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Survey Spotter Rating


Survey Spotter is slowly joining the ranks of the most popular London-based market research companies. Its parent company, called All Groove Ltd., has recently rebranded to Leadscale, Ltd. Ergo, if you want to get ahold of Survey Spotter, you'd need to visit their website or go directly to Leadscale's physical address at Unit 1, 6 Owen St., London. Survey Spotter is a survey site that gathers all the ongoing paid research studies in the UK and connects them to potential panelists like you. In other words, it's a survey hub or a directory, somewhat similar to User Interviews and Apex Focus Group. Survey sites like these make it more convenient for you to answer surveys because you don't have to go to several websites to look for paid surveys individually. However, unlike the two survey companies above, Survey Spotter requires you to complete its sign-up process before browsing its online studies.

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All of you who frequent my website already know I got scammed out of $45 back in college. It’s all because of my eagerness to earn money through paid surveys. I even paid the tax!

So, when I came across this website that promises its members they’ll earn £300 per month through surveys, I can’t help but ask myself, “Is Survey Spotter legit?”

In this Survey Spotter review, I’m about to embark on another journey and see if this company’s statement is true.

Let’s see if we can add this company to our growing list of legit paid survey sites.

The Rating


A straightforward, easy-to-navigate survey hub that connects participants to paid studies from different sites. Taking surveys is made easier by this London-based company. Although a few studies and marketing research companies included in its list are unavailable to Canadians, Survey Spotter offers a decent side income for those who want to make money online.

Is Survey Spotter Legit?

I admire straightforward websites. Right off the bat, you can immediately gather all the details you need about their companies.

That’s one of the things I like about Survey Spotter. Its main page includes the sign-up form, who they are, how their online surveys work, and a quick list of frequently asked questions.

The important pages and information about the website are easily navigatable with just a few clicks and scrolls from its main page.

This stops me from labeling Survey Spotter a scam, as they don’t seem to hide anything from you.

But obviously, anyone motivated to run online scams can dedicate time and energy to designing its website.

So, I went to the most common places where I often checked for legit survey sites and tried to see what other people had to say after joining Survey Spotter.

Unfortunately, Survey Spotter doesn’t have a Google Business Page, but its parent company, Leadscale Ltd., has a total of 4.6 stars, which is always a good sign.

Other than that, there aren’t many online reviews about Survey Spotter. However, since this is a research hub, we can test its legitimacy based on other survey websites it’s associated with.

After all, a legitimate survey portal will only direct you to legit paid surveys, right?

So, here are three of Survey Spotter’s affiliate sites.

Cashback Research

Cashback Research claims to have paid over £97,000 to its participants. Moreover, a 3.8-star rating on Google is not bad for a market research company.

I also found a brief Reddit thread about Cashback Research where one user commented,

“They’re 100% legit. been using them for a while and they pay out” (u/EuphoricTomato)

Based on what I can find online, Cashback Research is indeed legit. However, users often comment that the payout takes over 45 days.


MOBROG is one of the many online survey sites I’ve seen over the past few years. They claim to provide their participants £0.50 to £3 per survey.

Unfortunately, this survey company is not well received, having an average of 1.7 stars on its Google Business Page and multiple negative reviews.

One user by the name of Peter Kohl said,

“The account will be deleted after 10 months of inactivity. The earned credit expires without any warning. After contacting the support, there is no way to get the earned credit. This is how long-term participants are treated. I have never experienced anything like it. Others can do that better. Otherwise I would have been happy…”

Nonetheless, I’ve known Mobrog for quite a while now, and I also know some people use this survey site to earn extra cash.

If you successfully become a member of Mobrog, maybe just make it a habit to regularly visit your account to avoid deletion.


OhMyDosh has over 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, most of which are positive. With an average rating of 4.4, I’d say this is also a legit survey site.

I also found multiple comments on a Reddit thread vouching for its legitimacy. One Redditor commented,

“I’ve made about £45 since joining, takes a few days for it to cash out but they are legit” (u/deosculate)

The only problem users see with OhMyDosh is that it takes around three days to get your payout.

Still, a three-day waiting period is not bad for making money online. Some survey sites even take longer to process your payout.

My Two Cents:

Judging from the comments, the reviews on its parent company, and my personal experience, I can confidently say that Survey Spotter is legit.

It does its job of connecting participants or panelists to complete online surveys. Signing up for its email list and affiliate websites is also very convenient.

However, I do have to mention that you should also conduct your research with some of its partner research companies.

I suggest you create a Survey Spotter account, apply on all its survey panels, and wait for their email.

Once you receive an invitation to be a survey taker, note the affiliate site that sent it and look for online reviews.

This will help you determine which research companies will let you earn good money online.

Don’t worry. Survey Spotter also includes well-established research companies such as Branded Surveys, Toluna Influencers, and Valued Opinions.

How Does Survey Spotter Work?

Of course, this Survey Spotter review will not be complete if I don’t provide details on how it works and how you can be part of a survey panel.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out.

Step 1: Sign Up

To join Survey Spotter, the first thing you must do is sign up. The form is available on the main page of the Survey Spotter website.

Image Source

After inputting your gender and date of birth, it will redirect you to the next set of questions.

I also love that Survey Spotter lets you know whether or not they have paid survey websites looking for your demographic.

Image Source

The next part of the form will ask you for your email address and complete name. You also have the option to activate your subscription with Survey Spotter.

This way, you can stay updated about the latest studies and receive an email if there’s a new survey company looking for participants.

