9 Best Adult Diapers in 2023 – Tried and Tested

Best Adult Diaper

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Aging is not an easy process. I know; I’ve witnessed how hard it was for my nana to come to terms with her decreasing mobility and failing eyesight.

We were fortunate to have members in our family who took care of her full-time. She loved spending time with us until her last days.

I have to admit, though. It wasn’t a walk in the park. With her limited mobility, going to the bathroom to relieve herself posed a serious risk of injury.

Fortunately, products like adult diapers can make this aspect more convenient and comfortable for everyone. 

Finding the right one can be quite challenging, though, especially if you don’t know where to start. Hence, allow me to help you out by listing the best adult diapers in the market today. 

Keep in mind that these are not the only options you have. These are simply the ones I have chosen after careful consideration and based on my own experience in caring for my nana. 

I’ll also be sharing a quick buyer’s guide later on and answering some of the most frequently asked questions posed by my readers for further information.

Best Adult Diapers: A Review

1. Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs

You can never go wrong in choosing a brand with almost 70 years worth of experience. Abena has almost 40,000 different products on its roster.

Of all their health care products, though, the one that we’re going to feature in this lineup today is their Abena Abri-Form Premium Incontinence Briefs.


Abri-Form is a series of absorbent adult diapers that come in different sizes and levels of absorbency. Their sizes range from Junior to XXL.

Meanwhile, their absorption levels range from zero to four, with four offering maximum absorbency.

Other features include leakage protection, odor protection, and increased breathability for added comfort.

Finally, this series of adult diapers are designed with tab closure, making them very easy to put on regardless of your loved one’s position or range of mobility.


  • Reputable company
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers excellent absorption and leakage security
  • Comfortable to use


  • Sizing might be a bit bigger than expected

2. McKesson Ultra Underwear

Here’s another leader when it comes to manufacturing health care products. Having been established in 1833, it is no surprise that McKesson’s adult diapers have built a global reputation.

I won’t even attempt to list down their product categories since even a series of articles won’t even be enough to feature all of them. Needless to say, though, they have a wide selection一incontinence products included.

I’ll leave you to choose the product you think is best for your loved one. However, my top choice is the McKesson Ultra Underwear.


The McKesson Ultra Underwear is unlike all the other underwear you’ve ever seen. It functions like unisex adult briefs that you can easily pull up.

It boasts of the brand’s ultra absorbency, giving maximum protection and confidence. In addition, these pull-up pants have inner leg cuffs for added leak protection.

This product comes in five different sizes with specific waist and hip measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Ordered the wrong size?

Don’t worry; it has a garterized waist, so you won’t have to worry much about it falling off even if you did make the mistake of picking up the wrong waist size.

That said, this product is also an excellent option for active adults.


  • Reputable company
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers excellent absorption and leakage security
  • Easy to fit


  • Might be challenging to wear for those who can’t stand

3. Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Brief

Another company known to manufacture diapers for adults is Tranquility. It doesn’t even need an introduction anymore.

It’s so popular that I’m sure anyone who’s been looking for an excellent diaper for adults has already encountered the brand.

Of all their products, though, we want to feature Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Brief.


This was actually one of our personal favorites for my nana because it doesn’t just deal with urinary incontinence but fecal incontinence as well. Its extended hours of protection make it perfect for all-day and all-night wear.

This is particularly important for those who want to travel long distances with limited stopovers.

However, my favorite feature is its wetness indicator. It can give your loved one some sense of dignity since you won’t have to check on them constantly compared to other incontinence underwear.


  • Reputable company
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has excellent features
  • Can be worn longer compared to other brands


  • Can be quite costly

4. Always Discreet Underwear

Here’s a newer brand compared to others. Don’t mistake it for being any lesser, though, because it’s not.

For instance, one of the main factors that set this brand apart from others is that its products are specifically designed for female use.

The brand has three main products, but the one I’ll be featuring today is the Always Discreet Underwear.


The Always Discreet Underwear is a series of products with three main variants: classic, boutique, and sensitive. This is definitely not the same as your regular plastic-backed diapers.

Its feel and design are said to be the same as regular underwear.

This ultimate underwear for women has the brand’s exclusive RapidDry technology and 360-degree FormFit design that hugs the body just like real underwear.

Those with sensitive skin should choose the sensitive variant since it keeps the skin dry and offers added comfort.


  • Fits like a classic underwear
  • Promotes skin health and prevent skin irritation
  • Has exclusive features
  • Affordable compared to other brands


  • May not be suitable to be worn in long periods

5. NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear

The previous underwear is only suitable for urinary incontinence, but what if you need disposable underwear that can deal with fecal matter?

Then you might want to check out NorthShore GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear.

NorthShore has been helping adults with incontinence for 20 years now, so don’t worry because your loved ones are in good hands with them.


The GoSupreme Pull-On Underwear is NorthShore’s top-selling item, and for a good reason. It is made of a highly absorbent material (enough to deal with bowel incontinence) but in a breathable design to ensure the user’s comfort.

It has leg cuffs that function as leak guards that make these overnight diapers great for active adults worried about embarrassing leaks.

What I love most about this product, though, is that it also comes in black, making it more discreet to wear.


  • Reputable company
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has a black color
  • Can be worn for both urinary and bowel incontinence


  • Can be quite costly

6. Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men

If Always Discreet’s protective underwear was specifically designed for women, then here’s brief-style underwear designed for men. You might not be too familiar with Depend since it’s mainly an Australian brand, but this premium mobile underwear is still great to check out nevertheless.


