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When my dog was a puppy, he was insanely adorable. But the amount of trouble I went through picking his food was a bit overwhelming.

I had to do a lot of research. I had to buy and give away a lot of expensive dog food. I had to learn the hard way how different food impacts dog’s behavioral patterns. It actually affects their fur color and shine, their energy levels, and overall their well-being.

Having a list of best sources for free dog food samples in Canada with a bit of background on the samples themselves would have been very helpful.

It would have saved me money, and my decision about what’s right for my pup would have been a lot easier. You are likely looking for samples for the same reasons. It is costly to try buying different food that isn’t right for your dog. I know! It is time-consuming and can be right down exhausting.

So I am sharing this information with you hoping it will help save you money and help meet your picky puppy’s needs.

Why companies give out free dog food samples?

Not every kibble or wet food suits every dog. Different breeds or different age groups require different nutrition. Plus dogs can be picky (like mine!).

Companies that sell dog food, like many other brands that give out samples, hope that the brand suits your (and your dog’s) needs and that you’ll go out and purchase their product afterward.

Where to Find Free Dog Food Samples?

To start with, you can often find dog food samples among sample aggregates such as HomeTester Club or GoodieBox. Among the variety of samples they offer, dog food is often one of them.

You can also visit my homepage with new available samples, where you are likely to find dog-related products and dog food samples.

Free Samples from PetOnly.Ca

There are actually websites where you can order a wide variety of free samples of dog food. This is one great example. Major brands that are being offered for sampling here are Fromm, NRG and Open Farm.


  • Many Options Available
  • 3 Free Samples
  • you have to pay a shipping fee of $5.99 (if you are in Ontario or Quebec), or $9.99 if you are in other provinces.


  • you have to pay a shipping fee of $5.99 (if you are in Ontario or Quebec), or $9.99 if you are in other provinces.

As per customer reviews, they have excellent customer care – customer service always makes sure you are satisfied.

Reviews also say that they have a great and fast delivery service – and if you purchase products with your free samples, the delivery is free on $79.00+ purchases.

Purina Free Dog Food Samples

Purina is well known pet food brand. They occasionally give out samples and free discontinued dog food. In their coupons sections you can find a range of dollar value amount coupons, and also find Buy 1 Get 1 free offers.

And these are not just for kibbles, but for wet food as well. The brand has a mixture of customer reviews. Some are very happy with how their pets react to the food, and some are the opposite.


  • Well-known product
  • If you decide to purchase after sampling, it is easily available at nearby grocery stores


  • Poor reviews by customers (i.e. pets having diarrhea reactions)
  • Samples are not always available

Your best bet with this brand is to look at the list of ingredients and nutritional supplements to best decide for yourself whether it’s the right choice for your pet, or consult your vet.

Canadian Pet Connection

This site also offers a free sample, however it can only be added to your purchase. Unfortunately, it does not list what sample is being offered. When shopping on, simply add DOGSAMPLE as a coupon code at checkout.


  • Free stuff!


  • Info not listed
  • Unclear what brand of product you sample
  • Purchase needed in order to receive a product sample

The reviews for the store are actually superb (76 reviews – 4.9 stars). People say the staff is knowledgable and accommodating, product selection is great, prices are good, and quality of product is also excellent.


Nutrience is a British Columbia-based pet food brand that is commonly sold at local pet stores all across Canada. The range of their product is quite impressive. These guys offer free samples for puppies and kittens.

The brand is very well-reviewed by customers on PetSmart, as an example. People across the board mention their pets love the food. The reviews also mention often that it’s good quality product. Several people actually mention that their pet’s fur gets shinier after this food. The price point of this product is also quite fair.


  • Great customer reviews
  • Locally sourced foods
  • Balanced nutritional value


  • Samples are not always available


For Canadian pet owners only! By filling out a short form here you will receive a free sample of dog treats. The name of the treats are ‘HOPEFULZ’.

The product has a very short list of healthy ingredients. Numerous testimonials on their website are, of course, positive ones. The brand doesn’t seem to have too much exposure outside of its own website. Thus, making it seem like a smaller dog food manufacturer.


  • Good reviews
  • Short list of healthy ingredients
  • Free shipping


  • Less known brand
  • Limited information on the website

The website specifies that their product that you are sampling has not launched yet. The store is located in Mississauga, Ontario. The brand is founded by Ryerson University students who focus on pet food for sustainable living.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin, for example, a Canadian pet food brand, often gives out free samples. I ended up getting some for my dog from my vet. You can also call your local vet to see if samples may be avbailable. From all the research I did about the brand, it was a good fit, but unfortunately my dog didn’t agree.


Another popular dog food brand local to Canadians is ACANA. Samples are also often available at pet food stores or local vets. With brands like these, more often than not free dog food samples are kibbles rather than wet food.

The proportions of dietary supplements can be easily found on the packaging. Your vet is the best source of recommendation for what supplements and in what quantities your dog needs. However, you’ll find most of them quite similar.

Hopefully, this information was useful to you and your fuzzy ones. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with these sites and products. Did your dog like the food? How long did it take to deliver? Was the experience smooth and easy? Let me know! It would be useful for me and for other pet owners.

To hear more about newly available samples, sign up for Stan’s Gig’s newsletter. Let’s keep in touch, it will benefit both you and me!

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