Free Samples for Doctors Offices: Six Sampling Companies

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Have you ever had issues with a prescription drug before? I know I had.

I was told it rarely happens. Experts also said that the delicate variations between manufacturers shouldn’t really affect my body’s response to the medication. But here we are.

Fortunately, my doctor was gracious enough to give me some samples of another brand to try. Otherwise, he would have swapped my meds altogether or even increased my dosage. This then got me thinking.

Do other people go through the same thing? Are people going for more expensive brands because they don’t know there are other choices out there? More importantly, how awesome would it be if more people get access to these samples?

And so, we have this quick guide on free samples for doctor offices today.

Why Are Companies Offering Free Samples for Doctors Offices?

Imagine you’re heading to your dermatologist’s appointment interested in trying a new face serum. Instead of getting a script for prescription medication, you can test out a recommended OTC (over-the-counter) product for free. Samples at doctors’ offices can help you test an assortment of doctor-recommended accessible and affordable products.

On the other hand, doctors can also benefit from free samples when dealing with prescription medications. There are plenty of pharmaceutical companies that continually provide free samples of top-selling medications. As a doctor, wouldn’t it be nice if you can recommend new products without an extra charge to your patients?

Personally, I’ve found free samples to be incredibly helpful for when I was dealing with chronic migraines. After my doctor’s appointment, my physician recommended a prescription migraine medicine and gave me a sample to try. Ever since, I’ve had a quality and reliable migraine medicine to help with persistent pain.

Free Samples for Doctors Offices

Let’s take a look at six of the best sampling companies doctors can contact for freebies.

1. Huggies

Whether you’re a pediatrician or work in a hospital, free diaper samples are ideal for new and expecting parents. Although diapers might seem like a small sample, they can make a whole world of difference in a parent’s life. By recommending top-tier diaper brands like Huggies, you can encourage parents to find the ideal products for their new bundle of joy.

Huggies offers many sample packs for healthcare professionals to carry in-office. After looking at the items in the sample pack, I have no doubt this is one of the most well-rounded sample offers on the market.

Within a single pack, doctors will have 50 samples to give away to their patients. Parents will receive three Huggies Little Snugglers samples, 16 Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes, and a two-dollar Huggies coupon.

They recommend doctors offer a sample pack to each family during their second trimester. Also, there are extra coupons and discounts available on


  • High-quality diapers
  • Samples include diapers and wipes
  • Additional savings coupon
  • Three diaper samples


  • Only has 50 sample packs per order
  • Limited sample supply

2. Johnson & Johnson Pediatrics

A hefty competitor on the sample market for doctors is Johnson & Johnson (J&J). When I researched the number of products J&J sells, it blew my mind as there are hundreds of name-brand goods.

With Johnson & Johnson Pediatrics, doctors can offer several fabulous samples and savings to patients. The most popular sampling offer I found was the New Parent BundleBox.

Within the BundleBox, there’s an assortment of resources and samples that new parents can use. Each box ships with at least eight individual brands’ products and offers priority delivery.

What makes this offer unique is that doctors can reorder a BundleBox every month, offering even more samples to patients. Some of the brands included in the box are Motrin, Desitin, Children’s Benadryl, Band-Aid, and Aveeno Baby.


  • Large-size samples
  • Downloadable educational materials
  • High-quality children’s products
  • Can be ordered monthly


  • Limited products for multiple patients
  • Only allowed one box monthly

3. Pfizer

Pfizer‘s samples are better for doctors interested in pharmaceutical samples compared to over-the-counter treatments and products. As long as you’re considered an eligible healthcare provider, you could receive many free products to recommend to patients. The application process is also easily manageable and allows you to pick the products you want.

As we know, I’m not a doctor, but Pfizer provides plenty of info about their sampling offers on their site. When you have an account, you can look at all of the samples they have that apply to your practice. All doctors have to do is select the ones they want and have them delivered to their office.


  • Easily accessible
  • Quick signup
  • Useful for pharmaceuticals
  • Custom-picked samples


  • Not all Pfizer products available
  • Requires approval

4. P&G Dermatology

P&G is one of the world’s leaders in healthcare and beauty products. Their sampling offers are fantastic for dermatologists and doctors working with skincare conditions.

Instead of offering pharmaceuticals, their samples include dermatologist-recommended household items. For example, if your patients have sensitive skin, you can offer scent-free laundry detergent and fabric softener samples. There are plenty of health and beauty products that could be available as well, including Head & Shoulders.

I know that as a patient, I would be incredibly thankful to get high-quality products for free that I could use daily. To get your hands on some of these items, you have to create an account. Like Pfizer’s setup, you simply select the sample offers you want to deliver to your practice.


  • Quality everyday products
  • Name-brand P&G goods
  • Great for dermatologists
  • Easy account signup


  • Limited samples available
  • Only available to U.S. doctors

5. Prestige Consumer Healthcare

Prestige Consumer Healthcare was a surprising company I stumbled across, as they’re similar to my site, Stan’s Gigs. They help connect physicians with quality samples from industry-leading brands. You’ll find a wide selection of samples for some issues ranging from excessive gas to lice management.

The samples Prestige Consumer Healthcare carries are from four primary brands: Nix, Monistat, Fleet, and Phazyme. You can click the brand you’re interested in on the site, and it’ll direct you to their current sampling offers.

Although the samples aren’t as extensive as others, like P&G and J&J, they can be useful for specific patient issues.


  • High-quality brand samples
  • Easily accessible
  • Might not require signup
  • Useful for many audiences


  • Limited product categories
  • Focuses primarily on OTC (over-the-counter) medications

6. Stan’s Gigs

I’ve experienced the direct benefits of doctor-recommended samples in my past, which is where Stan’s Gigs comes into play.

My directory of high-quality samples is perfect for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Doctors can browse through a collection of popular brands to find over-the-counter products for patients of all ages.

The most impressive part of my curated list of products is they’re easy to sign up for. All you have to do is choose to receive samples by mail and select the offers that interest you the most. Also, every offer is regularly updated, helping you find the best and current freebies.


  • Extensive product list
  • Regularly updated samples
  • Exclusive offers for members
  • Up-to-date newsletter


  • Limited availability of samples


There’s nothing better than free samples for doctors’ offices to give to your patients with every visit. I’d love to hear more about your favorite doctor-friendly sampling offers in the comments below. Also, be sure to sign up for Stan’s Gigs newsletter so you can stay up-to-date with the most frequent sampling opportunities.

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