Free Tampon Samples: Top Six Companies To Get Them

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I can still remember the day my sister got her first period like it was yesterday. I will never forget how shocked she was to find the stain.

We already knew it was coming. Our mom has briefed her for years. But actually experiencing it is a different thing altogether.

As if the experience wasn’t confusing enough, she was now confronted by the task of finding the perfect method of catching menstrual flow. “Everyone has a favorite.”, says our aunt. What nobody told her was the process involved in finding this preference.

I saw her experiment with different brands. She had to use up each new pack to save money on groceries. It got her into uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

She complained a lot about rashes and leaks. It took some time for her to conclude that she was a tampon girl.

The worst part about the whole process, though, was helplessness. There was nothing I could do. Hence, I won’t miss this chance to share the information that I know now. Having the opportunity to get free tampon samples would have helped my sister immensely. It would have spared her the frustrations of going through all those tampon sizes and brands just to find the right one.

Why Are Companies Offering Tampon Samples?

It’s time to regain control over your period with access to top-quality free tampons. Women and young women worldwide always struggle with finding the perfect brand that suits their needs. With the help of samples, you can test an assortment of tampons designed for different flows, sizes, and comfort levels.

Specialty feminine product companies also benefit directly from offering free tampons. Their samples help unsure shoppers decide whether their designs hold up with use. It can also be a fantastic way to attract new, younger consumers looking for less embarrassing ways to shop for period products.

I noticed female products usually ship in discreet packaging and are delivered straight to your door. With regular sample offers, you’ll never have to worry about going to the store to buy tampons to test. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your home and then make a large purchase online or in person.

Free Tampon Samples: My Recommendations

Let’s jump into the fantastic list of free tampon samples from some spectacular companies you’ll love.

1. Rael

Rael is an edgy new tampon manufacturer that specializes in organic products. Their tampons feature organic cotton cores that are said to be highly absorbent and easy to use. They’re also ultra-slim, which makes them fantastic for women who love staying active during their periods.

When you claim their sample offer, you’ll receive two regular and two super tampons. Although that might not be enough for your entire cycle, it’s a great way to test the versatility of their tampons. They offer samples regularly throughout the year, so you have to come back to check if they’re still available.


  • Four total sample tampons
  • Crafted from organic materials
  • Light and super absorbent samples
  • Feminine packaging


  • Samples sell out quickly
  • No newsletter

2. Norton Hurley

Norton Hurley is one of the most popular tampons and pad manufacturers in the United States. Their tampon selection is diverse, covering women of all ages with various period types.

The most impressive thing I love about their samples is they’re available year-round. Right now, Norton Hurley is offering 150 free samples of their new COSMEA line, which includes panty liners, pads, and tampons.

All you have to do is sign up quickly to receive a free sample, as quantities are rather limited. Like Rael, Norton Hurley’s new line of period products is safe for your body and the Earth.


  • High-quality products
  • Environmentally-friendly tampons
  • Multiple products per sample
  • Easy to sign up for samples


  • Minimal quantities
  • Could have a waitlist

3. Pretty Thrifty

One of my favorite resources for recommending female hygiene products are female-based sampling sites.

Pretty Thrifty focuses on beauty products on a budget, offering healthcare, skincare, cosmetics, and more. I was able to find two sample offers for tampons, though they have many offers for pads and panty liners as well.

The website is very easily navigable with a search bar at the top and bottom. All you have to do is select the product category you’re interested in or use a keyword to find specific offers. Pretty Thrifty tends to offer samples only from reputable brands as well, which I appreciate.


  • Reputable sample offers
  • Continually updated samples
  • Updated expires offers
  • Updated newsletter for new samples


  • Expired tampon offers
  • People quickly claim tampon samples

4. Yoni

Are you ready for a little bit of inside information to help you get some fabulous tampon samples? Yoni is a high-end manufacturer of cotton tampons, liners, and pads but doesn’t publish its sample offerings.

Instead, you can contact their customer care team at to inquire about potential samples. I was able to acquire a couple of organic tampon samples after browsing their number of tampons.

Like most manufacturers, Yoni focuses on tampons for an assortment of periods. You’ll find light to heavy flow patterns as well as other hygiene products like menstrual cups and pads.


  • Informative website
  • Flow-rated tampons
  • Easily navigable website
  • High chance of mailed samples


  • Requires email contact
  • No published sample offers

5. Stan’s Gigs

As always, Stan’s Gigs has a collection of tampon orders exclusively available to those signed up to receive samples by mail. Not only can you get your hands on top manufacturer’s samples like Kotex and Norton Hurley, but first dibs too.

My exclusive list of samples features some of the web’s most coveted offers, especially feminine hygiene products.


  • Exclusive offers
  • Regularly updated samples
  • Easy-to-follow newsletter
  • A diverse community of samplers


  • Tampon offers only on availability

6. Libra

Libra is another manufacturer that specializes in period products for women of all ages. Their tampons are some of their most popular products, especially for women always on the go. They boast a unique design with a tapered tip and anti-fluff base for all-day comfort.

When you request a sample, you’ll receive two original regular tampons to test out before ordering. Every sample kit also comes with a 20% discount that you can put towards your next LoveLibra purchase.

As an added benefit, even though the company’s based in Australia, the offer is available to most countries.


  • Shipping to most countries
  • Two tampons per sample
  • Active-friendly tampon design
  • Easy signup


  • Samplers quickly claim offers
  • No worldwide shipping


As an outsider in the world of periods, even I know how important it is to access free tampon samples. Hopefully, my list of freebies helped you find the perfect samples, and if so, share your experiences in the comments below!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to stay up to date with the latest tampon samples.

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