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Good Choice for High Paying Gigs in the Market Research world. Some studies are hard to qualify for and not ideal if you want to a large variety of focus groups and surveys.

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After spending much time online, I have concluded that there are two main types of influencers. Some work to influence consumers, while others want to impact brands.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be the latter.

I like the satisfaction of having my opinions valued by my favorite companies and getting paid for providing them.

This is how I stumbled upon Ascendancy Research for the first time. The question is, “Is Ascendancy Research legitimate?

Read on to find out!

What Is Ascendancy Research?

ascendancy research

Ascendancy Research is a trusted company that facilitates market research for brands.

It does this by taking charge of respondent recruitment, research and project management, and strategy design to increase brand confidence.

It takes pride in having teams of expert marketing professionals providing the best brand intelligence and creating an optimal research environment.

This way, the only thing its clients would need to do is focus on the more important things, like developing their products and services.

The company offers three types of research projects:

  • On-Site

This research study will require the respondent to visit their facility at 5775 Wayzata Blvd in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Online

As the name suggests, this marketing research gig is done via the internet. The respondents and researchers won’t need to visit the site anymore.

  • In Field

Ascendancy Research also has sessions where its team heads over to where the respondents are instead of vice versa.

Is Ascendancy Research Legitimate?

Indeed, Ascendancy Research looks pretty impressive, especially its state-of-the-art research facility. However, is Ascendancy Research legitimate?

There are a few factors why I’m confident that it is. 

  • Location

A scam company won’t flaunt its office, much more share its address. 

  • Team

The main players of the organization have their photos, names, titles, and email addresses posted on the website. Even the background of the company’s founders is there.

  • Multiple Online Channels

Aside from the website, you may also contact Ascendancy Research through its social media channels.

Its Facebook page is an excellent way to start. In fact, its latest research opportunities are posted there.

  • Reviews

Ascendancy Research has a five-star rating on Yelp. While the company isn’t listed on Trust Pilot and BBB, it has a few reviews posted by some bloggers I deem trustworthy.

  • Experience

Finally, I can confidently say it is legit because I’ve tried the gigs myself.

How Does Ascendancy Research Work?

If you also wish to join Ascendancy Research’s community of participants, here’s a quick guide on how the sign-up process works.

Step 1: Fill up the sign-up form.

signup form

According to the sign-up page, most of the company’s research gigs take place at its office or within the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

If you believe your opinions matter and want to earn extra money through Ascendancy Research, the first step is registering as a member of the research panel.

Just click on “Register Now” on their sign-up page.

register now

Clicking on the Register Now button will lead you to a questionnaire designed to help Ascendancy Research determine the best gigs for you to participate in.

Step 2: Receive a study invite.

You should start receiving study invites upon completing your registration. Ascendancy Research usually reaches out via phone or email.

If you were called, expect that you will be asked a series of questions to determine your eligibility for the study opportunity.

If you received an email, it should contain a link to an eligibility questionnaire.

I highly recommend accomplishing this survey immediately and as truthfully as possible. After all, some of these studies have limited slots.

Don’t attempt to lie your way through the eligibility screening test, either.

Market research recruiters have a way of knowing whether their potential respondent is being honest with them or not.

Besides, you can’t assume what these brands are looking for. It would be a shame to fail the questionnaire just because you’re trying to impress them.

You are probably not accepted if they don’t contact you after submitting your eligibility questionnaire. Don’t worry; you’ll get other invites soon enough.

Step 3: Participate in the study.

Once accepted, you may now take part in the study.

Ascendancy Research listed down the responsibilities it expects from its participants. You may check them out on the sign-up page. 

Don’t forget to confirm the location of your research gig, as well. In any case, they will send you the gig location beforehand.

How To Earn Money With Ascendancy Research

Ascendancy Research usually conducts two types of gigs: focus group discussions and individual interviews.

Each participant is then compensated according to the time and effort they spent on a gig. According to the company’s website, they usually pay $60 to $350 per gig.

In addition, respondents are paid in cash and not points or gift cards like other market research companies.

Alternative Market Research Companies to Consider

Speaking of other market research companies, here are alternatives you may also check out.

EastCoast Research

EastCoast Research is one of the pioneers in the market research industry, having been in business since 1972. 

Instead of just a single location, it has three impressive facilities where its team conducts most of the gigs. These offices are in Raleigh, Wilmington, and Greensboro.

That said, what I like most about it is that it is a member of various industry associations, such as the Insights Association and the American Marketing Association.

National Field & Focus


Another company that deserves to be in this line-up is the National Field & Focus (or NFF). It has been hailed as the Top-Rated Focus Group Facility.

Like EastCoast Research and Ascendancy Research, it is a renowned market research company deserving of your trust.

Stan’s Gigs

Finally, I will be remiss if I don’t feature Stan’s Gigs.

By signing up for my newsletter, you will receive study opportunities for focus group discussions and interviews and be invited to paid surveys, product testing, and other related market research gigs.

It is so easy, and you will always have first dibs. 

Ascendancy Research’s Legitimacy

So, is Ascendancy Research legitimate? I believe I have covered all the bases that will prove its legitimacy.

I’m confident that many of you will feel proud to be part of a market research company that offers many opportunities and pays well.

It is ideal for those who enjoy participating in focus group discussions and interviews.

And if you don’t find its studies interesting enough for you, you could always sign-up for Stan’s Gigs instead.

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