How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards To Level Up Your Gaming Experience

Free xbox gift card

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As an avid gamer, I know how bills can accumulate even with free to play games. Between Xbox subscription and those must have new releases, it can add up.

Fortunately, you can learn how to get free Xbox gift cards and codes from a number of sites that offer them.

It helps me save money and play my favorite games without worrying about how it will impact my monthly budget.

Before moving on, let me just say that while this quick guide will focus on Xbox gift cards, I’m pretty sure a lot of these methods can help you earn other rewards as well.

Some of these tricks will get you rewards you can use on other gaming platforms like PlayStation and Steam.

Why Do Market Research Companies Give Out Free Xbox Gift Cards?

People love freebies, especially if it aligns with their hobbies and interests.

On the other side of the spectrum, only a few enjoy taking part in market research gigs like surveys and beta testing (unless you’re me).

Market research companies understand how useful it is to put these two together.

They make use of this knowledge by offering a variety of gift cards in exchange for participating in their available research projects.

In addition, it can also create an opportunity for big consumer brands to associate themselves with these enjoyable activities.

For instance, suppose you’ve earned your Netflix subscription by taking part in a series of surveys about Kraft foods.

Wouldn’t you remember Kraft during your binge-watching sessions?

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards in 4 Easy Ways

Thanks to modern technology, you can now get freebies from joining market research programs without stepping out your front door.

Here are several ways to get free Xbox gift cards during your spare time:

Survey Sites

One of the most popular and easiest ways to get Xbox gift cards for free is through survey sites.

Survey sites are platforms operated by market research companies to determine the opinion of people through surveys, polls, and so much more.

These sites pay users for every task completed in the form of points, which can then be redeemed into cash or gift cards.

Cashback Apps

Another way to get Xbox gift cards for free is through cashback apps.

These apps provide you with a rebate on a purchase or a coupon for a discount. Some give points that can be redeemed and used to get gift cards.

Rewards Program

Some companies offer rewards programs to their customers and provide them with points for every purchase or activity.

These points can be redeemed for discounts, products, donations, and other incentives (including gift cards) to attract more customers.

A rewards program is also known as a loyalty program designed to encourage repeat business. So, the more a customer patronizes a company, the greater their rewards.

Rewards App

Rewards apps are mobile applications that provide cash and gift cards prizes when you play games.

There are rewards apps where you can play games for free and earn points to redeem.

These apps are great ways to earn extra income and save some money by using the points to get gift cards.

Top Sources of Free Xbox Gift Cards

I created a list of survey sites that pays you to answer surveys and other tasks, such as surfing the web, playing games, and watching videos.

These sites also offer free Xbox gift cards.

If you are looking for practical ways to play your favorite games without paying for them out of pocket, consider these sites:


PrizeRebel is one of the most popular get-paid-to platforms today.

It has a community of participants worldwide and an endless amount of market research opportunities that come in daily.

You’ll never run out of online tasks to do here.

It might require quite an accumulation of points before you’re able to redeem a gift card.

Even so, that’s not going to be an issue, given the number of available opportunities to get points each day.

To join PrizeRebel, just fill out their sign-up sheet you can find on their home page.


  • Various ways to earn points daily
  • Different payout options available


  • Has a high payout requirement for Xbox gift cards


Swagbucks is another popular market research platform where you can get paid to complete a variety of tasks.

These can include taking surveys, watching videos, online shopping, trying new apps, and more.

It is a legit platform and has paid out more than $400 million in cash to its members.

You may redeem your points to get gift cards or cash out through PayPal.

In addition, you can also redeem these points towards Microsoft Xbox Live digital gift cards through your Xbox game console or your Microsoft account.

Like the previous platform, Swagbucks allows anyone to join their community conveniently by filling out a sign-up form on their home page.

The entire process wouldn’t even take five minutes to complete.


  • Various ways to earn points daily
  • Different payout options available


  • Points can take a while to accumulate

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a market research company established in 1975.

Its website pays users to participate in surveys about their opinions on products, companies, and more.

Its surveys have different lengths, and Ipsos i-Say pays based on the length of the survey.

You will receive email invitations for surveys every month, and every survey is worth a huge amount of points.

Its surveys have an average worth of 45 to 90 points. And if you are lucky, you may get surveys worth 100 to 200 points.

However, these surveys are quite uncommon, even for long-time community members like me.

When your accumulated points reach a thousand, you’ll be able to exchange them for a $10 Xbox Live gift card.

Learn more about their available rewards and how to join their community by visiting their website.


  • Various ways to earn points daily
  • Offers a chance to join online contests with high-value rewards 


  • Points can take a while to accumulate

Stan’s Gigs

Finally, I won’t be able to complete this list without mentioning Stan’s Gigs.

After all, I have a lot of offers that present opportunities to get Xbox gift cards. The gamer in me made sure of that.

In addition, I’ve also made it easy for anyone to join.

All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter to receive details about exclusive offers, especially those that will help you get your coveted gaming gift cards.

These offers can include surveys, interviews, and other market research gigs.

You can also sign up for the latest sampling opportunities and enjoy more freebies aside from gift cards.


  • Various ways to earn gift cards
  • Sends regular email updates for exclusive deals


  • Availability and eligibility may vary

Stan’s Gigs is another trusted website where you are paid to answer surveys.

You can earn points by joining various surveys and then redeem the points you collected to get gift cards.

By subscribing to my newsletter, you will receive the latest updates and exclusive offers.


Gaming for fun doesn’t have to be an expensive pursuit, especially when there are various ways to earn the gift cards you need.

You can even use these same methods to earn a little cash on the side.

Aside from learning how to get free Xbox gift cards, there are other ways to level up your gaming experience.

Here’s a quick tip: I usually set aside a “gaming night” fund where I pool all of the rewards I get from online gigs towards gift cards and my snacks and beer.

This way, I’ll be able to enjoy my game nights without an ounce of guilt.

Again, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, and feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

Have fun!

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