Is Q Insights Legit or Scam? Qualitative Insights Review

Q Insights Review

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A very good Choice for doing a local focus group or a paid study in Sherman Oaks (LA Suburb). Good payouts for participants (usually gift cards). Employees make an effort to be nice to respondents. Minor delays with the payments here and there and not too many online studies. I would definitely recommend it for a local paid study but if you want to participate online, there are better options.

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Every so often, I like to look into new focus group opportunities.

My research led me to ask, “Is Q Insights legit?” as they’re a name floating around online.

Q Insights is a fascinating marketing research firm focusing on quality over quantity for companies and participants.

Focus groups are ideal if you’re looking for different ways to get a little extra cash in your pockets.

I always recommend them to friends and family, as they’re quick and can be profitable over time.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty about what I discovered with Q Insights and their focus group opportunities.

What Is Q Insights?

q insights

Q Insights has been a market research firm for over 40 years. They specialize in many different types of data collection like community platforms, telephone interviewing, and in-person interviewing. They are located in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of LA. They have a variety of focus groups in Los Angeles

Originally known as ISA, Q Insights has focused on high-quality data collection for various organizations.

One fascinating area of specialty I found with this company is its focus on multicultural research.

It is a fantastic opportunity for focus group participants interested in providing unique insights into specific products.

When I compared this company’s services to others, I found they had fewer product research opportunities.

For example, most other market research firms focus on food and beverage, healthcare, household products, and more.

Q Insights seemingly specializes in the automotive industry and field studies.

Is Q Insights Legit?

Whenever I decide whether a focus group is legit or not, there are a lot of places I tend to look.

First, I want to check online reviews to see the opinion of other participants.

I then venture onto other review platforms to get a deeper view of how the company works.

The Google reviews are pretty positive for Q Insights, earning them a four out of five-star review with respondents.

I also wanted to see their Facebook, which has just over four out of five stars from 80 customers.

The third site I checked was TrustLink, arguably where the best reviews are, with five out of five-star ratings.

How Does Q Insights Work?

how q insights work

I’m always thankful when I find a market research firm that makes it easy to become a survey participant.

Q Insights is one of the few places where becoming a respondent takes less time than expected.

Let’s go over the steps to take so you can also begin unlocking numerous survey and research opportunities.

Step 1: Sign Up

Of course, the first step to becoming a survey or focus group participant is to sign up for an account.

I completed the entry questionnaire in a few minutes, which only required basic information.

For example, my address, phone number, and name were a few of the fields I had to fill out.

There are also other optional fields to complete, like the type of TV you have, household vehicles, and more.

These questions can be helpful, as they match you to the best opportunities you have the highest chances of qualifying for.

Step 2: Wait to Be Contacted

wait to be contacted

Q Insights makes participating in surveys considerably easier than you’d expect with their customer service skills.

Instead of browsing through posting boards, an email notification is all you’ll need.

When a survey comes through that matches your profile, the company will send a direct survey email.

From there, you complete the screening questionnaire, determining if you’re eligible for the opportunity.

I’ve had a few instances where I became eligible, but there were also several others where I wasn’t.

When I was contacted, the screening questionnaires were a little more in-depth, with some taking several minutes to complete.

Step 3: Book Your Group or Survey

If you’ve passed the screening questionnaire and are offered to provide your opinion, it’s time to book your session.

Depending on the opportunity, you might find the group is hosted in different formats, speaking to their unparalleled service.

I’ve had online interviews, telephone interviews, and in-person focus groups brought to my attention.

After these steps are finished, the only thing left is to show up at your session time.

As soon as the interview or focus group is over, you’ll get rewarded with your compensation.

How to Earn Money With Q Insights

Earning money with Q Insights is equally as simple as with other market research firms.

They pay for every survey or interview you qualify for, usually between $50 and $150.

The total you can earn depends on the number of offers you’re given and whether they match your profile’s criteria.

The payment methods from Q Insights may vary depending on the tender the customer wants to use.

For example, some surveys use as a payment system, while others may use alternate platforms.

When getting paid for your time, there are two main options.

Visa Cards

I found that Visa cards were one of the more popular options for getting paid for focus groups from Q Insights.

They may either offer a prepaid credit card or a digital Visa payment.

Amazon Gift Card

In some instances, Amazon gift cards are another option for payment.

It can be a good choice if you do a lot of online shopping.

Other Gift Cards

Instead of getting a Visa, you can roll your payment into other gift cards.

You might find retailers like Walmart, Starbucks, and other popular stores.

Three Alternative Sites to Explore

Focus groups and surveys can be a dime a dozen, but it’s challenging to find reputable market research firms to work with.

Here are three of my top recommended spots to find reliable, high-earning opportunities:


IPSOS is one of the largest research firms worldwide, so you can bet they have hundreds of opportunities for respondents.

That said, I noticed most of IPSOS I-Say’s surveys paid as little as $.40 per survey, with some getting up to $1.50 at most.

It’s a good option if you have a lot of time and aren’t looking for a massive payout per survey.

What I liked the most about IPSOS is that they make taking surveys easier than most other platforms.

With their mobile app, I can answer questions from anywhere as long as I’m connected to the internet.

Over time, I can get a reasonable amount of credits that I can turn into gift cards instead of getting paid in cash.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another reliable platform I highly recommend if you’re just getting into online surveys for the first time.

Some of their payments are pretty competitive, as I’ve received offers as high as $5.00 per survey.

However, most of the time, the ones I qualify for are around $0.50.

Survey Junkie has in-person focus groups and phone surveys along with online surveys.

They also specialize in product testing, which can get you free products and pay for your opinions.

These three are your best bet if you’re hunting for the highest-paying opportunities.

Stan’s Gigs

There’s nothing that gets me more excited than being able to get paid for my opinions.

That’s why I developed Stan’s Gigs, a site with the best online surveys, focus groups, and freebies you’ll find.

Not only do I bring the best offers to you, but they’re also thoroughly vetted and tested beforehand.

By signing up for my newsletter, you can get all the best notifications when brand-new offers are posted.

Q Insights’ Legitimacy: The Verdict

Q Insights offers plenty from their focus groups, phone, and online interviews.

They also have a few different payment options, making it a convenient platform for anyone.

When asking, “Is Q Insights legit?” They’re one of the more trustworthy marketing research firms you’ll find.

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