Amcrest Product Testing: A Guide To Getting Accepted in the Program

amcrest product testing

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As one of the top-rated distributors and manufacturers of security products, Amcrest needs no introduction.

Launched in 2010, it now has over a decade of experience being a market leader in the IP camera industry.

To create affordable, user-friendly gadgets with powerful features, the company launched Amcrest product testing programs.

If you are interested in being a part of this, I will show you how to get accepted in the program and what to expect.

About Amcrest

Amcrest is known for its pioneer and world-class home automation and surveillance systems.

Its products include video security and advanced remote monitoring systems that seek to level up home security through technology.

With Amcrest, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing your house is protected from intruders.

Amcrest enjoys excellent ratings on security camera expert sites.

Its cameras have affordable pricing and are available in many models—though some say that the wide selection can be overwhelming for first-time users. 

In fact, I can’t say I wasn’t overwhelmed as well.

Fortunately, there is a way to know more about their products, and that’s something that I will be sharing with you today.

Who Offers Amcrest Product Testing?

Amcrest usually contacts testers on their own or posts a call for testers via their official channels. These include their social media profiles.

One of the things that made me aware they were even open for product testing opportunities was their call-for-participants posts on Facebook three years ago.

And, yes, to those who were wondering, I did sign-up for that offer. That’s why I distinctly remember it was for an Amcrest 4MP Indoor Wi-Fi Camera.

Forums are also a great place to look for similar opportunities aside from Amcrest’s online platforms.

It is not uncommon for these companies to reach out to more public online spaces to look for testers.

In fact, one of the recent posts I’ve found lurking in such platforms was Amcrest’s invitation for their upcoming Firmware Beta testing. 

How To Get Accepted Into the Amcrest’s Product Testing Program

You must sign up voluntarily in line with Amcrest’s announcements to participate in its program.

While true, there are times when Amcrest directly sends packages to well-known product reviewers, but this rarely happens to the average sampler.

It will help to establish yourself as a social media icon before this opportunity even presents itself.

For example, some product reviews on YouTube reveal that these content creators received the cameras directly from Amcrest.

To quote one of them, “They (Amcrest) offered me the camera to test it for a week and give it a review – what I thought about the camera.”

Note that most of these content creators already have a huge following of thousands of subscribers.

The company also does user testing by reaching out to long-time Amcrest users. 

They will typically send an e-mail detailing what will happen during the testing process.

Upon accepting the invitation, they will send out the products and ask the users to post relevant content on major review sites.

On another note, depending on the nature of testing, you might also need to comply with a set of criteria.

For example, a Beta Test Firmware test done in 2019 had the following conditions:

  • You need to have the Amcrest models listed.
  • You have to follow the time limit of usability and eligibility set by Amcrest. Testers had six months to update to a more stable firmware in this specific example.
  • You need to extend help with the testing process, primarily through feedback and flagging urgent issues immediately through e-mail.
  • You go through the process while acknowledging all possible risks.

Others also write Amcrest product reviews as affiliates of Amazon Services.

Through this program, all you have to do is review products and then link and advertise to Amazon, which houses several Amcrest products.

Which Amcrest Products Are Available for Testing?

If Amcrest picks you as one of its product testers, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the products that the company may assign to you as early as now.

Here are the most popular product selections they send out for testing:

Wi-Fi IP Cameras

Wi-Fi IP cameras are some of Amcrest’s bestselling products used by both businesses and homeowners.

These devices provide security and are also convenient to set up and use.

With this camera, you’ll get real-time monitoring videos, minus expensive installations.

It offers an impressive array of features, such as a wide field of view, night vision, two-way audio, remote pan, and zoom control.

You can view high-def videos on your smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as it’s connected to the Internet.

Network Video Recorders

Amcrest’s Network Video Recorders (NVR) IP systems transmit ultra-high-resolution videos shot at long ranges.

As long as one has an ONVIF-compatible IP camera, this Amcrest product works and makes the integration effortless.

A quick setup process through a QR code gives you access to real-time, reliable HD video.

DVR Analog Systems

Amcrest also offers HD over analog technology.

These products transmit quality 8MP (also known as 4K) videos, enabling cost-effective and long-distance transmission of HD videos.

Amcrest’s technology allows transmitting the signal uncompressed, thereby minimizing latency. 

Like other products, consumers can access real-time HD videos for security purposes.

Still unfamiliar with these systems and these types of cameras and technology?

If so, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with them before sending out an application for product testing. 

After all, your feedback matters as a tester, and that needs ample product knowledge!

Other Sources of Free Camera Product Samples

The downside of Amcrest product testing is that you might never get an invitation, let alone free camera and webcam products.

It is a good thing there are other ways to be paid as a product tester and get free camera product samples in the process.

After all, not everyone gets the rare opportunity of catching a promoted post on channels like Instagram.

Still, those who get lucky get to test equipment trials and receive cash.

The most convenient places to check for such offers are through sampling aggregators, like the Hometester Club and (Read Review Here).

Aside from these two, here are my personal favorites:

Foscam Home Security

Foscam members get opportunities to participate in the company’s testing program. 

They get free product samples, test them, and then review them.

In exchange, one needs to produce reviews, whether as image-texts, text, or videos.

You need to accomplish a Google Form for application and wait for Foscam personnel to contact you.

You can check out this page for more information or contact them directly via their e-mail address,


  • Reputable company
  • Offers high-value products for testing


  • The offers are subject to availability


Annke is another good option, especially if you wish to receive free monitors and home security cameras.

The company provides these quality items for free if you join their product testing community.

To be an Annke tester, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit their website.

Step 2: Click on their offer to become a tester.

Step 3: Enter your details, particularly your name and e-mail address.

Step 4: Pick the type of kit or camera you prefer. Options include a Wireless NVR Kit, a DVR Kit, a PoE NVR Kit, and a Standalone IP Camera.

Step 5: Indicate the most critical function of these cameras for you. Is it night vision, motion detection, weatherproofing, or something else?

Step 6: Finally, hit Submit and wait for more details and opportunities for product testers.


  • Reputable company
  • Offers high-value products for testing


  • The offers are subject to availability

Stan’s Gigs

There is no way I’ll be listing sampling opportunities without mentioning Stan’s Gigs.

I make it a point to always have multiple sampling opportunities for my subscribers.

These range from (the usual) grocery items to a variety of really high-value products, such as cameras and related security equipment.

If you want to be in on the exclusive offers, all you need to do is sign-up for my newsletter, and you’re all set. 

When you do, you will receive timely updates via your e-mail.


  • Wide range of brands and products to choose from
  • Sends regular updates on the latest offers
  • Exclusive sampling opportunities


  • Availability and eligibility may vary, especially for high-value products

Testing for Amcrest

I’m guilty. I know there is a pressing need for anyone to set up the proper home security measures, especially amidst the economic instability that the country is currently facing. 

Home security is not something only well-off families should do.

Given its accessibility, even single guys like me should certainly install a camera or two for myself and my property’s safety and security.

Even with that knowledge, I still wouldn’t have installed one on my own. That’s because quality security cameras are not cheap.

Fortunately, there are companies like Amcrest that offer sampling opportunities and potentially free products.

I hope this quick post helps you towards that effort and, in the process, keep your family safe and feel more at ease.

Good luck!

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