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Instawork is a legit manpower site that offers gigs for its members. It pays decently, but you might need help finding jobs depending on your location. Moreover, it has less-than-satisfactory customer and partner support. They will ask for a contact number, and you will have to wait for them to contact you directly.

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Finding jobs used to be more challenging. I remember looking at job openings in newspapers and lamp post posters back then.

Fortunately, we now have online tools like Instawork to help us pick the right career.

Now that online job offers dominate the job-seeking scene, you may be wondering, “Is Instawork legit?

In this Instawork review, I will discuss its legitimacy to see if it’s the right job-seeking app for you.

I will also detail other people’s experience with its service, how you can sign up, and different ways to earn more money on the platform.

What Is Instawork?


Instawork is an online third-party manpower solution. Essentially, its main focus is providing companies and job seekers a platform to reach out to each other.

Currently, its top categories include careers in event staffing, food preparation, and warehouse labor.

The website looks good and is easily navigated. It also has a mobile app so you can check your pending payments and job offers quickly.

Over the years, it has worked with reputable hospitality businesses such as Aimbridge and Whim.

Today, it operates in 28 cities in the US and Canada, but there are plans to expand its services to other countries soon.

Among the top US cities are San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York.

Is Instawork Legit?

Whether you’re looking to be an Instawork professional or just need extra income, its legitimacy impacts you all the same.

As such, I decided to dig deep to look at how trustworthy it really is. Fortunately, I learned that Instawork is a legitimate gig-finder app based on its user and customer reviews.

As mentioned, it has collaborated with reputable hospitality companies that left positive testimonials about its service.

It was also featured in reputable news agencies, such as CBS News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

Even with enough gigs for workers, as I will detail below, you’ll see that Instawork is not without its downsides.

What Do People Think About Instawork?

Most Instawork reviews I read on Glassdoor, Facebook, and app stores are from people who love working with Instawork. Here’s one positive review from Facebook:

Instawork has been a revelation to me. I can work conveniently, pick gigs that best match my time limitations, and work with a fun team that exposes me to other personalities and cultures. My first gig was on Friday, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to more Instawork gigs in the future. Thanks, guys!

Still, many users also complained about how the company needs more communication channels. Some commented that it took them almost a month to reply to a complaint.

Below is another Facebook review with this issue:

Horrible support for employees. NO PHONE number to contact anyone. No customer service and they don’t reply to your emails. App issue the first day, and they froze my account. I worked three days in a row, even being tracked with location, and I have not been paid and have lost out on my other booked gigs. Don’t work for Instawork.

How Does Instawork Work?

Instawork’s sign-up process is streamlined for both app and website use. Below are the steps to take if you want to try out its services:

Step 1: Install the Instawork app and sign up.

I like that Instawork has its own mobile application that lets you check jobs and payment status on the go.

Although installing it to sign up is optional, you should still do so since you will have to use the app once you get hired. You can find the app on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.

is instawork legit

Setting up your Instawork profile takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is to input the necessary information on the website or the app and then verify your contact information.

Step 2: Look for the right job offer.

There are two types of jobs in Instawork: entry-level and skilled jobs.

is instawork legit or scam

For entry-level positions, like warehouse associate and event staff, you’ll need to apply and wait for the client’s approval, which you will usually get within 24 hours.

These jobs are your best bet if you don’t have prior experience yet.

On the other hand, getting skilled positions, such as line cook or bartender, is more complicated.

This is because you will have to complete a screening process, and the background check is done manually by Instawork’s support team.

To apply, input related work experience onto your profile, add a professional photo to your account, and fill up some necessary information.

You can expect the team to finish reviewing your account within the week, but it may be earlier than that if there is a smaller number of applicants.

In the meantime, you can look at other legit gigs for quick cash.

Step 3: Clock in with the code.

After getting hired, you will have to clock in before doing your job in the field.

You can do this on the app by getting a special code from the onsite shift lead or through a device called InstaTag, which records your location for the employer to check later.

Note that you might get penalized for being a no-show on your supposed schedule, especially on your first shift.

How To Earn Money with Instawork

Below are two ways you can earn extra money using Instawork:

Shift Jobs

Instawork’s job offerings consist of shift jobs lasting four to eight hours, depending on the client’s needs.

As mentioned, the main job offerings are focused on the event, food, and warehousing industries, but you can still find some offers outside these categories.

The pay rate per hour depends on the amount set by the employer and your work experience, but you can expect $10 to $25, which is still well above the federal minimum wage rate.

Then, they will deposit your earnings on a weekly basis through the bank account you linked to your Instawork app.

The payment schemes may take long, so Instawork may not be for you if you are looking for instant pay.

Referral System

Like other manpower agencies, Instawork also gives bonuses when you refer someone to the platform.

It will give you a referral link that your friends or family can use. If you get one person to sign up and they get hired for a job, you will both receive $50 as a referral bonus.

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Final Thoughts

So, is Instawork legit? Based on what I found, it is indeed a legit site to find steady gigs. So, next time you need extra money, checking up on Instawork may be a good idea.

However, some users complained about how the Instawork team may need to be more responsive. Others noted how the company had suspended their accounts without prior notice.

If you want to see more streamlined and inviting job offers and get paid fair wages, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.

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