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Have you ever wondered how brands are born? I have. I was particularly interested in how products and services are conceptualized.

That’s how I initially stumbled upon market research: sheer curiosity. Eventually, I started joining online research communities.

I found reviews so helpful in ensuring that the companies I’ve signed up for were totally legitimate.

Today, I’m paying it forward by writing one myself. It also answers one of the most frequent questions I get from my readers: “Is Dscout legit?

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What Is Dscout?

Dscout is a market research company with a vibrant online community of respondents. I like how they call themselves People Nerds.

After all, their main trade is to serve as the bridge between the consumers who enjoy sharing their honest opinions and the brands that need them.

Their primary process, which is something that I will be discussing more in a bit, is what sets them apart.

They don’t just work with any brand. They take pride in working with the world’s smartest companies.

The members of their community aren’t just passive survey takers. Instead, they help bring creative ideas to life while solving tough problems.

Finally, Dscout is an ideal research firm to work with if you’re looking for alternative ways to earn money online.

They have a convenient app that will allow you to accomplish “missions” and get paid even while you’re on the go.

Is Dscout Legit?

Whenever I research a particular research platform, the first thing I usually do is check on the previous reviews posted about them.

Unfortunately, I have found that Dscout isn’t on TrustPilot yet. The good news is that they also don’t have negative reviews.

Keep in mind that more people are encouraged to leave a review after a bad experience over a positive one.

Hence, for me, this seemed like a good start. 

Then, I promptly moved on to what other members of the market research community had to say.

Most were more than happy to spill all the details about Dscout. I was pleased that I’ve only heard amazing things about them.

From my initial investigation, Dscout seemed like a legitimate company. They had a lot of positive reviews from my peers. Their website looks nice, professional, and detailed.

How Does Dscout Work?

In the end, there’s only one way to determine whether this company is legitimate. It was when I decided to try Dscout for myself.

Plus, it’ll equip me with the info I need to share with you about how Dscout works.

Step 1: Sign-up as a Member

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Many market research companies ask for so much personal information from the get-go. 

While I understand that they’re only doing this to match us better with their available opportunities, I also acknowledge that it can discourage potential users.

Dscout has probably figured this out as well. Hence, they have made it very quick and easy to set up a Dscout account.

To start, click on “Participate in Research Studies” on their main menu. You will then be led to a page containing all the information you need to be a “Scout”.

It’s what they call the members of their community.

Click on “Sign-up”, and it’ll open another page. From there, click on “Become a Scout”. There’s also an option there to create a researcher account.

They will then provide you with the link to download their free app from the App Store (for Apple users) and Google Play Store (for Android Users).

Step 2: Download the Dscout App

You can head straight to your preferred app store to save a few minutes of your time.

However, I still highly recommend reading the info they have on their Be a Scout page to get a better idea of what you’re signing up for.

Here’s a quick Dscout app review: Say goodbye to delayed typing. I like that the Dscout app is not sluggish.

Many of the similar mobile applications I’ve tried tend to lag when I’m doing something beyond just answering a quick survey.

For instance, I’ve noticed that the video messages exchanged within the app play smoothly even when internet connectivity is a bit problematic.

I can only imagine how many beta releases they’ve had to get their app running so efficiently. Of course, I know it’s not perfect.

There might be possible bugs that I have yet to encounter. I’m just basing my review on the experience I’ve had so far.

Step 3: Provide Your Personal Details

I highly recommend updating your profile when you’re logged into the Dscout app.

For instance, don’t forget to enter your Paypal account before you start answering online surveys. Dscout pays immediately.

Step 4: Start Doing Missions

Dscout refers to their research opportunities as Dscout missions. There are three types:

  • Express missions are short and easy to accomplish. Some of them only require you to answer a few multiple choice questions, and that’s it. You’ll already earn extra cash.
  • Diary missions are more detailed and comprehensive. These tasks even take a few days to complete.
  • Live missions require a mission leader to watch a live stream of you as you accomplish the required tasks.

As with other market research companies, Dscout requires interested scouts to send mission applications before they get accepted to a gig.

Many newbies in the community frown upon this practice because it seems like the researchers are getting free information from you. In addition, they don’t have any monetary guarantee.

These quick surveys are not intended to scam you. Instead, these are designed to determine your eligibility for the mission you’re applying for. In fact, putting more effort into these questionnaires will help you land better missions.

Step 5: Complete Missions

Various missions pay differently. Their payout rate will largely depend on two factors: time and effort.

For instance, sending video messages will make more money than a five-minute survey.

How to Earn Money With Dscout

The Paypal cash you’ll earn from Dscout will depend on how many missions you complete.

You won’t earn anything substantial by just taking on a few express missions each month. Instead, you’ll need to complete high-paying missions to get good money.

My advice is to take initial surveys more seriously. Answer those survey questions upfront with more thought, transparency, and confidence.

Other Market Research Firms With Apps

Dscout may have a great and convenient app, but they are definitely not the only market research agency with a mobile platform.

Here are others that you can also check out:


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Do you have a lot of spare pockets of time each day? Whether you’re on a break or the commute, you can easily turn these minutes into money by joining AttaPoll.

It is a mobile application you can download to take paid surveys through your phone, even on the go.

Just like Dscout, AttaPoll sends their payments through Paypal. I also like that AttaPoll has an international community of respondents. You don’t have to be in the U.S. to join.

As for the application, it has a very practical and straightforward user interface. It’s not the most visually impressive app, but it gets the work done at the end of the day.

Toluna Influencers

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Here’s another market research firm that comes with its own app. You’ll also be pleased to learn that Toluna Influencers have a global community. 

Their mobile application is simple, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. It is also very easy to use.

My favorite feature is their Survey Center since it lists all available opportunities, including their estimation of how long each task will take and how many points you can expect to earn after completing them. 

Stan’s Gigs

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Finally, you can also consider joining Stan’s Gigs. The best part is you won’t have to download any mobile app this time around.

In fact, I won’t even require you to fill up any form. Instead, all I ask is for you to sign up for my newsletter. It’ll help keep you posted on the best and latest market research opportunities.

Since I work with a vast network of researchers, you can rest assured that I will never run out of high-paying tasks you can check out.

Is Dscout Legit: The Verdict

My final verdict on Dscout is that it’s not a scam. They can certainly help you make money by performing various online tasks, such as surveys and interviews.

However, it is also important to note that Dscout isn’t the only market research firm out there. There are others that you can equally check out.

Finally, don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletter. This way, you’ll get those research opportunities straight to your inbox.

Good luck!

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