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MRI Survey is one of the leaders in the field but has a few limitations. They send out their study opportunities via snail mail to ensure their clients get holistic and unbiased consumer opinions. They choose their respondents via random selection. It means that you can’t purposely apply to become a respondent unless they have already sent you an invitation.

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I have already heard about MRI Simmons around my market research circle. They have this exclusive reputation about them. Apparently, it’s challenging to become a part of their community. If you’ve been reading my posts for some time now, you probably know I like a challenge. However, there’s one question that we need to answer first: Is MRI Survey legit (MRI Simmons)? After all, no one wants to waste time answering long questionnaires, not even someone who enjoys it like me.

What Is MRI Survey?

is mri survey legit MRI Survey is the exclusive survey group of the market research company MRI Simmons. The company is known for providing brands with a holistic consumer view of their products and services. They do this by selecting representatives of households in specified areas. You have probably heard them as the company behind the group, Survey of the American Consumer and National Consumer Study. MRI Simmons combined these two branches of consumer studies into what is now MRI-Simmons USA. This has made them the country’s most comprehensive consumer data provider since 1979.

MRI Survey Review: Is MRI Survey Legit (MRI Simmons)?

What gives them access to deeper insights is the quality of their respondents. They are undoubtedly legitimate. The more important questions are:

  • Is it worth joining their community, or will it just waste time?
  • Do they care for their respondents, or do they only view us as nameless behavioral data points?
  • If one wants to join their network of respondents, how does one do so?

These are the ones that are most important to me. My first stop in this investigation is the Better Business Bureau. Although they are not BBB accredited, it is very impressive that they have still reached an A+ rating. This is quite difficult to achieve for non-accredited companies. I also consulted my friends in the market research community. They only have positive things to say about the company, except for one complaint: it’s difficult to register as a member.  That’s because you don’t always get to choose to be a member. Their members are randomly selected. I’ll talk more about this in a bit.

What Are People Saying About MRI Survey?

Let us look into what existing respondents are saying about them for now. Here’s one of the reviews posted on BBB: “I completed 2 surveys for MRI Simmons, for the first survey I was paid a $40 gift card for Amazon plus $2 cash, the second one was quite lengthy but I was paid a $50 gift card for Amazon plus $5 cash.  So far I have only a positive review of this company, they paid me what I was promised. I am very pleased.” Here’s another review: “The survey is too lengthy!!! Returned the second letter they sent me to complete the survey. I never completed the first one.” Simply put, most of the negative reviews reported were due to the length of questionnaires they sent out. Apparently, they are very detailed. I believe that this is the secret to why companies favor their research data. They have the foresight to ask questions their competitors don’t usually seek.

How Does MRI Survey Work?

So how does one be a part of MRI Survey? Here’s a quick overview of their process.

Step 1: You Get Invited

What gives MRI Simmons the exclusive appeal is the fact that you can only join their community by invitation. Respondents report that they received their first survey invite as a snail mail letter to their house one day. The package already contained all the information they needed to complete the survey and the payment info. This method is because they wish to get a representative for randomly selected households to get a holistic and unbiased consumer opinion of a community.

How Does MRI Survey Get Addresses?

One of the most common concerns that people have with them is how they collect home addresses in the first place. This is possible in partnership with the US Postal Service, which has given them access to a comprehensive database of household addresses. Check this FAQs sheet for more information. Since potential respondents only get their invites mailed to them randomly, I can see why some people consider them junk mail.

Step 2: Accomplish the Survey

There are times when the questionnaire is already included in the survey kit. However, there are also instances when they provide people with an online ID that they’ll use to access the MRI Survey platform. is mri survey legit to use?

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Be sure to read the instructions that come with the survey kit, as this will also involve the specs required for completing the study. For instance, do they need the questionnaire to be answered by a male or a female entity?

Step 3: Get Paid

The final step is to wait for your reward. MRI Survey will send out an email confirmation after you have completed the survey. Online questionnaires are usually compensated within 24 hours. I highly recommend contacting their support team if you experience any compensation delays. You may email their helpdesk at or call them at 1-800-405-0170.

How to Earn Money With MRI Survey

The only way to earn money with MRI Survey is by participating in their studies. Unlike other market research companies, they don’t accept (and pay for) referrals, as it will interfere with their random selection process.

Other Market Research Agencies to Check Out

Unfortunately, you can’t apply to join MRI Simmons’ online community. All you can do is wait until they happen upon my address by chance. Hence, the best way to boost your potential earnings is by signing up for other market research agencies.

Yougov Website

1. YouGov

YouGov is one of the largest,  market research companies in the country. They have a steady flow of opportunities and payouts, from surveys to product tests. Some qualitative and lots of quantitate research going on, so you can pick what you prefer. You fill out a short survey upfront to register, so you won’t get hit with random opportunities you won’t qualify for.

Qualification: Residents of the USA and be at least 14 to join.  



button join yougov


Survey Junkie Website

2. SurveyJunkie

is based in California, but they offer online interviews that are even available through their mobile app! So you could be making money while you’re on the subway to work. Ot any other place you are bored.

Qualification: Residents of USA 16+ only.    



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Respondent Website

3. Respondent Focus Groups

is a platform primarily for business professionals that can provide feedback for companies such as Allstate and eBay. Because they are looking for certain corporate demographics, some of the studies may be difficult to qualify for, but worth it, especially if you are the target market.

Qualification: Residents of USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Must be 18+.  




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4. Stan’s Gigs

I invite you to join my community here at Stan’s Gigs. I work hard to search for exclusive study opportunities. These include online surveys, focus group discussions, and other online and offline tasks. You may even enjoy free product samples when available. All you need to do is sign-up for my newsletter. It’s that simple. I won’t even require you to fill up a registration form.

The Verdict

If you’re wondering is MRI Survey legit (MRI Simmons)?, the answer is yes, it is. In fact, it is one of the leaders in the market research industry. They are also known to pay well for their surveys with surprise bonuses, so taking part is absolutely worth your while. This level of compensation shows that they care about their community. They’re not just nameless respondents. The only problem is they have a random selection process. Hence, you can’t apply for this opportunity until they contact you first. I recommend joining my community instead by signing up for my newsletter. This will give you more control over the study opportunities you want to participate in.

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