This pull-on style disposable diaper is made with cloth-like materials that make it discreet to wear even underneath tight jeans and sleek slacks. Don’t underestimate this brief-style underwear, though.

It offers maximum absorbency and protection. It can even provide overnight protection for additional confidence for the tough guy in your family.


  • Specifically designed for men
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers maximum absorbency and leakage protection


  • Might be challenging to wear for those who can’t stand

7. TENA Overnight Underwear

Here’s another leading manufacturer of incontinence products. TENA certainly needs no introduction as they’ve been in the industry for years and are actually quite well known for their different types of adult diapers.

For this list, though, I will feature their overnight underwear.


It might not come with a tab closure that makes it quite challenging to put on for your loved ones with limited mobility. However, I’d still recommend you to consider it since it is specifically designed to be worn while lying down.

It can offer maximum absorbency and leak protection regardless of the user’s sleeping position.

It also comes with TENA’s secure barrier system to keep the skin dry, promote skin health, and ward off skin irritation. This added layer of protection also extends to odor elimination for the user’s added comfort and confidence.


  • Reputable brand
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has excellent features


  • Might be challenging to wear for those who can’t stand

8. Prevail Bariatric Briefs With Tabs

Let’s be honest. Most of the brands and variants I’ve featured above don’t fit larger individuals一even those that come in different sizes. Additionally, bariatric users have specific needs that most absorbent adult diapers simply can’t address.

Fortunately, there are Prevail’s Bariatric Briefs With Tabs.


This disposable diaper ranges from maximum absorbency to ultimate absorbency that comes with a cloth-like back sheet and ventilated panels for added comfort. Aside from that, it is also made with Prevail’s Odor Guard technology, which doesn’t just trap odor and harmful vapors for all-around protection and dignified nights.

These diapers with tabs are also extra stretchy with easy-lock fastener strips for less anxiety and more confidence.



  • Specifically designed for bariatric users
  • Has excellent features
  • Has easy to put on tab closures


  • May not be available in smaller sizes

9. Attends Advanced Briefs

Finally, I will end this lineup with affordable yet really stylish and efficient diapers with tabs, Attends Advanced Briefs.

It can serve users who have trouble with moderate incontinence to heavy incontinence, and it can be used by an adult overnight.


What I love most about this diaper is that it comes in four different color options: white, beige, blue, and green. It also has specially designed leg cuffs that offer additional leak protection and confidence.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Available in four color options
  • Has easy to put on tab closures
  • Very affordable


  • Material used isn’t very breathable

Stan’s Gigs

Any of the brands I’ve featured above can work really great for your loved ones. However, I know that each user has very specific needs for adult diapers.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of product. Adult diaper brands know this too, which is why many of them offer free samples.

Some of the best sources of diaper samples are sampling aggregators like Sampler.io or Hometester Club. Better yet, you don’t even need to go that far since you can also get them here directly from Stan’s Gigs.

All you need to do is subscribe to my newsletter to get first dibs on free adult diapers samples as they come.

Buyer’s Guide

As promised, here are the different factors that you should consider before purchasing (or sampling) any adult diapers for a more informed decision:

Types of Adult Diapers

There are different types of adult diapers. The three most common, though, are tabbed and pull-ups.

Tabbed diapers are great for users with limited mobility since you can easily slide them underneath the user and fasten the tabs. However, tabs tend to lose their grip, depending on the quality, especially when worn by more mobile individuals.

On the other hand, pull-up diapers offer the experience of wearing real underwear, complete with leg holes and an elastic waist. Aside from its absorbency material, the main difference is the tear-away sides that make it convenient to dispose of.

Absorption Level

Speaking of absorption, this is another important consideration to ensure that your adult diaper of choice will really meet your loved one’s needs. Urinary incontinence can usually be handled by light to moderate absorbency depending on the cups of liquid typically discharged.

However, you will need maximum absorbency to deal with heavy urine and bowel incontinence.

Size and Fit

Finally, you need to make sure that the product of your choice will fit your loved one snugly and securely. Nothing can dampen one’s dignity and confidence than wearing loose and droopy diapers.

Don’t let your loved one go through this horrible experience.

Best Adult Diapers FAQs

1. What is the most absorbent diapers for adults?

It will depend on the brand, fit, and level of absorbency. I recommend choosing one with a heavy to a maximum level of absorbency for added protection.

2. Is there a diaper Genie for adults? 

Yes, there are trash bins specifically designed to dispose of adult incontinence products. Unlike your regular trash can, an adult diaper disposal system has special hands-free disposal and odor control features.

3. How do you hide adult diapers?

The first step to making an adult diaper more discreet is to choose one that fits the user snugly. It will also help to wear clothes that will help draw attention away from the bottom area.

Finally, don’t forget to let your loved one wear their regular underwear over it to keep it more hidden, secure, and body-fitting.

Which Adult Diaper Should You Choose?

In the end, it will all boil down to the product that your loved one will prefer the best. After all, they’re the ones who are going to use these incontinence products anyway.

For me, though, the best option is the Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Brief for its quality materials and excellent features. However, these diapers can be quite expensive. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, you might want to try the Always Discreet Underwear instead.

If you’re still unsure, sign up for my newsletter to get free samples and make a better decision. Good luck!

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