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free fabric samples

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Got an ongoing sewing project? As you probably already know, buying the wrong fabric wastes not only your money but also your time.

Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase a piece of fabric first before you can decide because many companies offer free fabric samples. 

I usually take advantage of this opportunity whenever I decide to redesign my home and even my office.

Doing it can help me decide which one of the fabric options will give me the best designs.

Why Do Companies Give Out Free Fabric Samples?

Many textile companies have started offering free samples to their customers.

As you can imagine, this is a win-win situation for both consumers and the companies.

You won’t pay for products that will give you regrets later. Plus, you can surely get the ones that will give you design inspiration.

Also, it can help you find specific qualities you want. Perhaps you are looking for a sturdy texture or maybe a supersoft texture.

I wanted to buy a cozy fabric, but I wasn’t all that familiar with it. Another option was a soft fabric, but again, I don’t know which ones are soft.

It gave me a difficult time choosing the right material for my home. 

After thorough research, I was able to decide on which ones offer the best, including an extra cozy, statement-making fabric that will elevate my home’s beauty.

In addition, giving out free samples allows companies to market their new fabric options.

They will understand which designs have the highest potential to gain profit and which ones need to be improved.

We all want the perfect fabric to help elevate our home’s overall aesthetics.

For example, if you have pets, it’s natural that you want to get pet-friendly fabrics.

Similarly, I would choose antimicrobial fabrics because I want everything in my house clean and germ-free.

This will help me have better, cleaner air and, at the same time, keep allergic reactions at bay.

Some even use recycled materials, ideal for those wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Read on to know where you can find companies that offer free samples.

Free Fabric Samples: Where To Get Them

Before I buy anything on the market, I check every single detail. From material to quality, I make sure I’m getting the most out of my money.

Sadly, when it comes to tailoring or fabrics, I can’t easily identify the ones that can give me the best value.

As I have mentioned earlier, a lot of textile companies have begun giving out free fabric samples.

Homeowners and designers can easily decide which ones they want to use for their projects without wasting time and money.

Finding the right company that offers samples can be challenging, so here are my top recommendations to help you pick:

1. Smith & Noble

This is probably the company that offers the best deal when it comes to fabrics.

You can order 30 free samples and have them shipped to your doorstep in one to three days absolutely for free.

I would describe their designs as having countless configurations because they are highly versatile.

When you see some of their designs, you will probably get inspiration for redecorating your home.

Smith & Noble’s fabric collection includes everything from simple to luxurious fabrics.


  • Inspiring fabric range
  • Fast shipping


  • Could be difficult to choose which samples to get

2. Maker&Son

Eyeing a stain-resistant, plush velvet, or maybe a luxurious velvet fabric with a luminous texture?

With Maker&Son, you can have a fabric swatch sample kit delivered to you on your doorsteps.

Aside from velvet, you can also choose from denim, corduroy, and Italian linen. You’ll be able to select up to eight free samples.

The brand has a wide range of subtle thread color variations. Other than the designs it offers, Maker&Son is proud to say its products use safe materials. 

This means it doesn’t use harsh chemicals and always goes for natural materials to produce a soft fabric.


  • Soft fabric
  • Offers premium fabrics


  • Up to eight free samples only

3. Room & Board

When it comes to a multi-shaded fabric, Room & Board is one of my best recommendations.

You can choose up to 20 sample kits to be delivered to you. Even better, the selection is composed of outdoor and indoor fabrics, plus leather.

If you want a casual fabric for your home, this company has good samples worth trying.

For leather pillows, Room & Board’s selection will give you countless configurations, as they offer pigment-dyed leathers and top grain buffalo leather.


  • Extraordinary fabrics
  • Wide selection of stationary styles


  • Delivery may take longer


This company offers a wide range of velvet materials, such as cumin velvet and indigo spice velvet. Also, you will find other materials like chenille. 

DiscountedDesignerFabrics is proud of its collection, as each of its fabric options is a subtle but durable, stain-resistant fabric.

You will be able to choose up to six free sample fabrics with different pattern details and have up to 1/4-yard samples by contacting them.

Keep in mind that it offers next-day and second-day air for a charge.


  • Bigger samples are available upon request
  • Sturdy texture


  • Faster delivery is expensive

5. Stan’s Gigs

If you’re having a hard time finding companies that offer fabric samples for free, you can sign up for my newsletter.

This way, you can get updates as to which brands have ongoing offers near your area.

Moreover, I help people be more productive and earn more money. Also, I give tips and assistance in saving, such as buying fabrics to beautify homes.

You can earn extra, and the money can help add to your budget for your home design project.

By taking up various simple tasks, you’d be able to accumulate rewards, such as cash and gift cards you can use to purchase the fabrics you need.


  • Variations of ways to earn extra cash
  • Receive updates on the latest promos


  • Limited task in some areas

Getting Fabric Samples For Free

To help you decide which fabric to use for your home redesigning project, take advantage of these companies that offer free fabric samples.

You can use these fabrics options to redesign your living space or create rustic spaces for your clients if you are a designer.

Trust me; it will save you money and avoid stress in the long run.

For more promos and offers on ways to save and earn money, you can also sign up for my newsletter.

You will be regularly updated with various promotions, such as freebies.

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