Step 2: Join Survey Panels

Image Source

The next step is selecting surveys from different websites listed on Survey Spotter.

You can select survey offers you think are best for you, but you can also select all of them and proceed to the final step.

Here is where it gets a bit tricky, though. Many surveys on the list require you to input your postal code to see if you’re part of their target demographic.

I tried providing some of them with the postal code of my region, and the webpage says, “Postcode not found.”

I think some surveys in the site’s database are unavailable in Canada. In other words, you’d have to try each survey company individually and see if they accept Canadian survey takers.

Nonetheless, signing up for different studies from a single web page is very convenient.

I also appreciate that Survey Spotter lets you know the timeframe of most of the studies on its list.

From the example above, you can see that the survey panels are accepting applicants until March 6, 2023.

This helps you determine whether or not the surveys provided by these market research companies are still ongoing.

Step 3: Verification

Image Source

The next step to join Survey Spotter is email verification. I noticed that some invitations from other survey sites don’t go directly to your inbox.

Make sure that you check your spam folder and promotional emails, especially if you signed up for Cashback Research and OhMyDosh.

Another thing you need to take note of is that Survey Spotter will sometimes connect you with a survey company, not the survey itself.

This means you might have to register again for these market research companies before you can start answering surveys.

Step 4: Wait for Invitations

This fourth and final step is waiting. After signing up for Survey Spotter and other sites on its list, you will become part of its database.

Based on your demographic and the information you provide them with, these companies will eventually send you invitations to participate in their paid surveys.

I do have to commend the diversity of studies in Survey Spotter. Because it’s a survey portal, you don’t have to stick to a single niche.

This also allows other people not knowledgeable about advanced research studies to access surveys directed to the general population.

How to Earn Money with Survey Spotter

Let me just clear this up again. Survey Spotter will not pay you since it’s just a survey aggregator. Instead, you make money by answering online surveys from its affiliate sites.

Ergo, the payment method or whether or not you earn rewards when you complete surveys will depend on the companies and studies you are qualified for.

This includes the methods for earning money, like answering surveys or referring other survey takers.

Nonetheless, Survey Spotter will not charge you for anything. Signing up and accessing all the surveys on its website is completely free.

They just earn a tiny commission for every survey or company you sign up for, which is how they keep their website up and running.

Other Alternatives

While waiting for invitations from Survey Spotter’s affiliate websites, how about you make the most of your free time by signing up for other paid survey sites?

Here are my best recommendations so far.

1. Branded Surveys

Image Source

If you’re looking for a similar survey hub with an equally simple sign-up process, I encourage you to visit Branded Surveys.

This is one of the most popular survey sites in Canada and the US. What I love the most about this research company is that it utilizes a point system.

You earn points for every survey you complete, which you can redeem as gift cards. You can also convert them to cash through Branded Pay or PayPal.

Aside from answering surveys and joining focus groups, you can also earn points through polls and daily challenges.

Click here to join Branded Surveys

2. Opinion Outpost

Image Source

Opinion Outpost is an online survey platform made for everyone. They have one goal in mind: to reward you for your opinions.

One thing I love about Opinion Outpost, which I don’t often see in most survey aggregators, is that they don’t just link participants to survey sites.

Instead, they’re the ones you get in touch with for ongoing and future paid studies. This ensures you don’t receive spam emails from affiliate sites or brands.

Opinion Outpost regularly provides its members with ad survey studies, focus groups, product tests, and diary studies.

Opinion Outpost also utilizes a point system. Once you’ve accumulated enough balance in your account, you can exchange it for numerous rewards on Nike, Apple, Target, Amazon, PayPal, and many more.

Click here to join Opinion Outpost

3. Leger Opinion

Image Source

Leger Opinion, or LEO, is a Canada-based, Canadian-owned survey company. It’s been around for almost two decades, so you know they’re experts in the industry.

Leger Opinion has more than 400,000 members in Canada and the US.

They also offer various rewards or LEO points for every survey you complete. These points are redeemable as cash, gift cards, or Air Miles®.

What I love about Leger Opinion are its occasional website contests. You can join these contests every time you finish a survey.

Through these, you can win different monthly prizes like a tablet, a $100 Simons gift card, and Aeroplan points.

Click here to join Leger Opinion

4. Survey Junkie

Image Source

My last recommendation is Survey Junkie. It’s also a survey hub that lets you take studies on a wide range of categories. These can range from food and beverage to retail and healthcare.

Just like Survey Spotter, Survey Junkie requires you to build a profile before they can match you to relevant paid studies.

When you complete surveys, Survey Junkie rewards you with virtual points, which you can redeem via PayPal or e-Giftcards.

What makes Survey Junkie a bit better than Survey Spotter is that most of its surveys are available in Canada.

Click here to join Survey Junkie

The Verdict

Survey aggregators are always excellent gateways to earn extra cash. That’s the main takeaway of my Survey Spotter review.

In my honest opinion, I don’t think a £300 per month income is a guaranteed baseline earning with this website, especially when you consider that some of the paid surveys are not available in Canada.

Even if you find multiple legit survey sites from Survey Spotter, most market research studies only pay £0.5 to £2. These surveys take around five to 20 minutes to complete.

Online survey sites that pay £20 per participant are extremely rare. However, that’s not to say that Survey Spotter is not a legit survey site.

Despite some studies’ unavailability and relatively low payout, Survey Spotter is still a great way to find paid surveys and earn extra money.

After all, it’s not advisable to expect a full-time income online by taking surveys from legit sites.

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