How To Get a Free Netflix Gift Card

soest, germany january 8, 2019: netflix gift cards for sale in the shop.

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Since I subscribed to Netflix, I have watched hundreds of movies and series on my phone, laptop, and TV.

It has definitely been one of my favorite ways to enjoy my weekends and relax.

That said, it is no secret that streaming companies have been working to increase their service rates, probably to produce more of our favorite shows.

As a result, it made subscriptions to multiple streaming platforms quite a monthly investment.

For this reason, I made it my personal mission to learn how to get a free Netflix gift card.

Fortunately, the tricks I have uncovered helped me save money and significantly cut down my subscription expenses.

These hacks are what I’ll be sharing with you in this quick guide.

Why Do Market Research Companies Give Out Free Netflix Gift Cards?

Market research companies engage with customers to collect data through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and field trials.

Every process provides quantitative results, qualitative results, or both.

They use incentives to motivate people to participate in surveys and increase the response rates and panelist engagement.

The most common incentives they offer are cash, check, gift cards, perks, and merchandise.

Since people love freebies, giving out free Netflix gift cards helps researchers gather data faster and easier. 

Thanks to fast email delivery and several options, this method is a win-win. Participants can redeem their free Netflix gift card and use it immediately.

How To Get a Free Netflix Gift Card

It’s easy to get a Netflix gift card if you know where to look. Some are easy, while others may need extra care.

1. Filling out surveys and participating in other market research opportunities.

I consider this method the best way to get free Netflix gift cards.

By signing up to various survey sites, you can easily collect Netflix gift cards and use them to pay for your subscription.

Aside from taking surveys, you can also be asked to participate in other market research opportunities.

These include, but are not limited to, playing online games, downloading and testing new mobile apps, and attending focus group sessions.

2. Following companies and websites on social media.

Several companies and websites offer chances to get a free Netflix gift card.

You just have to subscribe to their newsletter, join contests or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites.

You can expect them to require liking and sharing specific posts.

They will then choose the winners by selecting social media engagers randomly and giving them free Netflix gift card codes as a prize.

3. Checking the r/FreeGiftCards subreddit.

There is a r/FreeGiftCards subreddit dedicated to sharing how you can earn gift cards and money for free.

Although the methods posted here are not specific to earning free Netflix gift cards, they offer excellent ways to earn gift cards, cash, or PayPal prizes. 

Just a quick warning, though; this subreddit can be quite addicting.

Top 3 Sources of Free Netflix Gift Cards

Don’t know where to start looking for these opportunities? Allow me to share my favorite sources with you.


PrizeRebel is a get-paid-to platform that caters to a global community of participants. 

One of the best things I love about this company is the ridiculous amount of earning opportunities they have daily. 

There’s a substantial payout requirement to earn a Netflix gift card.

The good news is that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to earn these points due to the wealth of offers PrizeRebel has.

Fill out the quick sign-up sheet on their home page to get started.


  • A lot of earning opportunities 
  • Offers different payout options, including cash and gift cards


  • Has a high payout requirement for Netflix gift cards

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is primarily a paid survey site, but it also offers other ways of earning points by creating relevant content.

By participating in their contests and other engagement activities, you will have several chances to earn a reward.

Not based in the United States? No problem. 

Toluna Influencers is available in over 60 countries. However, it is important to note that their Netflix gift card offers are limited to specific regions. 

I recommend choosing another payout option, such as cash, and using that money to fund your own Netflix subscription instead.


  • Various earning opportunities depending on your location
  • Different payout options, including cash and gift cards


  • Netflix gift card payouts are limited to select countries

Stan’s Gigs

Of course, this line-up would not be complete without mentioning Stan’s Gigs itself.

Many market research opportunities I feature every day offer a Netflix gift card payout option.

All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter to get started.


  • New opportunities to earn gift cards are available daily
  • Sends out timely newsletter updates


  • Availability and eligibility may vary


I know how awesome it feels to sit down, grab some popcorn, and watch your favorite shows after a long day at work or school.

Now that you know how to get a free Netflix gift card, you can binge-watch all you want without spending money.

Not only will you be saving some dollars, but you’ll also find new things to do during your free time.

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter before you enjoy your next session of Netflix and chill.

Happy binge-watching!

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