Get Free Replica Perfume Samples – How to Get Them

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Getting perfume samples works out so well for me.

After all, I’m a guy who doesn’t go out a lot. I work from home. I enjoy shopping from home. I can amuse myself endlessly while I’m at home.

Buying full-sized bottles would just go to waste with my current lifestyle.

Hence, I’m fortunate to know how to acquire the scents I want (and also want to sample) for no cost.

If you wish to enjoy the same opportunity, such as the chance to get free Replica perfume samples, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this quick guide.

About Replica by Maison Margiela

Formerly known as Maison Martin Margiela, this French luxury brand is popular for its androgynous silhouettes and haute-couture collections.

For this guide, I will talk about its Replica perfume collection. Honestly, it’s a collection of scents unlike any other.

That’s because the main objective of each spritz is to evoke a certain memory instead of just where the complex layers of scents come from.

There are 10 scents in all. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • At the Barbers, which brings me back to the memories I’ve shared with my grandpa,
  • Music Festival, which smells exactly like how I’ve imagined a music festival-in-a-bottle would smell like; and
  • Whispers in the Library, which comes with a combination of woody and papery scents.

Why Does Maison Margiela Offer Free Replica Perfume Samples?

I can’t say that I have a weakness for scents just because I’m not that prepared to spend money on them.

On the other hand, I can’t claim that I’m not interested in them either.

In fact, I’ve already accumulated quite a collection. And this is all thanks to the free perfume samples I’ve gotten through the years.

There are a few reasons why a high-end brand like Maison Margiela offers its patrons the chance to get free Replica perfume samples.

Firstly, they’re aware that some shoppers don’t enjoy the bombardment of scents in the perfume section of any store or boutique.

Such a shopping experience can limit how much their product can stand out and shine.

Next, they know that most shopping is done online these days. Hence, many shoppers don’t get the chance to smell new scents anymore.

You can just imagine the sales and conversion potential of tapping into these types of buyers.

Finally, it also has something to do with the nature of the collection itself.

There are 10 scents in the collection.

It wouldn’t make sense to buy full-sized bottles so that you can smell all of them at home. This is especially true if these scents come from a luxury brand.

In addition, let’s not forget that the collection’s objective is to evoke memories.

It’s a very personal journey and one that any person would feel more comfortable experiencing at home instead of in a noisy and impersonal shop.

How To Get Free Replica Perfume Samples

Anyway, now that you know why Maison Margiela is willing to invest in giving out free samples, let’s move on to talk about how to get yours.

There are two main methods to do so. You can either participate in their sampling program or get one as part of a purchase.

Participate in the Sampling Program

Unlike other companies that provide free samples, there is no link to a sign-up sheet to participate in this sampling program.

Instead, the offer comes in the form of an ad that will simply pop out of a targeted customer’s social media feed.

No worries, though, because I’ve got your back.

Since most of my favorite luxury brands perform sampling opportunities this way, I have already devised a method that will surely identify you as a targeted customer.

Step 1: Search for Maison Margiela Fragrances on Google.

Doing this will send an online signal that you are interested in their products.

Click on the collection’s main site and take the time to browse it. Feel free to explore its menu and check out its product pages.

Step 2: Search for the Maison Margiela Fragrances page on Facebook and IG.

Like and follow the brand’s Facebook page, scroll through its feed, and engage with its posts.

Like what you did on its Facebook page, follow Maison Margiela’s IG profile, scroll through the feed, and engage with the posts.

Step 3: Wait for the sponsored ads to show.

Congratulations! You now have enough online activity for their algorithm to identify you as a targeted customer.

Most of the time, these ads will show up within a couple of hours. Some of my fellow samplers reported waiting for a couple of days. 

However, in my personal experience, the ads always show up eventually. 

There’s only one catch, though: you should be eligible for the program. 

After all, while they also offer sampling opportunities for their US patrons, they have campaigns targeted at their European customers.

For instance, one of their more recent campaigns only targeted female UK residents aged 18 to 54.

Via the Brand’s Try It First Initiative

As for the second method, you can take part in the brand’s Try it First initiative.

For this, you will need to order the scent you’re most interested in from Maison Margiela’s online shop.

Your order will then come with a tester of the scent you’ve purchased.

According to the brand, you can send back the full-size bottle if it’s not the scent you’re looking for. Your money will then get refunded.

Where To Get Other Perfume Samples

I know the second method isn’t really the idea you have of obtaining your fave scent’s free sample.

Thus, you might want to consider other sources to get your free perfume samples.

Stan’s Gigs

I will be remiss if I don’t point out the obvious that you can also get them here. I have a Newest Samples page you can explore to get started.

While I have a variety of products and brands available for sampling, luxury brand offers are constantly in high demand.

That’s why you have to sign up as soon as the opportunity presents itself so as to secure one of those much-coveted spots.

For this reason, I also recommend signing up for my newsletter. This is how I’ll be able to send you exclusive updates on samples that mean value to you.


  • Many different brands and product sampling options
  • Luxury brand opportunities available
  • Sends email notifications


  • Samples are subject to availability and eligibility


Okay, I’ll admit; I have turned into a collector of this collection’s scents.

I want to obtain a sample of each of the 10 scents included in Replica, but I have yet to complete this feat.

After all, most of their sampling campaigns involve only one scent at a time.

Who knows? You might get to complete Replica before me, hopefully with the help of the tips I shared earlier.

Again, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter. Don’t be a stranger!

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