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Internet Jetset Rating


After careful consideration (and plenty of research!), I'd have to give Internet 2-star rating. Not because it's a scam or not worth your while but because I reviewed it based on whether or not it's a great side hustle. After all, that's what this website is about. I don't think it's an excellent choice if you want to generate a passive income online because it requires a lot of work. On the other hand, if you want to pursue a career in online marketing and become a wealthy affiliate marketer, Internet Jetset is a top choice.

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Whether it’s about focus groups, surveys, or other side hustles, I’m your go-to guy for making money online.

While browsing online, I came across a guy named John Crestani. He talked about a lucrative opportunity that lets people earn as much as $10,000 monthly.

Just the mention of that amount activated my spidey sense. This sounds like an oversell, if not dangerous. It’s not unusual for scams or even legit sites to overpromise and underdeliver.

A legit site overselling its service about monthly income is one thing. But a businessman overpromising while asking you to pay for a product is a different ballgame.

All these things only mean one thing: time for an Internet Jetset review. Let’s see if you can make money with this opportunity.

What is Internet Jetset?

When I started researching Internet Jetset, I also checked John Crestani’s background. After all, the credibility of this affiliate marketing training program will largely depend on the man who created it.

John Crestani started his journey as an affiliate marketer in Results Driven Marketing LLC from 2012 to 2016.

He then founded Pendragon Labs Marketing in 2017 at 929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, California. He is also currently a part of the stealth data platform Antler.

He’s a renowned personality in the affiliate marketing industry, acquiring over 200,000 customers for multiple clients and the companies he owns.

John Crestani also teaches a wide audience about online business through his YouTube videos. Currently, he’s made millions of dollars through commissions using his affiliate network, Nutryst.

John Crestani lives in Malibu, California, US, but travels worldwide while managing his online businesses.

In other words, he’s living the life many of us dream of. This is why I still have faith in Internet Jetset.

If you want a mentor that will teach you about affiliate marketing, John Crestani is your guy.

The Super Affiliate System – Internet Jetset

I often review focus groups and surveys here, so some of you may not yet be familiar with affiliate marketing.

You earn money through commissions by recommending products to your readers or visitors. You do this by including the product’s link to content on your website or social media platforms.

For example, if your website is about shoes, you link Nike, Adidas, and other brands to your content.

If this lead generation translates to sales, meaning, the visitor purchased from the brand through your link, you earn a small commission.

The best thing about this is it’s “generally free” to learn affiliate marketing. I say “generally free” because Internet Jetset isn’t.

The first part is a free webinar covering the basics of affiliate marketing. After that, John Crestani’s training program costs anywhere from $47 to $187.

There’s also a subscription-based community, and the monthly membership costs $47. We’ll talk more about these later on.

Is Internet Jetset Legit?

Here comes the million-dollar question, or in this case, the 47-dollar question. Is Internet Jetset legit?

You know how cautious I am regarding online money-making opportunities that ask for upfront payments. This is usually a major red flag for me.

So, to test its legitimacy, I first visited John Crestani’s and Internet Jetset’s web pages.

I have to admit. I’m not impressed with Internet Jetset’s website. It looks like your typical online scam.

Image Source

Nonetheless, I do like that most of the things you need to know about the course are already there.

John Crestani’s main website looks more professional, starkly contrasting the effort (or lack thereof) that went into Internet Jetset.

Image Source

You can easily navigate to other web pages from the homepage with just a few clicks. It also displays who John Crestani is, what he does, and a quick button that lets you sign up for his training.

In other words, his website looks more legit to me.

I also found a Forbes news article featuring him, so that’s always a good sign that Internet Jetset is not a scam since he’s not hiding in the shadows.

There are also articles about him in Business InsiderYahoo! Finance, and a quick interview on Fox News.

Unfortunately, I can’t find Google reviews about Internet Jetset, probably because it doesn’t have a Google Business Page.

On the other hand, I found a tweet from one user replying to John Crestani. It says,

“Looking forward to getting more of your mentorship on making money online. Though still struggling to make my first sale in Affiliate Marketing.” (@MarkSumi_)

From this, we can quickly recognize that affiliate marketing is not as easy as Internet Jetset makes it out to be. Most of the reviews from Reddit are also overwhelmingly negative.

A handful of reviews from other sources say they earned thousands of dollars by following John Crestani’s course.

One review from eBizFacts says,

“By following the course guidelines I’m now making more than $10k/month, mainly with Google Ads.”

However, the user who posted the review, according to eBizFacts, “has a business relationship with the course creator,” which means there’s a huge chance that it’s biased.

I also signed up for John Crestani’s webinar just to get a sense of how legit or not all of these are.

Image Source

It gets rather gimmicky from here. After inputting details, the page says I’ve been registered and the live room is active. So I went ahead and clicked on the link.

