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Is Focus Insite legit?” is one of the top questions I had to answer on my quest for the best survey and focus group platforms.

Freebies and surveys always get my blood pumping, especially when I can get rewards and cash for giving my opinion.

After hearing about Focus Insite, I was curious to see what offers they had available and whether they were worthwhile.

With my research, I was able to find out some pretty interesting details that piqued my interests.

What Is Focus Insite?

what is focus insite

Focus Insite is a marketing research firm that works with many reputable brand names and companies.

They have several great opportunities to earn cash and rewards through their site.

I was able to sign up for market research studies that were online, over the phone, and in person.

Focus Insite came to the market in 2016 as one of the leading qualitative market research outfits.

Today, they specialize in several industries, such as healthcare, technical studies, B2B products, and consumer products.

I always find their survey and focus group opportunities are the highest quality offers in my inbox.

Is Focus Insite Legit?

During my research, I found Focus Insite works with numerous business leaders and business profiles, such as:

  • NFL
  • Apple
  • Lego
  • NBA
  • eBay
  • MasterCard
  • The Home Depot
  • Delta
  • American Express

This alone showed they were one of the top firms offering phone interviews and online user interviews with huge brands on their resume.

However, I wanted to dig even deeper, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Focus Insite’s official Facebook page is filled with important information about the company.

I also looked at their customer reviews, which gave them a 4.8 out of five-star rating.

If there was anything that would sell me on their online and in-person survey offers, these reviews said a lot.

I also quickly browsed their profile on the Better Business Bureau.

Although Focus Insite is not accredited, they have very few complaints.

Also, this market research company answered each query in full detail, which helped ease any remaining concerns I had.

How Does Focus Insite Work?

Undoubtedly satisfied by the authenticity of this market research firm, I couldn’t wait to sign up for an account.

Fortunately, getting started with their client services was much easier than I expected.

1. Sign Up for an Account

focus insite sign up

As with any market research team, I had to sign up for an account to see their available opportunities.

Focus Insite makes the process very simple, especially if it’s your first time trying a market research firm.

You can consider two main options: filling a study or joining a panel.

join panel

Filling a study is reserved for businesses looking to do market research.

You’ll want to join a panel as someone looking to complete studies for rewards.

After selecting that option, I was able to choose from five different types of 1-2 hour focus groups, including:

  • Patients and Caregivers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Shoppers and Consumers
  • Technical Professionals
  • Business Professionals

No matter what category you choose, you’ll be brought to the signup page.

All I had to provide on this page was standard information such as my first and last name, city, gender, and birthdate.

All in all, it was a fast sign up process.

2. Browse Offers

focus insite offers

The next step in putting Focus Insite to work is to find the perfect survey or focus group opportunities.

With an account, I could access the “Current Opportunities” page, which lists all open surveys.

All open options are listed on the same page, so you can choose from different categories you might be interested in.

I found this a massive benefit, even if I had chosen to participate primarily in shopping surveys.

Seeing everything available allowed me to join unique offers, such as giving my opinion on work supplies, orthopedics, and more.

Another huge benefit of Focus Insite’s platform is they send offers to you.

If you’re like me and don’t have a ton of time to browse through hundreds of focus groups, email chains are ideal.

All I have to do is log into my email daily and check my inbox to see the offers sent to me.

It’s a great time saver and ensures you find offers in your specific area of interest.

3. Submit Your Screener

Focus Insite is very similar to any other online platform because you have to complete qualifying screeners.

These additional details are needed before the real survey; they decide if you’re what the market research company is looking for.

For example, a plumbers-only survey must confirm all focus group participants are professional plumbers.

You’ll have to enter all the information on the screeners, which is cross-referenced with the company’s requirements.

You’ll be sent to the survey page if you are approved to participate in the study.

From there, you continue to fill in your answers to receive your reward at the end of the study.

How to Earn Money With Focus Insite

One of the main things I loved about Focus Insite’s online and in-person studies is how easy it is to figure out how much you’re getting paid.

Not only that, but the payment methods were also diverse and easy for anyone to use.

When I started browsing for offers, I noticed the price per survey panel was listed in the title.

Some listings offered $125 for 90 minutes, while others were upwards of $200 for an hour.

Compared to other survey platforms, I found most of the opportunities from Focus Insite to be quite competitive.

Figuring out how you’re getting paid will vary depending on the study you’re participating in.

Remember, Focus Insite is a third party that connects you with different research opportunities.

It means you’ll get paid in the format the company finds most comfortable.

Some options offer extra money, but most of the offers I signed up for came with digital payments or a gift card.

I found plenty of vendors, including pre-paid Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

There’s also the option to donate your proceeds to a charity of your choosing, which I found awesome.

Getting payment was pretty quick as well. I found that most completed surveys paid me out within a few days, if not a couple of weeks later.

You can also keep track of your rewards on your Focus Insite dashboard.

3 Alternative Sites to Explore

If you’re interested in more focus group and survey opportunities, you can look at the following sites below:

1. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research is a pretty good firm that I’ve worked with in the past.

They also have great reviews. I found they sent regular offers for focus groups, you could complete most of them online.

What enticed me to join Probe Market Research the most was their payouts.

Most of their focus group sessions and surveys pay between $50 and $400 for up to two hours of my time.

Also, their surveys were pretty versatile, allowing me to join online or do telephone interviews.

2. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is great if you’re looking for a marketing research firm that lets you set and forget your account.

When I signed up, all I had to do was register for an account and fill out the profile information.

From there, the platform sent me all available online surveys straight to my email address.

I have yet to qualify for a study, but reviews say their payment process is incredibly simple.

They either give you a check or pay via PayPal, which is my preferred option!

3. Stan’s Gigs

If you spend a lot of time browsing for surveys and focus group sessions, you must love earning supplemental income like me.

At Stan’s Gigs, I always ensure my members access the best possible free sample products, online surveys, and paid focus group studies.

Not only will you find the best offers, but you’ll also see them right when they’re available.

I’m a frugal person, there’s no doubt about it, and I love getting my hands on the best opportunities.

By signing up for my newsletter, you can unlock amazing benefits.

Focus Insite’s Legitimacy: The Verdict

So is Focus Insite legit?

Focus Insite has a ton of great surveys and focus groups to sign up for from some pretty massive worldwide brands.

Paired with top-rated customer reviews, there’s no doubt in my mind this is a legit platform to use to get some extra cash.

With an easy payout system and an even easier sign up process, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore.

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