Opinions Ltd Review – Is it Legit? Can you really Make $27/Hour?

opinions ltd review

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Opinions Ltd Rating


Opinions Ltd has a stellar reputation in market research due to the positive reviews of the brands they’ve worked with. However, it is important to mention that they still have a lot to improve on when it comes to managing their community of respondents. While I’ve only had positive experiences with them, I can’t ignore the negative feedback that their other respondents have reported online.

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I have heard many good things about Opinions Ltd for quite some time now. They’re mostly coming from the brands that they work with.

But what does this mean for the respondents who are part of their community? I was certainly intrigued. So today, join me as we give this market research company a try.

I’m going to check this agency’s legitimacy, recruitment, and payout process in this Opinions Ltd review.

What Is Opinions Ltd?

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There are a lot of impressive things about Opinions LTD as a company.

First, unlike many market research companies, Opinions LTD is family owned, which explains why there’s a strong sense of community within the staff. It also gives their operations a very hands-on approach.

Second, they are a step ahead of their competition when it comes to expertise. Their staff has an average of 15 years of experience in marketing research. No wonder they can provide a high-level quality of services.

Speaking of their services, they pride themselves in being a one-stop-shop in the industry since they offer both quantitative and qualitative research options for their clients.

They’ve even taken it one step further by opening a satellite office in the UK to provide further consumer insight, especially for clients who want to extend their reach abroad.

Opinions Ltd Review: Is Opinions Ltd Legit?

Indeed, Opinions Ltd has a stellar company background. I do not doubt that they are legitimate.

As further proof, they are accredited and certified by various bodies and organizations, such as the American Society of Trial Consultants and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research.

What I’m more interested in is how they treat their respondents. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but they have a B- rating.

The score is due to some negative complaints by respondents regarding payouts. Fortunately, all of them have been promptly resolved. I did not find them listed on Trustpilot, but I did find one review on Yelp.

I also checked what my friends from the market research community had to say about them. I must say that I was a bit worried due to the negative comments I’ve read elsewhere, but I’m happy to report that they only had positive things to say about the company.

What Are People Saying About Opinions Ltd?

I also looked into what their respondents say about them, particularly in their social media channels.

On their Facebook page, one participant wrote:

“Working with Opinions Ltd is amazing and the people that work there are very professional and wonderful people.

I had a wonderful experience while I was there. Thank you for being so friendly and nice.”

This respondent probably took part in one of their in person studies.

Meanwhile, another writes:

“I participated in a Zoom meeting. I was promised compensation of $150 plus an additional $25 if I checked in early, which I did. 

I waited approximately 2 weeks for payment but I didn’t receive it. As of this writing, I’ve not received compensation nor any type of response to my inquiries.”

A staff member of Opinions Ltd promptly responded that they had initially sent her the payment but had reached out to inform her that they would send a check instead.

The respondent then confirmed this and posted that she received a check for $175.

How Does Opinions Ltd Work?

In the end, I’ve decided that the best way to determine whether Opinions Ltd is an ideal marketing research to work with is to join them myself.

This way, I’ll also be able to walk you through their process.

Step 1: Create a Profile

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The first step towards becoming a part of the Opinions Ltd community is to create a member profile.

You can do this by clicking on “Become a Participant” on their homepage and then “Create a Profile” on the following page.

This will lead you to their registration form. Their doors are open to any member of the general public willing to share their opinion in exchange for rewards.

Step 2: Find Studies to Participate In

Once your application has successfully gone through, you will gain access to the online portal of available studies.

Each study will have a screening process to determine whether you are an eligible respondent for the research or not.

Step 3: Participate in the Study

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Opinions Ltd works with a lot of clients. Hence, they always have research opportunities you can participate in, such as online surveys, focus groups, and product testing.

They all have cash rewards, but how much you’re paid will depend on the type of study you took part in.

For instance, it is common for online surveys to have low pay. After all, many of them take less than an hour to complete.

How to Earn Money With Opinions Ltd

The only way to earn money with Opinions Ltd is to participate in studies.

However, due to the wide range of opportunities on their website and the unpredictability of eligibility, there is no way to determine how much you’ll earn in a month or a year.

Other Market Research Agencies to Check Out

The best way to increase your earnings is to join other market research networks. This way, you’ll have access to more opportunities.

Stan’s Gigs

I understand that joining multiple sites will require a lot of responsibility, especially if you’re planning to join in-person studies.

You’ll also have to manage multiple accounts. If only there were a way to access these research opportunities with minimal effort.

This was one of the missions I had in mind when I came up with Stan’s Gigs site.

It’s not just a place to share my honest reviews of these market research companies.

Signing up for my newsletter and joining my community will also give people the benefit of receiving exclusive research opportunities from multiple sources straight to their inboxes.

Opinions Ltd and Stan’s Gigs are not the only places you can look into; there are other agencies you can check out.

Just be sure to read their reviews, much like this Opinions Ltd review, to ensure that the community you’re joining isn’t built on a scam.

The Verdict

Opinions Ltd isn’t perfect. There are times when it can take quite a while for their payout to be released.

However, they are most certainly legit. I am lucky to only have positive experiences with them. I am not alone.

I have also met other happy members of the Opinions Ltd community.

If there’s one tip that I can provide to those who are interested in joining them, it’s this: take your time to look through the study information.

This way, you’ll know what to expect, including how much you’ll get paid for your cash rewards and when you’ll get it.

Lastly, don’t forget to join the Stan’s Gigs community for even more paid research opportunities.

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