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gigsmart review

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gigsmart review

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Working one job may not be enough in today’s economy, so I welcome any opportunities for extra money that come my way.

Still, I don’t wait for opportunities to come to me; I actively seek them.

Job marketplaces like GigSmart help me do this. However, they’re sometimes not what they seem.

Scam applications remain rampant, and some have even become more active in their schemes.

In this GigSmart review, I’ll discuss its legitimacy and how you can sign up and earn money with it. I’ll also give you other choices in case this one’s not your cup of tea.

What Is GigSmart?

GigSmart is a US-based software from a company of the same name.

Founded in 2016, it specializes in providing workforce solutions for businesses and optimizing gig opportunities for gig workers by bringing them online.

Essentially, GigSmart acts as a third-party bridge to acquaint reliable workers with potential employers.

They have specific systems to ensure that job seekers and providers get what they want.

For example, GigSmart provides their workers with healthcare and insurance, something other gig apps don’t have.

GigSmart workers can have gigs that pay up to $17 per hour.

Payments are typically processed for around five days after the gig (two days for the requester to approve your timesheet and another two to three days for fund transfer).

However, you can request a rapid transfer by paying 3% of your total earnings.

GigSmart Review: Is GigSmart Legit?

Upon personally trying the app and reading reviews online, I thought GigSmart was a legit side hustle app.

However, whether it’s the right one depends on what features you want and how easily you can get gigs.

Typically, GigSmart offers a wide variety of jobs for freelancers. However, they usually specialize in part-time jobs or short-term projects.

Some job postings can also be immediately due within the next few days, which isn’t ideal for those working multiple schedules.

What Do People Think About GigSmart?

Most user reviews I found online shine GigSmart in a positive light. Below is one such review:

I worked my 1st gig today, and it went extremely well. I thought it was a scam at first, but my payment definitely cleared. I’m loving this app and company already.

However, like other companies, GigSmart has its challenges. Below is one such review:

I haven’t been able to choose a gig because unlike advertised there are none. That is false advertisement. I am not looking for a part-time or full-time job with a w-2, because I already have a great one! I only signed up with this app for the instant pay gigs nothing else. On top of having no gigs available, I open the app for the first time and you’re trying to force me to give you my car information and extra unnecessary information or I can’t access the app. Highly disappointed in this app.

How Does GigSmart Work?

GigSmart works by giving employers instant access to the available workforce. Using the app, employers can quickly fill shifts with people with the right skill sets.

If you want to join GigSmart, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the App

Another thing that separates GigSmart from other gig finders is its highly-rated mobile app.

You can download their app on Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS. As of writing, the app has accumulated over 500,000 downloads.

Step 2: Create an Account

Creating your GigSmart free profile can take longer than some, but it’s simple enough to follow.

After installing the app, you’ll be asked to sign up for a gigs account manually or by linking your Facebook, Apple, or Google Account.

Note that you must verify this linking with the account you used with the latter options.

Then, input your first and last name. Note that employers will only see your first name and your last name’s initial.

Next, enter your mobile number and wait for a verification code via SMS. After that, enter your date of birth.

People 14 and above can create an account and apply for a job. However, those under 18 must present their parent or guardian’s consent before proceeding.

Next, put in your ZIP code or enable location services for more accurate location tracking so that the app can give you local gigs from your area.

You’ll also be asked to upload a professional profile picture. Companies you work for will use this to recognize you.

Afterward, input your notable skills, which will be used to notify you of available Shift Gigs. Having more skills mean having more available gigs.

You’ll then need to add your primary method of transportation to go to the gig address to measure how quickly you can go to different locations when required.

Step 3: Apply for Worker Benefits

After finishing the sign-up process, you’ll be asked if you want to apply for worker benefits, including healthcare, Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI), and a $50 direct hire bonus.

This healthcare and insurance policy typically charges $1 per hourly shift gig earnings as part of their Trust and Support fee.

Given that this fee is the only commission that GigSmart receives from their workers, some could say that it’s an acceptable amount, especially if you consider the minimum wage.

How to Earn Money With GigSmart

Below are three ways you can earn money as a GigSmart worker:

1. Shift Gigs

Shift Gigs are jobs that work on hourly shifts. These gigs look for workers with particular skills listed in the description.

Thus, it’s best to keep your profile updated since the app will only notify you if one of your submitted skills matches.

Shift Gigs cover multiple industries, but most requests are for construction, food service, retail, or delivery services.

Also, the app will send you new Shift Gig notifications every time you hit a match, so remember to keep posted.

Employers can also use the app to track your location and monitor the time you spend working, so it’s best to enable it on the job.

Some Shift Gigs can be Verified. Verified Gigs are generally more strict with the hiring policies.

The company conducts a background and motor vehicle record check on prospective employees in these gigs.

2. Project Gigs

Project Gigs is where you’ll usually find permanent or full-time positions. Unlike Shift Gigs which heavily relies on the app, Project Gigs can be directly discussed with the employers.

For instance, the requester can adjust the pay per hour, project timeline, and payment method throughout your services.

3. Job Board

GigSmart also has a Job Board that can connect you to part-time or full-time job opportunities near you.

Like real-life job boards, you can apply for positions that fit your interests and skill sets by emailing the company directly.

Job Boards can also contain calls for focus group participants and the like.

Alternative Gig-Finding Companies to Check Out

Still unsure if GigSmart can help you get a job today? Check out these alternatives:

1. Gigwalk

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Gigwalk is a legit data collection app that pays you to let brands know about the market and their preferences.

Their tasks include mystery shopping jobs, safety checks, location surveys, and property inspections.

With Gigwalk, you can earn up to $100 per gig depending on the task’s complexity and time spent for its completion.

2. Fiverr

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Fiverr is one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces that gives gig opportunities for freelancers.

Initially, Fiverr limited gigs to only cost $5 (hence the name), but they have since removed the restriction.

Unlike Gigsmart, where requesters post gigs, most Fiverr gigs come from sellers who offer their services for a fee.

Gigs can cost anywhere between $5 and $10,000 depending on your skill or niche.

3. Stan’s Gigs

Here at Stan’s Gigs, I’ll give you the best and highest-paying free gigs I can find.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, I’ve built a database of legit paid surveys, clinical trials, product testers, and more.

Simply subscribe to my newsletter to learn about the best deals.

Fiding Legit Gigs Via GigSmart

The 2020 pandemic may have halted some business operations, but it helped boost the gig economy and maintain many people’s work-life balance.

Legit companies like GigSmart helped make this happen.

While GigSmart’s convenient mobile app, healthcare, and insurance system sounds good for some of their workers, some voiced out how there can be slow background checks, laggy interface, and few opportunities.

I hope this GigSmart review helped you choose the gig site for your next job.

If you’re still unsure of your choice or just want extra money to come your way, subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll get you the highest-paying gigs in town.

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