Free Diabetic Samples: Top 6 Companies That Give Them Away

free diabetic samples

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It’s not easy to have any ailment, especially while we are all going through a global health crisis.

Of all these diseases, though, one of the most common has to be diabetes. In fact, according to the latest statistical report of the International Diabetes Federation, over 500 million adults are living with diabetes worldwide, and the number is expected to increase.

I remember when my dad was diagnosed with diabetes. It was not surprising, given that it runs in the family. Regardless, it still took a toll on him, given how much of a sweet tooth he is.

The first few months were rough. My mom went on overdrive on the food labels. We had no clue of the essentials that he was going to need.

Fortunately, I was able to obtain a lot of free diabetic samples. I have to admit, the search for these specialized items wasn’t easy.

That’s why allow me to spare you that hassle by sharing top companies that offer them. You’re welcome.

Why Companies Give Out Free Diabetic Samples

As we have mentioned, there is a huge demand for diabetic products, not just here in the country but also overseas. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a wide selection of diabetic-intended products available.

This category also goes beyond just sugar-free food items. These selections include health tools, grooming products, and more.

The diabetic product companies know that patient needs and preferences vary, but most of them will stay loyal customers for a very long time once they find their go-to favorites.

Hence, many of them are more than willing to invest in providing their potential customers with free samples in the hopes that samplers convince them to make their products their essentials.

Where To Find Free Diabetic Samples

There is a wide range of companies that offer free diabetic samples. The best way to find them is by checking out reputable sampling aggregators like Goodiebox and Hometester Club.

I also invite you to visit my newest samples page from time to time, where you’ll find various diabetic products you can test and have delivered straight to your doorstep for absolutely free.

1. Accu-Chek

One of the first essentials that any diabetic patient should get is a glucose monitor. It is a portable electronic device that will help you monitor your blood sugar level on your own.

The complete kit usually comes with three items: a set of disposable lancets for taking your blood sample, disposable test strips, and the digital meter.

Roche Diabetes Care, the makers of Accu-Chek products, is known for its diagnostic tools. These include their bestselling glucose monitors: the Accu-Check Guide Me and the Accu-Chek Guide Meter.

The good news is, you can get either one for free. All you need to do is fill out the form from their sample sign-up page, and they’ll send you a voucher that you can present along with your valid prescription to a participating retail pharmacy to get your free product.


  • Reputable company
  • High-value freebie


  • Requires you to find a participating pharmacy 
  • Requires a valid prescription to redeem the offer

2. NovoMedlink

I’m not a medical professional, but here’s what my experience with prescription medicine has taught me: each brand has a distinct formulation that can lead to slightly different results. This means certain brands are more efficient for me than others.

This applied to my dad as well. Hence, free prescription medication samples constantly prove to help our family find the best options without putting a dent in our budget.

NovoMedlink is one company that provides free prescription medicine samples to both eligible practitioners and patients. Their samplers include tablets, pills, and insulin injections of different brands and formulations.

Having a NovoMedlink account is required before you can access their sample portal.

From there, you’ll be able to access all their available medication samples and request your order. You can send them a sample request once a month.


  • Reputable company
  • Variety of samples to choose from
  • Accepts monthly sample requests


  • Strict eligibility requirements

3. Splenda

Any diabetic product lineup won’t be complete without featuring Splenda. It is a global brand known for formulating sugar substitutes formulated for diabetic patients.

I cannot stress how important their food items are to help maintain patients’ love for food and quality of life.

How does a free milkshake sound? Splenda is currently offering a free Splenda Diabetes Care shake sample in various flavors: chocolate, french vanilla, and strawberry banana.

Since their products are widely popular, though, you can expect their availability to change from time to time.


  • Well-known brand
  • Different product variants


  • Availability may vary
  • Offer is only available for certain states

4. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

Image Source: Giving Matters

It’s a sad fact that diabetes can hit anyone, even kids. Even worse, the required lifestyle changes can be confusing and overwhelming for younger patients.

JDRF is a non-profit organization that seeks to help both parents and patients through this challenging stage.

That’s why they offer their “Bag of Hope”. It is a gift bag of assorted goodies, including a stuffed bear, books, and reference materials (for carers). They are all designed to help a child and their carer to navigate through the adjustments after diagnosis.

This offer is available for children aged 16 and below who reside in the United States.


  • Well-known organization
  • Multiple freebies with each offer


  • Only available for kids 16 and below

5. Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

People with diabetes require specific types of treatments and medical procedures.

The problem is, these medical requirements can be easily overlooked during emergencies. This can be more troubling for both younger and older patients.

That is the main reason the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation offers a free Diabetes Awareness Necklace. It comes with a chain and a pendant that says “I have diabetes. Please test my blood before treating me.”

My dad has one too, and it gives us the peace of mind that he will get the treatment he needs when such an emergency comes.

Here’s the link to the request form. Just print it out and send it to the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation to get your necklace shipped to you.


  • Well-known organization
  • An essential product for any diabetic patient


  • Will require you to pay for postage to send your request

6. Stan’s Gigs

Lastly, I can’t end this quick directory without featuring Stan’s Gigs itself. I work hard to get my subscribed samplers the latest and most exclusive deals.

What sets Stan’s Gig apart from the previously mentioned companies is I make it a point to offer a variety of brands and products. I then give my loyal newsletter subscribers first dibs to these freebies.


  • Different brands and samples available
  • Regular sample updates via newsletter
  • Exclusive offers


  • Availability on specific brands and samples may vary

Free Diabetic Samples for Both Patients and Carers

It can be challenging to live with diabetes, true, but it’s not impossible to achieve the same quality of life before getting diagnosed. My dad already adjusted to his condition, partly with the help of the samples I’ve shared with you above.

How about you? How are you dealing with diabetes, and do you know of other quality samples that I have forgotten to list? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more information on future offers.

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