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If you do not have a lot of experience with weed, it can be tricky to know whether to start and what brands to go for as there is a lot of confusing information about this. Or perhaps you want to try some new varieties without spending an arm and a leg?

Luckily there is a way to test the products without spending money trying out random brands.

There are actually companies that offer free legal weed samples if you just know where to look.

But do not worry – you do not have to spend days doing the research by yourself. I have done it for you, and below you will find a list of the top six companies that offer free legal weed samples.

Why Are Companies Offering Legal Weed Samples?

Cannabis companies need to work double-time in promoting their products as there often is a lot of skepticism in the market. Also consider that many advertisers do not allow marijuana related content on their website, so marketing options are very limited.

Hence, it really is no surprise that many growers and retailers are willing to send you free marijuana samples in the mail. But I don’t want to get your expectations too high. Most of the samples are not huge amounts of product and usually come in limited quantities. You can learn more about how to get free samples here.

Where To Find Free Legal Weed Samples

But first let me tell you that you don’t need to go online to get one. Just go ahead and visit your local dispensary.

Many of them are willing to let you taste their goods for free if you only care to ask. We understand, though, that not everyone finds a dispensary on their block or perhaps you have already claimed too many free samples.

Many people are willing to give cannabis a try, but not enough to motivate them to step inside a dispensary. If only there were a discreet and cost-free way. Oh wait. I know of a few 🙂

But before we go specifically into how to get free weed samples, let me just say that if you think getting free products in the mail appeals to you, consider joining some sampling aggregators like Goodiebox and Hometester Club. They are excellent places to start looking for available samples. You can check out the newest samples page as well, along with the following companies:

1. Batch

Batch is a Wisconsin-based company known for combining its scientific expertise and natural resources. All of their products are carefully handcrafted from the farm, all the way to its packaging. This process ensures that all of their products are premium quality, including their samples.

Speaking of which, they are offering a free sample of their CBD Oil Tincture blends. You can expect to receive five servings of their product in 5ml sample bottles. Just visit their website, add the sample to the cart, and have it shipped.


  • Samples are always available
  • Five variants included
  • Premium quality


  • Other product types are not available to sample
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2. Get Kush

Despite further legalization efforts, federal law still classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 substance. Hence, interstate shipping, even between cannabis-legal states, within the USA is still not allowed. Fortunately, that’s not the case for our friends in Canada anymore.

So if you ever find yourself on vacation up North, then we definitely recommend looking into Get Kush, an online dispensary with a vast collection of products.

They even offer a free gram or pre-roll with express post included. Be sure to check out their website regularly for weekly deals.


  • Samples are always available
  • Premium quality Kush
  • Choice between a nugget and a pre-rolled


  • Only ships within Canada

3. Yes Life

Forget Canada, Yes Life ships anywhere in the USA at no cost. With a mission to counter CBD misinformation and lies, the company has devoted itself to formulating products that fit anyone’s needs and preferences. They also prioritized maximum absorption for better substance efficiency.

More importantly, they’re more than game to hand out free samples to willing online guests. All you need to do is fill out the form they’ve provided on their website and wait for your free samples to arrive.


  • Samples are always available 
  • Premium quality 
  • Ships anywhere in the USA


  • Shipping is not free for samples
  • Specific sample you’ll receive not indicated

4. Organica Naturals CBD

Here’s a common misconception: all cannabis users are just in it for the high. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this is why CBD products are in demand.

Their health benefits, especially in improving one’s quality of life, are difficult to ignore. They’re like vitamins. Now, if only there were a way to take CBD the same way you do supplements.

Surprise. That’s exactly what Organica Naturals CBD has to offer, and they’re giving away soft gel samples for free. They have a daily limit, though, so be sure to check every morning.


  • Samples are available daily
  • Same-day shipping to all states
  • Easy to consume


  • There’s a daily limit
  • Only two soft gel capsules included per sample

5. No Borders Naturals

Those who would rather munch on gummies than soft gels would certainly enjoy No Borders Naturals’ CBD selection. I know I do.

Their sample pack reminds me of the joys of Halloween. It includes the brand’s most popular variants: gummy rings, worms, bears, and their vegan counterparts.

Just visit their website, add the sample pack to your cart, and pay for shipping.


  • Samples are always available
  • Fun selection of product variants
  • Easy to consume


  • Artificial colors and flavors due to product type

6. Stan’s Gigs

Finally, if you want to keep updated about the newest samples, then you might want to check out Stan’s Gigs newsletter.

I sometimes spot free legal weed samples together with all kinds of other great free samples. I have made it exclusively available for all the subscribers who have signed up to receive my newsletter.


  • Exclusive offers
  • Regular sample updates
  • Newsletter will keep you updated


  • Availability of particular brands and product types may vary

Free Legal Weed Samples: Final Words

I know. I am fully aware that there is a limit to the range of legal weed samples right now. In fact, most of the products I have listed above are CBD-based.

But Cannabis legalization efforts are done every day and changes happens all the time, so you better sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date about the newest samples.

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