Image Source

The so-called “webinar” starts with John Crestani arriving at the location in a helicopter. He’s talking to his crew, asking if the webinar has started and apologizing that he’s late.

He’s also talking to the “audience” listed on the screen’s right side while showing off his luxurious lifestyle.

This is a major red flag for me. So, to test this “live webinar,” I closed the tab and tried to sign up again.

Just as I expected, I arrived at the same page and the same webinar with John Crestani coming into view on a helicopter.

Simply put, the “live webinar” is pre-recorded.

Five days after signing up, I’ve received eight emails from them. That’s significantly higher than I usually receive from focus groups and marketing research companies.

So, what’s my honest opinion about all this?

Technically, Internet Jetset (which is now Super Affiliate System) is not a scam. It’s a guide, and whether or not it helps you earn money depends on you.

On the other hand, I do think that charging $47 per month is quite hefty, especially if you consider that you’re still the one who’ll do all the work.

On top of this, his methods of acquiring customers, clients, and students are pretty sketchy. We all know spam emails are a big nope.

Lastly, the fact that the products he markets include tons of upsells is shady. Aside from the relentless invites, the courses include affiliate links to products or companies he also owns.

He makes more money through you as you go deeper into his sales funnel. In other words, you’re continuously shelling out your money without receiving your first dollar.

How Does Internet Jetset Work?

Internet Jetset works by providing you with useful guidelines on how to be an affiliate marketer.

The entire course is quite long and includes several modules. I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

The Online Business Blueprint

This first part discusses the basics of internet marketing. It’s where you’ll learn various concepts on making money online.

The Online Business Blueprint includes topics like business automation and recurring commissions.

I think this is useful for beginner affiliate marketers, but it probably has nothing new to offer you if you’ve been doing this for a while.

Introduction to Internet Jetset

The second module is an overview of the course and what you can expect to learn from it. It also includes videos about online business building and the psychology behind successful entrepreneurship.

John Crestani also included a simple trick on how beginners can use free traffic to attract a wider audience.

While it doesn’t guarantee you’d get sales, it generates several clicks and visits.

Choosing Your Niche

A niche is the specific industry where you’ll build your business. For instance, gardening is a relevant niche if you’re knowledgeable about plants.

This is where John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System falls behind. Choosing a niche is a complicated process.

You probably don’t want to use paid traffic if you’re a beginner online entrepreneur. However, generating free traffic is extremely difficult, especially in competitive niches.

Google SEO

Once you have your niche, you need to learn about SEO. This is the backbone of affiliate networks, and it’s how you can land on the top pages of search engines (an integral part of free traffic generation).

The SEO module in John Crestani’s Internet Jetset provides more advanced training lessons, so it’d probably be hard to understand if you don’t know basic SEO.

On the other hand, if you’re an online marketer and already familiar with SEO, this module can be a game-changer for you.


YouTube has always been an indispensable tool for gaining traffic. In this module, John Crestani teaches you how to create your YouTube channel.

Through paid advertising or YouTube ads, you can use this channel to become a wealthy affiliate marketer.


The Internet Jetset course on Facebook is also about free traffic. It’s mostly about optimizing your Facebook page to reach your audience.

However, it does not talk about landing pages or building a following. Moreover, Facebook marketing is more complicated than it looks.

Free traffic methods on this platform are almost obsolete, and the only way to appear in people’s news feeds is through paid ads.

Your Website

To be a successful internet marketer, you shouldn’t focus solely on social media platforms. It’s through your website that you gain more money.

The Internet Jetset program discusses this in great detail, including setting up a WordPress website and turning it into an affiliate program.

While the tips here are helpful, I have to say that you can learn most of them for free. There are multiple tutorials on YouTube that’ll probably teach you the same thing.


This module covers copywriting basics such as persuasive writing and click-worthy titles. Besides that, it doesn’t offer much about online marketing, except if you’re new to copywriting.

Even if you don’t make money through Internet Jetset, learning about copywriting through this module will still help you in the long run.

You can be a freelance copywriter or try your luck with an agency. The compensation for this type of work is closer to a full-time income than what you’ll earn on commissions (if your site is not yet receiving plenty of traffic).

Launch Jacking

Launch jacking focuses heavily on the hype or the buildup before a new digital product becomes available to the public.

The main idea is to capitalize on people’s search queries to generate free traffic. This online marketing strategy is a popular method of boosting upcoming products and maybe even your online business.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to land on the first pages of search engines because the demand is high, but the competition is relatively low.

However, you must always be in the loop about anything related to your niche. Otherwise, you’ll arrive late to the party.

12-Week Super Affiliate System

The final part of the course discusses the 12-Week Super Affiliate System, another course created by John Crestani.

This course also teaches you how to be a wealthy affiliate marketer, except that it’s more advanced and includes more tips, guides, and access to different resources.

