more control over the rewards they get. These Amazon gift cards can be redeemed after accumulating enough points.

You can get points by doing online tasks such as answering surveys, watching video content, and playing video games. 

Testing Amazon Products

Look, whether you want to be a legit Amazon product tester or just want to look for free cosmetic products to give your sister, you can explore plenty of ways to get them.

You can take part in Amazon Vine, be an Amazon Influencer, or even accumulate coupons and gift cards.

Better yet, you can just receive updates from various offers in real-time by signing up for my newsletter. Whichever way you choose, I’m sure that you’ll get free Amazon products at the end, and isn’t that our ultimate goal in the first place?

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