Free Tea Samples You Must Try (6 Great Options)

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Who doesn’t love tea?

However, there are thousands of brands and flavors so it can be difficult to find new favorites without spending a lot of money. I know I have spent my fair share on testing new flavors where I ended up throwing out most of the package:-)

But there is luckily an easier and free way to find new great tea brands and flavors.

There are actually ways to get free tea samples and I have put together a list of some of the best options for this.

If you’re one of the millions of tea-crazed enthusiasts then keep reading, as I have a diverse collection of fabulous ways to get free tea samples below.

Why Are Companies Offering Free Tea Samples?

Did you know that tea is the most widely consumed beverage worldwide, apart from water? In fact, over 159 million people in the United States alone drink tea daily. When you look at the global statistics, your jaw will drop to the floor, as people consume more than 3.8 billion gallons over time.

With those stats in mind, it’s no wonder that more sampling companies are collecting an assortment of tea samples. From green tea to black tea, there is an extensive number of offers waiting for you to take advantage of. Even if you’re not the world’s biggest tea drinker, I guarantee you’ll find a blend that perfectly suits your palate.

Top Six Sampling Companies for Free Tea Samples

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Let’s take a look at six of the best sampling companies I’ve used to find many tea blends.

1. Open Door Tea

When you land on Open Door Tea’s sampling page, they have a delightful video of a steeping pot of tea. Every time I visit the page, it leaves my mouth watering, imagining the diverse combination of flavors in a hot or cold pot of tea. I especially love their samples as a loose leaf tea fanatic interested in experimenting with new tastes.

Like many sampling companies, Open Door Tea has a “try before you buy” approach. You can request a sample from any of their loose leaf tea varieties entirely for free before making a purchase.

One of my favorite ways to get samples is to order them along with my regular tea order so I can always test something new. There are multiple options that you can choose from, including:

  • Surprise Me (randomized tea sample)
  • Cinnamon Chai
  • Oolong blends
  • Healing & Comfort
  • Immuni-Tea
  • Blood Pressure Calm
  • Wild Strawberry


  • Over 15 sample choices
  • Two to four servings per sample
  • Three samples per order
  • Free with minimum purchase


  • $4 shipping without purchase
  • You can substitute blends

2. Get Me Free Samples

If you’re a frequent sampler, you’ve likely visited Get Me Free Samples before. Their diverse collection of sample offers are what drew me to their site in the first place. I’ve found an assortment of grocery items, family-friendly sampling offers, and even tech-related freebies.

Finding the perfect tea samples was a little more complicated than I hoped, as they didn’t design their site for one niche. Instead, you’ll need to use the search bar and type in “Free tea offers” to see what offers are available. Unfortunately, the results aren’t by date, so it’s hard to see which offers are the most recent.

However, as a tea enthusiast, the tea samples posted on Get Me Free Samples are higher-quality than I thought. I was able to find Dorset Tea and Tazo Tea samples, both of which they mail to my door. Get Me Free Samples thoroughly explains the application process, and regional availability is clearly noted on the post as well.


  • Great application info
  • Includes product image and description
  • Regularly updated offers
  • Provides regional information


  • Unclear current availability
  • Poorly designed search function

3. Scam Free Samples

As you can guess, Scam Free Samples’ brand name is what drew me to their freebies and mailed samples. There’s nothing more frustrating than signing up for free offers only to be scammed out of getting your freebies. They independently vet all of the offerings on this site to ensure they’re trustworthy and genuine.

One thing I noticed straight away was how efficiently organized their collection of tea samples is. I can look at an assortment of freebies from industry leaders, including Bigelow, Cusa Tea, and Mana Organic. When you click on an offer, it opens a separate blog post with more information about the offer, like how to apply.


  • Diverse tea sample selection
  • High-quality sampling offers
  • Independently vetted to prevent scams
  • Clear and easy-to-read info


  • No immediate availability info
  • Some posts are lengthy

4. Freebie Lovers

As someone with a passion for freebies, of course, I’m going to be enticed by samples from Freebie Lovers. Their assortment of tea-related samples is just one of the amazing offers they have on their site. You can sort by region, product category, or the type of free stuff you want, like gifts, samples, or coupons on the landing page.

When browsing for tea samples, I found their posts to be the easiest to navigate through. I can clearly see what brand is offering what product and the steps for applying, and easy-to-follow links.

An added feature that I absolutely love is the “Related Freebies” section at the bottom of the post. Using this section, I can effortlessly find other free tea samples from other manufacturers in one convenient location. I would normally have to use the search bar to find any potentially related offers with other sampling groups.


  • Well designed website
  • Informative posts
  • Easy-to-follow application
  • Assortment of freebie categories


  • Some offers are outdated
  • Limited search function

5. Stan’s Gigs

What would a tea freebie list be without the king of tea freebies himself? Stan’s Gigs, my site, is one of the most valuable resources you’ll find for high-quality tea samples. The best part is that all of my offers are exclusive to those who have signed up for mailed samples.

By signing up, you can unlock a diverse collection of new offers before anyone else gets their hands on them. As tea samples are some of our most popular offerings, it’s best to have first dibs as early as possible. I also value customer feedback, so every sampling offer comes with various reviews to help you find the best value.


  • Plenty of tea-related samples
  • Collection of diverse freebies
  • Family-friendly offers
  • Easily accessible sampling offers


  • Samplers claim offers quickly

6. Munchkin Freebies

Munchkin Freebies has a basic site for samples ranging from automotive freebies to your favorite coffee and tea samples. Although the site design isn’t up to par with other sampling sites, they’re known for having a good selection of things. When it comes to tea, they scour the web for the best large and small scale offers.

If you’re someone who enjoys supporting local businesses, as we all should, there are also coupons for local cafes. You can either opt to get free mailed samples or coupons for in-person ordering to get discounts or free drinks. Some of the more notable tea samples I’ve stumbled across come from manufacturers like Pukka, Tazo, and Davids Tea.


  • Small and large scale manufacturers
  • A huge list of tea samples
  • Diverse selection of freebies
  • Straightforward sampling info


  • Low-quality website
  • Inconvenient search function


When testing new teas, I always recommend signing up for the Stan’s Gigs newsletter to know when the latest blends are available.

If you’ve tried some of the above sites for the best tea samples, share your experience below. Together as a community, we can help each other find the most delicious free tea samples.

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