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As far as clinical trial companies go, DelRicht is a great source for California residents (most of the studies too place there). As far as earning from other research methods, there are better alternatives.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to help other sick people, gain access to otherwise inaccessible yet potentially more advanced medicine for free, and get paid?

Well, DelRicht Research does precisely this, and they need you. Whether you’re an employee, an employer, or stay-at-home mom, you may qualify for their variety of research studies.

DelRicht Research has staff that can make you feel at ease even in the most stress-inducing trials and processes.

They pay their testers well enough, and their facilities are well-equipped.

They also have lots of positive testimonials both online and on-air. However, some participants reported having problems with the initial screening.

So, I’ve looked at DelRicht Research reviews from people who’ve worked with them to see if they’re legit and worth your time.

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What Is DelRicht Research?

DelRicht Research is one of the US’s most reputable clinical trial organizations. Since its founding in New Orleans last 2014, they’ve already conducted multiple successful Phase II to IV clinical research trials.

Although based in New Orleans, they have nine other clinics in the US, making them more accessible for testers and companies alike.

Essentially, they have a network of pharmaceutical or medical corporations they partner with, and they conduct the necessary testing for them.

They compensate qualified trial participants after having them test drugs for specific medical conditions.

DelRicht Research Reviews: Is DelRicht Research Legit?

Checking for DelRicht Research’s legitimacy isn’t a problem since they have their emails, contact numbers, and address on their website.

You can also browse their testimonials web page and see firsthand accounts of their past reviewers and a video clip of their on-air interview with a reputable news station.

I found multiple DelRicht Research has many real-people reviews online, primarily on Yelp and Google Reviews.

What Do People Think About DelRicht Research?

Most online DelRicht Research reviews on Yelp and Google are positive. Here’s one review from a clinical trial participant:

“I absolutely love Delricht and all the many clinical researches they offer. The staff is very diverse, offering many different languages spoken by the clinical staff. Everyone is friendly and professional, I always feel at home when visiting.

I recommend Delricht to all of my family and friends. The studies are very informative and educational, not to mention helpful. I love Delricht and its staff, I’m looking forward to another clinical study soon.”

However, I’ve also noticed some critical DelRicht Research reviews, like this one from a screening participant:

“First time entertaining a medical study, and DelRicht wasted my time due to lack of asking prequalifying questions over the phone and poor communication at the initial visit.

Would have been easy to assess if I qualified for the study by asking some simple questions over the phone and then again at the visit. Wasted about three hours of my time and wasn’t compensated for it.”

How Does DelRicht Research Work?

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Typically, signing up for clinical research can be too cumbersome with some companies, but DelRicht Research makes it easy with its straightforward sign-up process.

Let me walk you through the steps to see if they have the right hustle for you.

Step 1: Choose Ongoing Studies That Fit Your Profile

Click the “Current Studies” button on the upper right corner of their website. This redirects you to their list of ongoing studies and their available locations.

Upon clicking “Read More” on one of the studies, you’ll be redirected to another webpage showing a brief explainer on the study, the qualifications to enter, and the investigators.

Step 2: Sign Up

If you qualify for a particular study, sign up by answering personal information questions.

Ensure you enter your correct contact information since they’ll use these to confirm your appointment.

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Step 3: Wait for Confirmation

Wait for a confirmation text and call from the company, which should give you ample time to check out other research gigs.

Generally, you should receive three texts and a call for confirmation. The first text confirms your appointment for a screening visit.

The second and third texts are reminder messages, while the call is for your confirmation a day before the appointment.

How to Earn Money with Delricht Research

You can earn money with DelRicht Research in two ways: the first is through compensation from their trials, and the second is through successful referrals.

Their compensation rate varies with trials, but they don’t list the amount on their website. However, several reviewers said that their trials do pay well.

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Final Thoughts

From helping other patients, getting free medications, and getting paid for participating, clinical trials are some of the most beneficial data-gathering methods.

I hope this Delricht Research review helps you choose which clinical trial to participate in.

If you don’t see anything on their website that fits your profile, don’t worry; I can set you up with the highest-paying trials when you subscribe to my newsletter.

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