Joining Internet Jetset

So, how do you start your affiliate marketing business through Internet Jetset? Well, John Crestani offers three paid methods.


The first method is through Jetset, which I’ve discussed above. The entire course costs $47, which is a one-time payment.

12-Week Super Affiliate System

The next method is the upsell from Jetset. The 12-Week Super Affiliate System teaches you more advanced affiliate marketing strategies.

It also includes case studies and interviews with experts in the field. The course is designed to last for 12 weeks and costs $187.

Jetset & JetsetLIVE

The last method is through JetsetLIVE, an online forum about John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

JetsetLIVE includes live webinars and insights from successful students of the course.

You instantly become part of JetsetLIVE after purchasing Jetset. However, you’d have to pay a monthly subscription of $47 if you want to maintain your position in the online community.

How to Earn Money With Internet Jetset?

To complete this Internet Jetset review, we need to talk about how you can earn money through this material.

The truth is, without working to establish your business online, you don’t earn with Internet Jetset, let alone a full-time income.

You don’t immediately start making money online once you subscribe to JetsetLIVE or purchase Internet Jetset.

Unlike most of what I review here, the Internet Jetset system will not pay you. Instead, you pay them for the online course.

Nonetheless, I commend that John Crestani’s quality training in affiliate marketing should be helpful for those who want to pursue this career.

If you want to earn money through this program, you must follow every step of the course and establish an online presence your way, maybe even invest in ads (and this course).

You will earn online through commissions if you create a successful sales funnel. While the course is too generic, mainly touching on the basics of everything, its structure makes it easier for beginners to follow.

Other Alternatives

Allow me to point you in the right direction. Here are some free alternatives where you can generate passive income online.

1. Branded Surveys

Image Source

Branded Surveys is my go-to website for making money online. You don’t need a successful online business to earn your first dollar.

All you need to do is sign up, join focus groups or answer surveys, and get paid. No sign-up fees either!

Branded Surveys use a point system. You earn more points the more surveys you answer. You can then convert your points into cash using PayPal or Branded Pays.

On the other hand, you can also convert them to gift cards. Branded Surveys also include daily challenges and polls if you want to make more money.

Click here to join Branded Survey

2. Opinion Outpost

Image Source

As I’ve mentioned, John Crestani’s online marketing course tends to send spam emails asking you to join numerous free training programs.

If that’s a pet peeve for you, let me introduce you to Opinion Outpost. This is a survey aggregator, which means the site is a hub for numerous ongoing paid surveys in different parts of the world.

One of the best things about this is that Opinion Outpost will be the one to reach out to you for new studies, reducing the number of emails you receive from several marketing research companies.

Opinion Outpost also uses a point system, and you can exchange them for numerous rewards in Apple, Amazon, Nike, and Target.

There’s also the option to convert them to cash through PayPal.

Click here to join Opinion Outpost

3. Udemy – Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

Image Source

Let me just put this out there. Affiliate marketing works! Don’t be disheartened about trying your luck to become a wealthy affiliate marketer just because some courses or programs require an upfront payment.

There are several free training resources you can try. Udemy, for instance, provides students with countless resources on how to succeed in different industries.

The 5-Step Blueprint developed by Tyler Stokes is completely free and will give you useful insights on making money online.

It may not be as in-depth as John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System, but this tutorial is free.

Click here to join Udemy – Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

4. Santrel Media

Image Source

You don’t have to go very far if you want to learn about affiliate marketing without signing up or paying for anything.

A YouTube channel called Santrel Media regularly uploads tutorial videos, not just about affiliate marketing but also about eCommerce, website building, free and paid traffic, and virtually anything related to business development.

Since the tutorials are on YouTube, you can access all of them online. They earn money through YouTube traffic, so they don’t need upfront payments.

They also have a website if you want to read reviews about specific tools and software programs.

Through their website and YouTube channel, you can stay updated about the latest news on eCommerce and gain insights on building a digital business.

Click here to subscribe to Santrel Media

Internet Jetset Review – The Verdict

So, what’s my honest takeaway from this Internet Jetset review? I don’t think a monthly subscription fee of $47 is justifiable.

The affiliate marketing business is not as easy as it sounds. It can take months before you earn your first commission, and honestly, the commission is not that high either, sometimes only averaging $50.

If you reduce the monthly subscription fee, your total profit is only $3 for all the hard work you did in the previous months.

On top of this, you might have to spend on paid ads before appearing in other people’s searches, so breaking even isn’t a guarantee.

Lastly, most of John Crestani’s tips for building your own online business are accessible for free if you’re persistent enough.

You can probably find tutorials on Google SEO, copywriting, and website building just by browsing YouTube or other streaming platforms.

The only difference is that John Crestani gathers all of them in an online course, making it easier to follow.

Nonetheless, it’s an excellent choice if you want to invest in your skills and dive deep into affiliate marketing.

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