Worldwide Clinical Trials Review – Worth it or Not?

worldwide clinical trials review

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Worldwide Clinical Trials Rating


Worldwide Clinical Trials is a legit and multi-awarded contract research organization. Their clinical trials have some of the most competitive compensation rates. Also, their staff are well-trained, and their facilities are generally well-equipped. However, some participants commented on communication issues between branches and unclean communal areas.

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worldwide clinical trials review

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Clinical trials are among the highest-paying side gigs that a hustle-seeker can get.

However, given its medical nature, it can also be the most time-consuming and challenging to get into.

With how high the pay can get, it’s no wonder why scam companies take their chance to lure in unsuspecting victims.

That is why it’s important to look at reviews to see whether a company is reputable.

Fortunately, Worldwide Clinical Trials, our topic in this review, show telltale signs of legitimacy.

But are these enough to pick for your next side hustle?

In this Worldwide Clinical Trials review, I’ll discuss the company’s legitimacy, what their testers said about them, and other clinical trial company recommendations.

What Is Worldwide Clinical Trials?

Worldwide Clinical Trials, also known as Worldwide, is a legitimate clinical trial company with more than a decade’s worth of expertise.

Aside from providing clinical testers with paid opportunities, they’re primarily a contract research organization (CRO).

It means that they partner with pharmaceutical or medical companies to offer in-house medical solutions in studies concerning bioanalysis, Phase I to Phase IV Clinical trials, and biotechnology.

They also specialize in major therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, oncology, metabolic, and rare disease.

This separates them from most clinical trial companies that only offer to scout participants for third-party clinical testing companies.

True to their name, they have well-equipped facilities in the US and Germany, Japan, the UK, Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Croatia.

Spearheaded by a competent executive team, they’ve also reaped major awards since the company’s foundation in 2007.

Types of Studies Offered by Worldwide Clinical Trials

As mentioned, Worldwide Clinical Trials offers studies in five main therapeutical areas, namely cardiovascular, neuroscience, oncology, metabolic, and rare disease.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Cardiovascular Studies

Worldwide Clinical Trials have developed unique designs fit for different cardiovascular studies.

Although their approach can be similar to the traditional scientific method of trial and error, their design is calibrated so that fewer unnecessary trials are needed.

For trial participants, it means you’ll less likely to suffer from side effects commonly associated with early-phase cardiovascular clinical trials.

Their cardiovascular trials have spanned from acute coronary syndrome (ACS), atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and more.

Neuroscientific Studies

Worldwide Clinical Trials have also developed paradigms for neuroscientific studies.

While most neuroscientific clinical trials will ask you to take new medicines, some trials are psychiatric in nature.

In these trials, participants are asked to undergo new psychiatric evaluations, which commonly include psychoanalysis and other psychological evaluations.

Oncological Studies

Oncological trials are among the most studied field of medicine.

After all, finding the cure for cancer is commonly attributed to the epitome of modern medicine.

Only those diagnosed, under remission, or surviving cancer are typically qualified for these trials.

However, they have also conducted testing for preventive medicines or food supplements for cancer for healthy volunteers.

Some of their previous trials in this field included treatments for common cancers, such as:

  • Myelodysplastic syndrome
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Rare cancers like hepatocellular carcinoma

Metabolic Studies

Since medical disorders are caused by abnormal chemical reactions that disrupt the body’s processes, the field is understandably broader than others.

This also seems to be the likeliest field of clinical trials that a healthy participant can join.

Common drug or therapy trials for metabolic studies include preventive medicines or food supplements.

Typically, researchers will look for certain key indications or lifestyle factors that can be affected by their trial drug.

Rare Disease Studies

Trials for rare diseases are less common for Worldwide Clinical Trials but can also have the highest compensation.

That is because these types of trials only focus on those who have rare diseases, their caretakers, or survivors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for clinical trials and Worldwide Clinical Trials.

1. What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are studies performed to evaluate new medical processes, equipment, or drugs.

They’re also an essential step to approve the evaluated subject before regular patients can receive them.

Typically, trial participants are well-compensated depending on the time consumed, the product or procedure they tested, and the rarity of their disease.

2. Are clinical trials with Worldwide safe?

Worldwide Clinical Trials is a legitimate and multi-awarded company.

As such, they have a professional and well-trained staff that ensures all their trial procedures are safe.

Participant reviews have also yet to say otherwise, and I’ve had no negative experience with them so far.

Moreover, senior leadership in the company seemed to follow proper site management and safety protocols.

They also ensure that they fully brief you on the procedures and that you have given your informed consent before proceeding with the next stages.

3. Where are they held?

According to their website, they have labs or offices in the following locations:

  • Belgrade, Serbia Office
  • Nottingham, UK Office
  • Research Triangle Park, NC Office
  • San Antonio, TX – Lab and Office
  • Philadelphia, PA Office
  • Austin, TX – Early Phase Clinic and Office
  • Warsaw, Poland Office
  • Zagreb, Croatia Office

4. How much does Worldwide Clinical Trials pay per study?

Typically, Worldwide Clinical Trials pay their participants around $1,000 to $9,000 depending on the length and time needed per session.

Unfortunately, given their stringent screening process and specific participant requirements, I have yet to try their clinical trials personally.

They also have a referral system that allows you to recommend people you know. Qualified recommendations can give you $200.

Worldwide Clinical Trials Review: What Participants Say About Them

Research participants for Worldwide Clinical Trials generally have positive experiences with the company.

Most positive reviews I read online talked about how they served good food for free and praised their staff for being helpful.

Others also commented on how rooms for stay-in participants were equipped with cable TV and WiFi.

Lastly, they noted how doctors could explain procedures clearly and without any critical information withheld.

However, as with any company, Worldwide Clinical Trials is not perfect and some reviews I read commented negatively.

Most negative reviews stemmed from communication issues brought mainly by recruiters and staff.

One reviewer claimed to have been given different screening dates.

Upon further inspection, these occurrences happened when the receiving staff and phone recruiter came from different branches.

Some negative reviews were also attributed to some of their branches’ cleanliness, particularly in the bathroom and other communal areas.

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Is Worldwide Clinical Trials a Good Side Hustle?

Worldwide Clinical Trials is a good source of side hustle if you qualify through their stringent screening processes. It’s also worth trying if you’re near one of their branches.

However, as seen in this Worldwide Clinical Trials review, I can recommend better alternatives with easier qualifications that you can check.

You don’t need to have specific diseases or conditions to qualify for most of them.

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