Free Condom Samples: Where To Get Them Easily

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Free condom samples allow you to find the perfect blend of safety, performance, and comfort.

There’s no point in buying dozens of condoms to try different shapes, sizes, and styles designed for your pleasure.

Instead, why not take advantage of samples that allow you to find the perfect one for free?

This is exactly what this article will help you to do – you will find a list of 6 great options to get free condom samples so you have plenty to choose from.

Why Are Companies Offering Free Condom Samples?

At first glance, the idea of a company offering free condom samples is strange; I even thought so myself. However, upon further reflection, I saw just how beneficial they were to the general public. It is a great way for condom wearers to test new products and get safe and effective birth control for free.

I’ll admit that I’ve had my fair share of condom samples to see the new details and features manufacturers are adding. From thinner materials for maximized pleasure to ridged exteriors for your partner’s fun, there’s a lot to consider. In fact, I’ve noticed that with all of the condom selection out there, finding the perfect design is harder than I thought.

This reason is why condom samples are a fantastic addition to your medicine cabinet, especially for those situations. You can test out plenty of different styles to find your ultimate fit for a heightened sexual encounter. Not to mention you can amass a collection of backup condoms that will always be ready for special occasions.

Free Condom Samples: The Top Six Sampling Companies

Let’s dive into the best sampling companies I’ve found for top-tier condom-freebies.

1. has a diverse selection of products ranging from household cleaning products to condoms. My opinion on their site is that they have some of the more reliable condoms available. Considering they carry offers from reputable manufacturers, I can always trust my samples will work as expected.

Another advantage of this group is that they keep their customers updated with the most recent offers. You can quickly browse through samples by date to know which are currently available and expired. When it comes to condom brands, some of my favorite offers come from Playboy and Skyn.


  • Industry-leading condom companies
  • Clear and easily navigable website
  • Informative sample posts
  • A huge list of everyday samples


  • Limited condom offers
  • Condom freebies aren’t updated frequently

2. Cozy Condoms

Cozy Condoms is the new guy on the market when it comes to a selection of exciting condoms. Their special protection enhances comfort and the quality of your sexual encounters with multiple flavors, colors, and textures. I’ve found they innovatively design products to improve your and your partner’s comfort at the same time.

To test their assortment of condoms, they offer a convenient sample pack entirely for free. All you have to do is input your shipping information and age (age restrictions to 18+) to receive condoms by mail. You’ll receive a collection of ribbed, dotted, plain, and flavored condoms.


  • Unique three-in-one condom
  • Transparent manufacturing
  • Comes in a sample pack
  • Easy sample application


  • Samples arrive in three weeks
  • Can deny samples at their discretion

3. One Condoms

One Condoms is another popular USA-based condom brand that I’ve wanted to try for months. Their UltraFeel condoms are said to be some of the most sensation-boosting products available. Also, they’re purchasable from CVS, which speaks to the quality of their manufacturing purposes.

Like other condom manufacturers, they offer free samples throughout the year for curious customers like myself. You’ll receive two individual condoms with an added lube pouch for ease of use in your sample. Their sampling page also provides important information about the enhanced tech added to the condoms.

Unfortunately, the samples are randomly available year-round, so you have to land on the page at the perfect time. Also, since their technology is so sought-after, getting your hands on samples can be a little challenging.


  • Free samples for Momentum Points
  • Provides important condom info
  • Includes $2-off coupon
  • Easily accessible customer reviews


  • Samples cost $1.25
  • One sample per household

4. CondomZ

When sampling condoms, there’s nothing better than having tried and tested brands. CondomZ is a fantastic resource that can help you find top-tier condoms that have been tested and independently reviewed. I found many samples, as the company’s philosophy is “the best way to choose a condom is to test it.”

On the sampling page, the majority of available offers were from industry-leading manufacturers. There weren’t any unknown brands, which made me feel way more comfortable selecting samples. Some of the recognizable brands I noticed were:

  • Skyn
  • Love Light
  • L’Essuie
  • Soft
  • Love Match
  • Mister Size


  • Notable condom manufacturers
  • Multiple condom samples
  • Offer lubricant samples
  • Doctor-recommended options


  • Some reviews are missing
  • Must pay for shipping

5. Stan’s Gigs

There’s no doubt that condom samples are some of the most popular on the web. With the ability to test out so many different designs, you’ll want to get your hands on offers first. Using my Stan’s Gigs newsletter, you can quickly get condom samples by mail in discreet packaging.

Whether you’re trying a new condom from your favorite brand or a new brand altogether, I regularly have offers available that are only available for my newsletter subscribers.


  • Regularly updated sample offers
  • Diverse condom manufacturers
  • Exciting new offers
  • Exclusive sample opportunities


  • Samplers quickly claim offers

6. Hey, It’s Free!

One thing I love about Hey, It’s Free! is that they take a new approach to offer condom samples. Not only do they direct you to the latest free condoms by state, but they also provide essential scientific info. I guarantee you’ll learn more about the effectiveness of condoms on this site than from the manufacturers themselves.

With this resource, you can find free condoms in various places, like schools and online stores. I also love how you have the option to find offers that best suit your needs, such as in-person or mailed samples. Also, all of the scientific information is easily digestible and educational at the same time.


  • State-wide free condoms
  • In-person and online offers
  • Directs you to health departments
  • Scientific sample information


  • Limited mail-in offers
  • No information about brands


Signing up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter will help you find the latest and greatest condom offers in your area. After getting your hands on some of the best free condom samples, be sure to share your experience getting samples in the comments!

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