Free Protein Bar Samples – 4 Places to Apply

Free Protein Bar Samples

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Sometimes, my daily protein intake isn’t enough for my needs, but protein bars help me get what I am missing.

The most difficult thing is probably choosing the brand or company to get them from.

Many people rely on famous brands, but we all know that they cost more. Besides, you might not like the texture or taste.

It’s a good thing, then, that some companies offer free protein bar samples.

Why Do Companies Give Out Free Protein Bar Samples?

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and been offered a free sample bar? I have.

You will see them on the streets offering other products, but why do companies give free samples to people?

Companies offer free samples for marketing, helping them get more customers.

Giving out free samples also helps introduce their new products. More and more people will know the new list of products they offer.

The best part about it is that, in today’s world, you can get free samples mailed to your doorsteps if you sign up or meet certain requirements.

My schedule changes from time to time, but I often find myself needing to spend a long time working.

Naturally, I would feel my energy is depleting. During these times, my go-to is protein bars.

They are delicious and can provide the quick energy recharge I need to accomplish my tasks.

Aside from the quick energy patch, they also help me build muscles.

Thanks to companies that give out free samples, I get to try out the product before stocking up my pantry.

Free Protein Bar Samples: Where To Find Them

There are many places where I could get a free sample box. That said, one of the most common and less troublesome ways is using the internet.

Some companies don’t even require potential customers to accomplish some technical tasks.

You just need to enter your email address, pay for the delivery, and just wait for the goodies to arrive.

That said, you might think you could trick the system by entering multiple times to get lots of free stuff.

However, because of their reliable sample request database, they could easily identify if someone is processing free samples multiple times.

Here are my top picks of companies that give free protein bar samples.

1. Kind |

This is probably one of my favorites when it comes to protein bars.

They offer various flavors that I love. Peanut butter dark chocolate and caramel almond are two of my recommendations.

If you prefer plant-based protein bars, they have them on offer, too.

The company does not provide free samples first. Instead, you will get free samples for every recurring order.

This means you will save money as you get free items. At the same time, you will get to try more of their products without spending a single cent.


  • No survey needed
  • Huge discounts for subscription service


  • Need to purchase first 
  • Customer service can be hard to reach at times


If you are looking for a good offer of sample protein bars, FITCRUNCH should be on your list.

The brand started in 2013 and has won several awards. Its protein bars come in eight delightful flavors that people enjoy.

The best part about this site is that you don’t need to accomplish anything technical.

All you have to do is go to their site and enter the necessary information. After that, you’ll be added to their sample request database.

Take note that the system will randomly select the people who’ll receive a sample pack, so it’s not a guarantee that you will get one. 


  • No purchase necessary
  • No need to accomplish technical tasks


  • Not a guaranteed win
  • Few flavors

3. Perfect Snacks |

If FITCRUNCH has eight flavors, Perfect Snacks offers more than that. From nutty flavors to simple chocolatey goodness, they have it for you.

The best part? They have multiple offers. The one that caught my attention was the 100% rebate.

For this, you have to sign up for their newsletter. Then, when you buy their Perfect Bar, you will get a 100% rebate by uploading the picture of the receipt.

The amount will be reimbursed to your PayPal or Venmo account.


  • 100% rebate
  • More flavors to choose from


  • Only one bar is free
  • Limited offer

4. Stan’s Gigs

Stan’s Gigs offers more than just a protein bar. We help people take advantage of promos by updating them through our newsletter.

We also help people find ways to earn rewards by answering surveys or completing other tasks.

The rewards received can later be exchanged for real cash, gift cards, and more. You’ll be able to use them to purchase items, such as protein bars to keep you active.

If you are looking for a free sample pack of protein bars, we have them, too.

I love eating protein bars as a snack instead of chips. They are healthier and give me the protein that I’m missing because I sometimes skip breakfast.


  • Various rewards opportunities
  • Helpful tips for earning and saving


  • Not all opportunities qualify you
  • Number of opportunities varies on the location

Free Protein Bars To Power Up Your Mornings

We all need a boost in the morning to start our day right. However, because of our busy schedules, we tend to forget we need it.

This is why it’s nice to have some protein bar options at home or in your pocket.

There’s no need for you to cook, just open the packaging, take a bite, and you will have enough energy.

That said, it might be difficult to find the right brand and flavor. Try the ones we listed earlier.

When you find the opportunity to get free samples, not only are you narrowing down your search but also saving money.

To know more about the latest promos, such as getting freebies and ways to save and earn rewards, click this link and sign up for my newsletter.

You will receive regular updates that’ll help you have more savings.

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